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    Quote from AutumnApple
    Just a general question for those who are of the point of view that the healthcare system is working in Canada (or anyone else who wishes to respond). Why do you believe it's working?

    I've heard it does require you to go in for routine things, and people in general are more compliant to making their routine visits but I've always been told there is a lot of bad too. It taking forever to get things done that are necessary (cholecystectomy for example) is one big concern. Literally, I hear it's over a year from being told you need it to when it's scheduled. I know of a family whose father was on hospice and his care needs kept getting more and more difficult, yet he never actually got put in a hospice. He did have homecare nurses visit but they could only do so much. Also, it's very budgeted from what I understand. What I mean is: If it's near the end of the fiscal year and the money is all spent, no matter what your needs are, you're going to wait for the next year to start.

    I'm no expert on this stuff, but I've heard more bad than good. I don't know if I'm misinformed or, maybe it's like everything else and its "take the good with the bad."
    A lot of what people "hear" about the Canadian system (or British system, for that matter) is negative propaganda, pure and simple. Many of the stories of "a friend of mine knew someone and this terrible thing happened to them," when you try to track down who the friend was, who the person supposedly in Canada was, and when this actually happened, the entire story falls apart.

    To me, the bottom line is that the US spends significantly more per capita on healthcare than any other industrialized nation on earth, and we have poorer outcomes to show for it. And we are the only industrialized country that doesn't have some centralized mechanism/system for ensuring everyone gets the healthcare they need. No system is perfect, obviously, but all those other countries clearly know something we don't.

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    I, too, am unsure what you're asking. Everywhere I've worked over many years, whether in psychiatric settings or med-surg settings, individuals who were actively suicidal (or even considered just to be at significant risk) had a 1:1 sitter. The charge nurse and house supervisor worked together to work out the staffing. It hasn't been a big deal.

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    Quote from GrumpyRN
    Not hijacking the thread but thought you may be interested in this;

    Scots believe Donald Trump is more of a global threat than Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un or ISIS - Sunday Post

    A poll in Scotland shows people think Trump is a greater danger to the world than ISIS, Putin or Kim jong-un.
    So do a lot of the rest of us.

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    Quote from brownbook
    It suddenly struck me that (mostly) conservative Christians are anti abortion. Killing an unborn child is murder. I am pro life, but at least their argument makes a little sense.

    Yet these (mostly) conservative Christians are pro gun ownership, support the NRA, second amendment, etc. So killing born children is somehow okay, acceptable, the price we have to pay to defend ourselves when the (fill in the blank_______________) boogy men or saboteurs or armies from a foreign country invade our home or country, our own government becoming ruled by a fascist tyrannical dictator, etc.
    And don't forget the death penalty -- so many "pro-life" people are vigorously pro-death penalty. So they're not "pro" all life, just the life they pick and choose.

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    There are LTCs that have "pets" or therapy animals incorporated into their programs and milieu, so obviously animals are not prohibited from LTC settings across the board. But those situations are part of a planned therapeutic program. It sounds like you're talking about something entirely different, people just bringing their pets to work with them, and not for the benefit of the residents. Have you talked to these nurses about what they're doing, and have you talked to their superiors about your concerns? You say that other nurses there are also unhappy about the situation -- I would caution you to address this as a group, and not to be the only person who is questioning the situation, lest you end up being targeted for having complained.

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    Quote from FPNP
    I go to a brick and mortar NP program in WI. For gods sakes, don't call yourself a future "midlevel." That term only exists in DEA prescription authority administratively. Its a word physicians use to demean us. Don't use it.
    As I recall (and I was around that long ago), "midlevel provider" was a term insurance companies invented in order to have a single, generic term to refer collectively to PAs and all the varieties of advanced practice nurses. In my own, limited experience, I haven't heard physicians use it, and certainly not to demean anyone (of course, I realize that doesn't mean it doesn't happen).

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Actually, I haven't heard from that many people who see the photo differently. Even the NBC story you included says he is grabbing her.
    Well, I'm sure you and I travel in v. different circles. I haven't talked to anyone who has actually looked at the photo, rather than assuming it shows what they've heard it shows, who believe the photo shows him actually groping her. There is clearly space between his hands and her body. But people are free to interpret the photo however they like.

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    Welcome to allnurses!

    Do you mean that they ask you to pick up additional shifts when they need coverage, or they are telling you that you are literally on call 24/7/365 and required to come in anytime they tell you to? If they are calling and asking you to come in for additional shifts, that is common in nursing. If you are being told you're on call 24/7, was that in your original employment offer and/or job description? That would be highly unusual.

    As to whether their policy on reducing your pay rate for giving less notice than they expect is legal or not, you may want to check with your state labor department or an employment lawyer about that. We cannot give any legal advice here.

