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  • Jul 27

    Considering working in both the USA *and* Canada.

    Plenty of threads out there about the requirements for licensing etc in each place. But how about the differences and similarities in scope of practice? I read on one of the licensure threads that Canadian nurses have a broader scope of practice, and a greater focus on preventative care.

    Really? Well, ya got me wildly What can Canadian nurses do that US ones can't and vice versa? Who spends more time on paperwork? What are the headaches of pt. advocacy/HR and which ones are different depending on side of the border????

    Looking for a few donations

    Thank you!:heartbeat

  • Aug 28 '16

    If you like working with the elderly but don't like LTC nursing, have you considered home health or hospice?

    Hospice is what I'm headed for. I work in LTC but I almost always click instantly with the hospice RN's. Dying doesn't depress me as much as poor patient care, and I've also seen people improve and be taken off of hospice after enjoying the increased support hospice can give.

    Hospice nurses are generally ENCOURAGED to sit down and really get to know their patients....many nurses know they could benefit from doing this and would like to take the time, but are discouraged from this by caseload. Many hospice agencies make sure to do things a bit differently. So if you like quality time with the elderly, hospice might be another option for you.

    PT sounds fun too - I agree that PT's in LTC seem to have found a decent spot, and are also encouraged to actually have fun with the residents because then the residents *GASP* enjoy the PT and want to do it again! But of course I'm not a PT myself so take this with a grain of salt

    Finally, have you considered geriatric social work?