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  • Apr 10

    1) I dreamed I'd just begun to take care of a full patient assignment when I was urgently assigned another patient (on another unit) who had just had a serious blood transfusion reaction.

    The other unit looked like someone's empty guest bunkroom, empty except a young female patient. She looked totally OK and as I went towards her with the vitals machine she walked away. No phone to call for backup, no security, no one else around. I desperately followed her. She went to the mall and went shopping for snacks as I trailed her around poised to start a code.

    FINALLY she went back to her room and then wanted to talk about her family troubles. I was like, Uhhh, NO, I'm going to take your blood pressure, then I have to go see my other patients!

    No idea why it was OK for me to leave her in her room but not in the mall.

  • Mar 12
  • Nov 23 '15

    It sounds like the safest option to prevent excessive pressure from being applied to a PICC line is to use a 10 cc syringe.

    It also sounds from the link above like there are safe ways to use smaller syringes down to about 3 cc, but that the odds of those ways actually BEING safe in practice depends a LOT more on the user being meticulous (and on the gods of Luck and Chance).

    How many 100% meticulous nurses do you know??

    This is why we're using disinfecting port protectors on all IV lines at work now- because who do you know that always "scrubs the hub" for 15-30 seconds, then lets it dry the same amount of time before accessing? Even though doing it any other way is proven to be less safe and to risk serious complications?

  • Nov 1 '15

    "I hope a polar bear eats you."