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Joined Jan 17, '04 - from 'S.E. Texas'. sallyrnrrt is a RN & RRT. She has '44' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU'. Posts: 1,996 (55% Liked) Likes: 3,313

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    Agree with above post

    Info I found Icu, cake must be a good nurse and they saw potential...

    Best wishes...

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    Please wait till you have been "at it for slightly over" 45 years....... As me

    Things change

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    Follow the $ trail...........

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    From a crusty ole bat,

    "Back in the day" before nursing education changed

    We had the clinical skills, & critical thinking safely work critical care,

    But today is nnot yestterday

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    Ok, as an formerDON, I'd want incident reports.....
    Anyone can notify CMS and or ombudsman

    When I deemed or preceivedharm......extensive investigation by me.... Great opportunity for teaching tool and Inservice,

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    Ok, I agree somewhat?...
    But I'm a crusty ole bat with a lot of multidimensional critical care and " non bedside" experiences

    Nursing education has changed, devolved vs evolved...... Boy I know I just opened a can of worms.....

    But back in the day, just 18hrs from my BS in biology, I chose a hospital based " ole school" diploma program....

    I don't know I know the debates between " ole school" diploma programs.....and today's fluffed up critical Thinking, BSN, ADn programs...... It takes a new RN graduate 1-1.5 years to be a safe nurse...

    I'm probably a little arrogant, but, I have " time in grade" to prove my feelings....... There is not enough hands on, clinical today's nursing facilitate, the reduced stress and very competent new graduate as a safe practioner.....

    All, I can relate to, I'm sure a lot of folks on this board are tired of hearing my crowing.....

    Is that I "graduated" at 11 am on a Saturday in June of '72..... And went to work as charge nurse, at the same hospital I graduated CCU.......same day 3-11 charge nurse on that same CCU...

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    The 12 steps work, if you work them, and after a while you start living them , experience the promises....... I advise go to a real live meeting.....

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    Yes it is still FB, ? How getting proof you are attending........and there are skillfull hacking programs that " junk" gets posted appearing from, and sometimes it can be very hurtful and object able.......this actually happened to me last week...... I just personally do not see how a live, in person, real 12 step program can be beat......just my humble opinion......

    Best wishes

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    Well the " government'so dime" comes from us hard working tax paying nurses, and other tax payers
    . There no "free lunch"

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    Omg, a crusty ole bat awaken after midnight


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    Yea, you messed up.....bit is a serious federal medical privacy issue....

    You might want to consider a different career

    You do not obviously know what you do not know...

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    Honest from my 4.5 decades of experience..... If "you don't" feel it" jump ship...

    There is no nursing shortage

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    Oh yes they do in a way, and if Aran, usually enlisted officer.....

    Do you not remember the TV show Mash?

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    The job and service nurses should only be about safe advocating for our clients, patients, and or residents....and utilizing optimum critical thinking skills... pERIOD

    Trust my with almost five decades experience

    That my friend is the bottom line....
    Best wishes

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    Ok crusty ole bat here,

    Look at every X-ray that is appropriate.....

    You will in time teach, yourself