    Best wishes!

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    That wasn't the point.

    Tweeden said Franken groped her.

    TMB also says:

    "One thing seems evident at this time, Republicans are comfortable with believing men are honest and telling the truth while simultaneously believing that women are lying, conniving, and not to be trusted."

    Yet, you both are saying Tweeden was lying and not to be trusted.

    TMB even brought up a few times that Tweeden had been a Playboy bunny and that she must have experienced worse treatment at some point. Why that matters, you'll have to ask her.
    To be clear, I'm not saying she's lying, and I'm not disputing her other allegations about Franken (you know, things that happened while she was awake and knew what was going on). I'm just disputing her interpretation of a single photo, of an incident that she herself admits she doesn't recall, that many others interpret differently.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Didn't you just a few weeks ago say Franken wasnt groping that woman in the picture, even though she said he did?
    Actually, she says she wasn't even aware of that incident until later, when she was given photos from the tour by the tour photographer, and that photo was included. She says she was asleep at the time. She's drawing a conclusion from the photo, not remembering the incident. She's entitled to her opinion. Other people see the photo differently.

    But it was when she left the USO show and looked over photographs given to her by a photographer that she found one that showed Franked grabbing her breasts while she was sleeping in the plane and wearing an army-issued protective vest.

    "I couldn't believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep. I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated. How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it's funny?" she said.

    Al Franken accused of forcibly kissing, groping Leeann Tweeden - NBC News

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    Quote from Lil Nel
    Speaking of fake news, it seems as though the wife of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a proponent of fake news.

    This is an AP story that ran in today's NY Daily News.

    WASHINGTON (AP) - The right-wing activist whose Project Veritas organization recently attempted to plant a false story in the Washington Post has been honored by a conservative religious organization with an award presented to him by the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
    James O'Keefe received the Impact Award on Wednesday night from the United in Purpose organization in a ceremony at Washington's Trump International Hotel. He was presented the award by Virginia Thomas, a tea party-affiliated activist and consultant.
    O'Keefe tweeted a photo of Thomas handing him the award.
    Project Veritas made headlines recently for its guerrilla tactics in defense of conservative causes. The Washington Post recently revealed an apparent sting operation designed to discredit the newspaper by planting a false story about Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.
    Yeah, it's been known for a long time that Thomas' wife is a far-right activist. Just another flaming conflict of interest that the GOP (Gross Old Pedophiles) doesn't mind at all. If any Democrat on the court, in a presidential administration, or in Congress had a spouse that was a far-left activist, we'd never hear the end of it. The hypocrisy never ends.

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    Quote from Lil Nel
    Yet another poorly thought-out decision by the Bum that promises to bring so much well-earned respect to the United States. He has done so many stupid things, but this one is really among the top three dumbest.

    I mean, even the Pope has spoken out against this move. Geez!

    Tensions Build in Jerusalem and Beyond Over Trump Declaration - The New York Times
    So much winning!

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Didn't you just a few weeks ago say Franken wasnt groping that woman in the picture, even though she said he did?
    I'm not toomuch, but will be glad to say that Franken is not "groping" Ms. Tweeden in the photo. If you actually look at the photo (as opposed to making an assumption about what it portrays at first glance), it is clear that there is space between his hands and her chest. He is parodying groping her; it is a juvenile, offensive joke, but it's not sexual assault. Does anyone believe that, if he were actually sexually assaulting her, he would be standing there, mugging for the camera, while a photo was taken of the "assault"? That has no bearing on any of the other allegations against him, and I don't fault her for being deeply offended, but he's not groping her in the photo.

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    Have any of the people telling you that actually been successful in getting a CA license via that route?

    Unless something has changed recently, California, like every other US state, bases licensure decisions on the pre-licensure program that originally qualified you for licensure. If that program doesn't meet the state's standards, you're not going to get a license, and no other nursing education you complete later ever changes that, because any other, further nursing education you complete doesn't include any additional basic nursing content. If the California BRN has recently changed its position on that, that would be a huge change.

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    Quote from FineAgain
    I personally think these beds are much kinder than any restraint and allow freedom of movement while reducing falls. I also don't think they should be considered a restraint but I see why they are.
    What would be the rationale for not considering them restraints? The Federal, legal definition of a restraint is (basically) anything that restricts the individual's movement, not just moving her/his limbs but also being able to move around (ambulate) freely. Posey beds obviously restrain people from getting up and walking around; that's the whole point of using them. How is that not a restraint? It's the same reason why a geri chair tray is a restraint if the person isn't able to release it her/himself in order to get up and walk around, or full side rails if the person wouldn't be able to put them down her/himself. The person's limbs aren't restrained, but their free movement is restricted.