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    Quote from phosphorus
    I read some of the other threads about pr, and had some questions. I briefly met an rn in passing who was working at presby in san juan.she spoke zero spanish. My impression was that to work in pr you have to pass boards a second time in spanish via the pr nursing board. I speak a decent amount out spanish and am trying to become fluent, but I couldn't pass boards in spanish. Are there options for people like me? Presby or va? Is the pay that bad in san juan? Does everywhere have like 13:1 staffing? Also are there nurse practitioners in pr? I can't find the np act

    Hello, Iam also a PR nurse and I have to say that my experience working there was horrible. patient Ratio can be more than 20 per nurse. Believe me is so sad to say but hospitals are gone from bad to worse. You can say that they are more quantity that quality. The pay is bad and you have to do everything. I mean LPNs all they do is basic stuff, cant give out meds, nothing like the RN. Rns are responsible for everything and get no help. NPs are only found in the VA hospitals and if you want to study for NP you have to be either unemployed or be very lucky that a hospital will work around your studying scheduled. I wanted to study for NP but wasn't able to because the hospital I worked with wouldn't work around my scheduled because they said that i wouldn't be of any use to them with an NP tittle. I have to say that even though nursing is nursing no matter where you are, there is a difference.