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    Quote from Ejc61
    Thank you !
    I hadn't thought of that hopefully there is one for meditech.
    There is. You should be able to speak to your unit educator to find out what it is.

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    What would you be able to do that would reduce the puncture times?

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    Maybe im old fashioned but I dont think a new grad should ever be on the float pool, let alone crit care.

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    Do you have something against wearing street clothes to work? When I worked Cath lab we would change into those scrubs first thing when I got to work, throw my regular clothes in the locker and be done with it. I usually just wore lay clothes to work since I would be changing anyways. There were those times though at 3am when we were called in that I would wear those home but would still wear street clothes the next day.

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    Quote from PeakRN

    Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Children's Hospital Colorado both have level IV NICUs that do ECMO, congenital heart repairs, et cetera. There are also a large number of hospitals that have level III NICUs but most feed their sickest patients into one of the two level IV programs.

    Both have good parking, DIA is pretty close, and there is no shortage of outdoor activities. Seasons are pretty distinct, the winters are fairly mild in Denver but you can have all the cold/snow you want up in the mountains. Lots of sunshine and the summers don't really get that hot.

    RMHC is in downtown Denver, CHCO is farther east (away from the mountains) in Aurora. RMHC in on the same campus as Presbyterian/St. Luke's so you get more high risk OB cases and the NICU nurses attend those deliveries. CHCO is a stand alone hospital so their cases are almost all transported in (they do have a small low risk OB delivery program). CHCO's personality is more about doing research, RMHC is more about treatment. CHCO is more medicine, RMHC is more surgical. The MFM program at CHCO is a transitioned from UCH patients, it is much more seamless at RMHC. Both have Neonatologists or NNPs in house 24/7, both have their own transport teams.
    Yeah the "seasons" here are not that bad. The driving and commute sucks though. And the pay is awful.

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    Quote from walkerrn2015
    That guy,

    did it end up showing up on your credit report or anything? People at my hospital who have left have had informal e mails like yours saying what they owed, and they never responded and years later they haven't said anything, just wondering thank you!
    it was no informal email. it was a statement from the lending company who the hospital sold the loan to. It did end up on my report.

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    Mine did. Aggressively at that. Within a week of me leaving I had papers showing up stating what I owed.

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    EP is sooooooo boring. At least where I did it. I got to do nothing but run iStat and that was the extent of my involvement in most cases. Cath lab was where the fun was at and the interesting cases. Loved Cath lab. If I ever had the chance to just do caths and never do EP, I would snag up the Cath spot any day

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    Fentanyl. Fentanyl for everyone!!!

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    I would go for that residency. I would get someone that has that under their belt more than someone with those certs. Any monkey can do ACLS, but can you hack it in an ER as a nurse doing the other things. That is what the residency would be able to do, if you goal is ER right out of the gate.

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    Quote from mariok
    He was an older gentleman who was very confused. He went home with his son. His son called several hours later about the IV and was very mad, saying he was going to administration about it. I'm just really nervous over this
    Son sounds like an *******.

    Either way we attempt to call the pt, if they dont answer they get a visit from the police. These things happen its not a huge deal, as long as he didn't go home and shoot up directly into it, which it sounds like he didn't.

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    I always just go to radiology. You dont poop where you eat.

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    Ratios lets see anywhere from 1:1 to 1:6

    Max Ive seen in one shift was 31.

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    Some do well, some do not. Some would benefit having some clinical experience under their belt, others jump right in. Blanket statements like this are pointless, chest beating nonsense.

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    Settle down there Tactical Timmy