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Joined Jan 17, '04 - from 'S.E. Texas'. sallyrnrrt is a RN & RRT. She has '44' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU'. Posts: 1,999 (55% Liked) Likes: 3,327

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    What yourvresearc tell you

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    coordinator in LTC

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    Story of my life

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    Agree with above post

    Info I found Icu, cake must be a good nurse and they saw potential...

    Best wishes...

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    Follow the $ trail...........

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    From a crusty ole bat,

    "Back in the day" before nursing education changed

    We had the clinical skills, & critical thinking safely work critical care,

    But today is nnot yestterday

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    Ok, as an formerDON, I'd want incident reports.....
    Anyone can notify CMS and or ombudsman

    When I deemed or preceivedharm......extensive investigation by me.... Great opportunity for teaching tool and Inservice,

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    Ok, I agree somewhat?...
    But I'm a crusty ole bat with a lot of multidimensional critical care and " non bedside" experiences

    Nursing education has changed, devolved vs evolved...... Boy I know I just opened a can of worms.....

    But back in the day, just 18hrs from my BS in biology, I chose a hospital based " ole school" diploma program....

    I don't know I know the debates between " ole school" diploma programs.....and today's fluffed up critical Thinking, BSN, ADn programs...... It takes a new RN graduate 1-1.5 years to be a safe nurse...

    I'm probably a little arrogant, but, I have " time in grade" to prove my feelings....... There is not enough hands on, clinical today's nursing facilitate, the reduced stress and very competent new graduate as a safe practioner.....

    All, I can relate to, I'm sure a lot of folks on this board are tired of hearing my crowing.....

    Is that I "graduated" at 11 am on a Saturday in June of '72..... And went to work as charge nurse, at the same hospital I graduated CCU.......same day 3-11 charge nurse on that same CCU...

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    The 12 steps work, if you work them, and after a while you start living them , experience the promises....... I advise go to a real live meeting.....

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    Yes it is still FB, ? How getting proof you are attending........and there are skillfull hacking programs that " junk" gets posted appearing from, and sometimes it can be very hurtful and object able.......this actually happened to me last week...... I just personally do not see how a live, in person, real 12 step program can be beat......just my humble opinion......

    Best wishes

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    Well the " government'so dime" comes from us hard working tax paying nurses, and other tax payers
    . There no "free lunch"

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    Omg, a crusty ole bat awaken after midnight


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    Yea, you messed up.....bit is a serious federal medical privacy issue....

    You might want to consider a different career

    You do not obviously know what you do not know...

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    Honest from my 4.5 decades of experience..... If "you don't" feel it" jump ship...

    There is no nursing shortage

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    Oh yes they do in a way, and if Aran, usually enlisted officer.....

    Do you not remember the TV show Mash?