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    Quote from ClearBlueOctoberSky
    Is this the one through Hutch CC, or a different one?
    Oh wow the other one I was looking at has since been removed. But yeah Hutch is the main one.

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    that after I learned I enjoy helping people, I don't enjoy being around them in public.

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    Quote from ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    Do be aware, though, that the safety issue will persist in the ED... and perhaps be worse.
    I just came here to say that. I almost got stabbed by my patient the other week. Fun times it was.

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    This **** again. Seriously.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of the primary I mean Emergency Room.

    I think you nailed it with the medicaid, urgent care costs money. Coming there is free.

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    I did 4 10s but it was in the Cath lab. I hated it. It quickly became 12 hour shifts because we all know what happens at the end of your shift. The extra money was nice, but not worth it to me.

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    Quote from RNperdiem
    A lot depends on the job market.
    If it is an employers market, people are thankful just to have a job and employers can be in a position to take advantage of this.
    so pretty much every market?

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    Quote from klone
    Back in 2010, Centura had a "regional float pool" where you floated to a minimum of three different hospitals of your choosing. For specialty units, I wanted to say it was a flat $42/hour (unbenefited).

    Do they still offer something like that?
    Yes. My buddy is in it, ER at least. Like you said it is unbenefited and you aren't guaranteed hours until you are in one of their full time slots ( which are rare ). You do get full control over your schedule though which is nice.

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    When you find this so called perfect place I want in too.

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    Good. Stay out

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    Pt family member recently passed away in our ER. Family member was incredibly upset blaming us for the death. Said he was headed home to grab his guns to kill all of us. We called the cops and had them stake out the entrances. He showed up with a few weapons, loaded and ready to go. They got him before anything could happen.

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    When I left Centura a year ago they just went through a pretty big "COL increase/market adjustment". I had 5 years of experience at that point and was making 32/hr. The pay sucks, its getting more and more crowded here, but damn this state is beautiful.

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    22gb is not a lot if you are using cellular as your sole means of data. I have a cable internet and easily push 800gb a month through it, but that is with Netflix, gaming, etc etc. That being said, my mobile plan only has 2gb because I rarely use my phone in places that doesn't have wifi. I like Verizon, they have the best coverage but their prices and tactics are less than to be desired. TMo is certainly climbing the ranks and is not a bad choice.

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    Kansas. Seriously. The NCKTC program there is fantastic, most of it is online.

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    Is it snake oil? I hear that **** will cure what ails you