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  • Apr 17

    Hi. I'm thinking of applying to OHSU and/or Linfield.

    I've seen all the threads about how these colleges make their decisions etc etc but what I really want is information, from students or former students, about the pro's and con's of both schools.

    So far I've heard that Linfield has excellent clinicals and academics but deluges students with ridiculous amounts of reading and homework, only part of which is directly relevant to nursing....and most of it is papers. Which I would ordinarily like, because I'm lucky enough to have the funny gene that lets me like papers, but also have Repetitive Stress Injury issues from time to time.

    Rumored clinical student/instructor ratio: 6:1

    Linfield has a stated interest in social justice, holistic care, and intercultural health care. Am not sure how far this is taken in the classroom????

    I had a friend attend and she was changing bandages in a burn unit by her eighth month in the program.

    Linfield is also more expensive....

    I've also heard that OHSU, while offering stellar academics based on a test-based system, kinda sucks on the clinical level.

    I have a friend attending who says that in her first term of clinicals she only got to do one or two patient interviews and next to no hands-on care. Rumored student to instructor ratio: 30:1 I need to check back in wiht this friend to see if it's true.

    On the other hand OHSU has a stellar reputation and gives a great background in the theoretical foundations of health care. So it is great for people looking to develop a focused, in depth scientific understanding of disease processes, people wanting to become NP's and get admission to NP programs, and for people seeking work all over the nation/world after graduation.

    Are these rumors true or partially true? I'd love your

    Also, I'd be interested to hear about the amount of support each school gives to job placement for new graduates. Experiences, anyone?

    Thank you!

  • Nov 17 '17

    The results are in, and I :heartbeat my new one-tubed BP cuff!

    And yes, the cuff comes included. It's not just the dial! The one sad thing is that the cuff part is basic black and does not come in any of the colors the dials come in.

    Overall, the dial is large and easy to read. The cuff goes on just as easy as the other one I had, and maybe even easier due to the fact that there aren't as many tubes to juggle.

    The air releases by trigger rather than by dial, but I can still control the speed of release with different degrees of pressure. My one trouble so far is that if my trigger finger is shaky this throws my whole reading off and I have to start over, but heck, that's something I can learn to prevent.

    I also have more trouble stuffing the whole kit into my fanny pack for convenient room-to-room dashing. However, I'm still happy because it saves time - with the two-tube design I had to find somewhere to clip or lay my dial and because you can't depend on someone with dementia to keep their arm still I couldn't just keep it clipped to the cuff. Now this is no longer an issue because the dial as well as the bulb is in my hand being held steady. YAAY! Thumbs up on this kind of BP cuff.

  • Jul 27 '17

    Considering working in both the USA *and* Canada.

    Plenty of threads out there about the requirements for licensing etc in each place. But how about the differences and similarities in scope of practice? I read on one of the licensure threads that Canadian nurses have a broader scope of practice, and a greater focus on preventative care.

    Really? Well, ya got me wildly What can Canadian nurses do that US ones can't and vice versa? Who spends more time on paperwork? What are the headaches of pt. advocacy/HR and which ones are different depending on side of the border????

    Looking for a few donations

    Thank you!:heartbeat