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    Thank you all soooo much for responding! Sorry for the delay! For some reason I did not receive emails from allnurses that there were replies!

    Class has begun, as you all know I still have not heard from an advisor. I did get a VM from the success student center though. I have not called them back.

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    Quote from bushrn75
    So I totally bombed the self test!!! I'm not sure how but I did. When people took the test over-was it the same questions? I can't have a fail already....
    The questions were exactly the same for me. The 2nd time I took it I had multiple internet windows open to find the info quickly. A few of the windows I had open- nursing student handbook, dar, RN to BSN knowledge center, and civility form.

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    Has anyone started on assignment 3? If so, did you put a header?

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    There is also a civility form we need to sign and send in.

    I also missed this question. I found the civility form on the RN to BSN Knowledge Center under "forms and resources"

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    Quote from Beautifulyou
    Cincinursemary, is it normal to feel totally overwhelmed on the first day? I feel like I have been dropped in the middle of a foreign country.
    @beautifulyou, I am also overwhelmed. I am hoping that I will look back on this week and laugh at how simple the info is. But I am not feeling that way right now!

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    Quote from jodlove
    When is everyone planning on taking the self test? I'm a little confused because I thought I read that the lowest score would be dropped but then I read somewhere else that the two scores are averaged?
    I have taken the self test and got 12 out of 15 (80%). I am confused on taking it a second time as well. I also saw the conflicting grading info.


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    Quote from SeminoleRN
    Anyone looked at Assignments 1, 2, & 3 for this week?
    I have looked at Assignment 1 and am freaking out. I didn't think I had a problem with English but these sentences are making me question that thought!

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    I am pretty frustrated with the RN to BSN online program and I have not even started! I was accepted to start Feb 2012 and postponed it until Fall 2012. After multiple emails to find out if I am accepted for Fall 2012 I finally heard back I am and that I will be able to add classes in a week or two. That was last week. Tonight I added NRSE 4510.

    I find the whole system not user friendly. Will someone (from the university) be contacting me prior to classes to help me figure out how I find out assignments and such?

    Can any of you offer your knowledge? I have gone through the provided info (video's and such).

    Thank you!