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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

The Answer That You Seek

There is more than one way to ask a question seeking advice. In these times, it is a good reference to have other nurses who have been there, done that. Even more often, and quoting one of my favorite mentors on AN, defecation occurs. We clean it up and move on. But seeking the same advice in multiple questions, and we really need to ask ourselves, "are we ready to hear the hard answers?" Even in the most toxic environments in nursing, it can be the devil you know is easier than the... Read More →

Nobody likes me, Everyone hates me

There has been more than one discussion about nurses who are feeling hated. That someone over them calling the shots are nasty, mean and give one all the "hard" patients. The behavior is such that it does happen. In many units, every day. But to tie an emotion onto it and project it as hateful serves little purpose than to drive a nurse mad. It is eye opening to get into the working world and realize that difficult people exist everywhere. That sometimes no matter what good intentions on... Read More →

Team Sports

There are many reasons why one becomes a nurse. On the top ten list, taking care of patients is an important role. But usually one that you can't go alone. To be one part of a whole is a best case scenario. Nursing can mean that what one doesn't think could happen more than likely will and does. Most nurses, after the first couple of years, knows what they are capable of. Where their strengths lie. What they are passionate about. The most interesting part is that no two nurses are... Read More →

For the Bowel Obsessed

I would tell you that this is meant to be a cheeky article, however, that would just add to the fray. Here's a question...Why is it now oh so appropriate to talk about people's bowel habits and bottoms in just about every arena imaginable? Look at it this way, as nurses, we are very concerned about bowels. Did the patient have a bm? If so, what did it look like, how long between movements, does the patient need a laxative, a stool softener, both? And we all have at least one patient... Read More →

A Spoonful of Sugar

This is an interesting debate. One that can have multiple pros and cons. In essence, can one be a nurse and view it as just another day, a job, a paycheck, a means to an alternate end? Can we care for patients without really caring about them? There are more than a couple of trains of thought on this subject. Most people do not "automatically" think of nursing when planning a career that doesn't encompass a level of interaction with people that one is not likely to find in a number of... Read More →

Behavior That Just Shouldn't Fly

There's something to be said about being professional. That one's conduct as a nurse is appropriate. There is a tremendous amount of undue stress and drama when a co-worker is less than stellar in action or words. To learn and apply what to do in these situations is difficult. More often than not, an earnest nurse with good intentions will transfer, or sever employment all together in response to being a target of a co-workers bad behavior. The Joint Commission has some strong language... Read More →

I Cry Watching Rudolph....

And other holiday specials were people are mean to the underdog. Been this way since I was a child. What that did for me was help me to decide to help people less fortunate. To stand up for those who can't or won't for themselves. And a nurse was born. But not without a price. To seperate one's own self from one's nursing self is a difficult thing. Old habits are hard to break, and so for nurses who are sensitive as people, need to learn how to be not so sensitive as nurses. If we let... Read More →

Performance Evaluations

There are at least 2 subtypes of performance reviews/evaluations. The title itself reveals a bit of a disconnect--Are we reviewing or are we evaluating? Some nurses are a bit confused about what happens to the evaluation, can it be "used against" a nurse. Equally, there are managers who have to give some so-so reviews--and I am not sure the purpose, other than heaven forbid that a manager has staff that are on top of their game?! Seems in direct conflict that the goal of the unit, however,... Read More →

Being Thankful

...and dare I say celebrated? There will be times that we are spending a Thanksgiving with a patient (or 2, or 10). It is not what perhaps we choose to do, but what we do, put in our turn, do out due diligence. Most patients don't relish the thought of being in a hospital for a holiday. An extra kind word or deed could make the day of someone who otherwise can get really bummed, really quickly. Most families don't spend all day in a hospital room with a loved one. They have other... Read More →

What a Union Can Do For You

There seems to be more than one confusion on how a union can be of benefit to nurses. Especially when the grass seems so much greener on the other side. A union comes to a facility usually due to a group of nurses who decide that they want to have some say in their working conditions. A union will come in and give you a rundown on what they can do for you. A relationship is established. The guiding force of a union is a contract. The contract makes aware the salary, with a scale,... Read More →

Sticky Politics

It seemed at one time, nurses were defined by their practice. Being a good nurse meant that you were careful, confident in your abilities (or at least your charge nurse was) that you did all that you could to be the best for your patients. One thing has not changed. There are few nurses that would say that they do not go into work with good intentions. There are some nurses who are amazing at what they do. There are nurses who can take the most complex situation and make it work. And the... Read More →

EMT and Nursing

I am both an EMT and a nurse. I like the variety it brings to the table. Many other nurses (both LPN and RN) get involved in both hospital and pre-hospital care for the same types of reasons. I have just completed a course of study that allows me to keep my EMT license. To say that I was a bit shocked is a huge understatement. It was eye opening, and got me thinking. As an LPN, I am "used" to the "little pretend nurse" snarky comments that are often made. In my role on an ambulance,... Read More →

I Hate...

There are a number of tasks that we do as nurses that we may not especially enjoy. There are things that we are responsible for as nurses that are not our favorite, especially if one is on a unit that has a mixed population of patients. There may be coworkers who get on our last nerve. There may be managers who are out of touch with the realities of bedside nursing. But is it fair to say we hate these things and/or people? Is it equally fair to then transpose that to hating our jobs? ... Read More →

Advocate and Negotiate

Part of the way that nurses take care of patients is to educate them on how they can take care of themselves. This is not always an easy task, as some patients have such a change in function that a nurse begins with a patient that is so overwhelmed at their diagnosis, it can be daunting--for both the nurse and the patient-- to add another component. However, lets look at some simple tools to be sure that your patient gets what they need (which is not always what they would necessarily want).... Read More →

A Mile in Their Shoes

There's an old saying "don't judge unless you have walked a mile in their shoes". One of the more difficult aspects on becoming a nurse is seperating your private "you" from your nursing "you". There has been more than one discussion on "hating" a certain patient group. That they are too difficult to care for, emotionally and/or physically challenging, that you are not one with their culture, their lifestyle, their choices. If you step back for a moment and think about how you as a nurse... Read More →