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Being Beside One's Self

Face it, being new is not easy. New nurses, new to a unit, new to a specialty, they all are overwhelming at first. Nurses can and do find that the successful ventures at school, in one's former unit or even in one's former specialty don't often transform easily to something completely new. To get to the meat and bones of practice, one has to learn to ask questions, yes, but also to have at their disposal other avenues to be able to think about how to find answers. Sometimes, a "I... Read More →

Is This Real, or Just a Fantasy

So I got to thinking. What if the tables turned a bit. It may be the lack of sufficient coffee that has lead me to think about what would happen to nursing if part of the patient survey bru-ha-ha and patient satisfaction also included surveys sent to nurses to rate their job satisfaction, and part of reimbursement for the facility was dependent on the results of same? If a nurse was not delighted at the culture of the unit, it would be a "ding". If the nurse was not satisfied with the... Read More →

Anticipation: Behavioral Risk Assessment

What if part of every admission assessment, there was a system in place for behavioral risk assessments in patients? Much like skin, pain and fall, behavior could be assessed, a care plan created, and assessed per day/shift as your facility policy states. Fall, skin and pain are all things that have proven the basic parts of every admission assessment. In doing so, with the accompanying care plans built into a plan of care, the goal is to reduce these risks. In an example of the Braden skin... Read More →


Patients are vulnerable. They are relying on nursing to give them care, encourage their independence, to increase or maintain their functional level. This takes a certain amount of trust. Trust is something that is multi-faceted. Trust in one's nursing practice is far different than trusting a nurse on an emotional level. There is more than one nurse who gets entangled in some sort of proverbial web of emotionally needy patients, and/or manipulative family members. When dealing with long... Read More →

PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

PR is big business in nursing. In order to have positive PR, a facility has to have a positive image. It is sometimes a difficult thing to be a well respected nurse due to what the nurse knows, as opposed to how politically correct, positive company image a nurse portrays. Nursing has had a great deal of images throughout the years. At one time, nurses were respected with the title that they held by their cap and starched white dress, pristine, a uniform that commanded a certain presence.... Read More →

Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

When did parts of nursing become a weird cult? That somehow, there's a lot of nurses drinking kool-aid at a party where you would prefer water? (or for some a stiff adult beverage?) The newest and greatest seems to be a constant message of nurses being in charge of their own stuff, when in reality, they are not in charge at all. Blame is fickle. If things are good and numbers are up, then management takes a bow, cheers themselves that they are successful, and starts a new plan to cut... Read More →

Humble Pie

In taking my own advice, there needs to be a point in time that an LPN decides not to internalize. Even those who feel as if they are being set up to fail need to see the facility big picture, protect yourself and your license, and make an alternate plan that will be good for yourself and your responsibilities.It is difficult when virtually overnight an LPN who was able to practice at a familiar and comfortable level seemingly relinquishes duties. This is often a bit of a mess, as LPN's... Read More →

Noro-virus Blues

OK, so the old joke "The Postman Always Rings Twice" can be easily converted to "The Noro-virus CAN Ring Twice". And once is enough. And never is better. And it helps when one washes their hands raw, but even then sometimes we end up with the nasty little bug anyways. And then, as nurses, we are just smart enough to convince ourselves that we are about to die. For real. Is is really feasible to throw up 15 times in 24 hours?! I didn't think so. Until it happened. I literally couldn't get... Read More →

The Answer That You Seek

There is more than one way to ask a question seeking advice. In these times, it is a good reference to have other nurses who have been there, done that. Even more often, and quoting one of my favorite mentors on AN, defecation occurs. We clean it up and move on. But seeking the same advice in multiple questions, and we really need to ask ourselves, "are we ready to hear the hard answers?" Even in the most toxic environments in nursing, it can be the devil you know is easier than the... Read More →

Nobody likes me, Everyone hates me

There has been more than one discussion about nurses who are feeling hated. That someone over them calling the shots are nasty, mean and give one all the "hard" patients. The behavior is such that it does happen. In many units, every day. But to tie an emotion onto it and project it as hateful serves little purpose than to drive a nurse mad. It is eye opening to get into the working world and realize that difficult people exist everywhere. That sometimes no matter what good intentions on... Read More →

Team Sports

There are many reasons why one becomes a nurse. On the top ten list, taking care of patients is an important role. But usually one that you can't go alone. To be one part of a whole is a best case scenario. Nursing can mean that what one doesn't think could happen more than likely will and does. Most nurses, after the first couple of years, knows what they are capable of. Where their strengths lie. What they are passionate about. The most interesting part is that no two nurses are... Read More →

For the Bowel Obsessed

I would tell you that this is meant to be a cheeky article, however, that would just add to the fray. Here's a question...Why is it now oh so appropriate to talk about people's bowel habits and bottoms in just about every arena imaginable? Look at it this way, as nurses, we are very concerned about bowels. Did the patient have a bm? If so, what did it look like, how long between movements, does the patient need a laxative, a stool softener, both? And we all have at least one patient... Read More →

A Spoonful of Sugar

This is an interesting debate. One that can have multiple pros and cons. In essence, can one be a nurse and view it as just another day, a job, a paycheck, a means to an alternate end? Can we care for patients without really caring about them? There are more than a couple of trains of thought on this subject. Most people do not "automatically" think of nursing when planning a career that doesn't encompass a level of interaction with people that one is not likely to find in a number of... Read More →

Behavior That Just Shouldn't Fly

There's something to be said about being professional. That one's conduct as a nurse is appropriate. There is a tremendous amount of undue stress and drama when a co-worker is less than stellar in action or words. To learn and apply what to do in these situations is difficult. More often than not, an earnest nurse with good intentions will transfer, or sever employment all together in response to being a target of a co-workers bad behavior. The Joint Commission has some strong language... Read More →

I Cry Watching Rudolph....

And other holiday specials were people are mean to the underdog. Been this way since I was a child. What that did for me was help me to decide to help people less fortunate. To stand up for those who can't or won't for themselves. And a nurse was born. But not without a price. To seperate one's own self from one's nursing self is a difficult thing. Old habits are hard to break, and so for nurses who are sensitive as people, need to learn how to be not so sensitive as nurses. If we let... Read More →

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