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  • Nov 4 '15

    hmmm, where do us old nurses go? To the big bedpan up in the sky?????

  • Nov 4 '15

    Sometimes there's a difference between being 55 and a nurse for 7 years and being 55 and a nurse for 34 years.

    Especially if most of those 34 years were at the bedside. Back in the 70s and 80s, there were no "lift teams", there was really no thought for employee safety other than "if your shoulders or back hurt, it's because of bad body mechanics, not the fact that you have to turn, reposition and transfer lazy ass 200+ pounders by yourself because there isn't enough help."

    Mentally I'm as sharp if not sharper than most younger nurses. Physically? Well, let's just say my shoulders always know when the weather is going to change. I'm by no means a cripple, nor do I need joint replacement surgery, but arthritis has been my friend since I hit 40 or so.

  • Oct 8 '15

    How about my 655754757584th PEARSON VUE TRICK question?????????????????


    If you don't give me the answer I need, or you don't tell me what I WHAANNNNNNTTTTT to HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEARRRRR you are stepping on my
    DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM and you are an ugly, fat, mean NETY nurse who should retire RIGHT NOW so I can have your job!!!!!

    Good gawd, ya'll.

  • Oct 8 '15

    All you old biter COBs just need to die so we can get our dreeeeeaaam jobs. Your to old too work anymore anyway.

  • Oct 8 '15

    Quote from canigraduate
    True. "You can't fix stupid," indeed.

    I do enjoy a good flouncer every now and again, though.
    While you can't fix stupid, it's enormously entertaining to watch people try!

  • Sep 27 '15

    Willpower issue. Some people can hack life others can't. Sure there are people who are LEGIT disabled (work accidents, REAL medical conditions, or decent percentage of vets) but some people just have that personality to worm there way out of anything that requires work.

    My workplace is so rampant with patients on SSI/SSDI or variants of DSHS that I don't even bother asking patient's about their work lives because I know the answer.

  • Sep 27 '15

    In my ambulatory clinics, we see a ton of people trying to qualify for disability. In many cases, disability has become the new welfare. In some jurisdictions, the state government actively pushes for welfare clients to be declared disabled, since that removes them from the state welfare budget and transfers them to the Federal Social Security disability budget. There are healthcare and legal providers who make a tidy living from getting people declared disabled.

  • Sep 23 '15

    Good lord sassyass, how Crusty do you think we are?

  • Sep 12 '15

    Even if you're hired as an MA, you will be held to the standards of a registered nurse. If I were you, I wouldn't be surprised if they ask you to do tasks that can only be done by an RN. "We know we hired you as an MA, but since you're an RN would you mind doing (insert request). It's just this one time."

    And if you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale.

  • Sep 12 '15

    I learned of this tragedy yesterday and wanted to comment but haven't until now because I needed time to process that which I still cannot wrap my mind around and because somehow words seem so woefully inadequate to express what I want to say.

    To the family and friends of the Short family. I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. I pray that you are somehow able to find peace and comfort.

    To the moderators at AN. Thank you. I can only imagine how much your grief is compounded by trying to keep things here running smoothly. Your doing so is a testament to your dedication not only to this community but to Brian's memory as well. I appreciate you.

    To the members at AN. As a community we laugh together, learn from one another, and occasionally even disagree with each other. Today we cry together.

  • Sep 12 '15

    One of the most remarkable things about allnurses is that it doesn't use software designed to act as a filter, it doesn't use upvote, downvote, "best" comments, reputation points, etc. Yes, there are written rules and moderators to curtail what we don't want here but the true power of our community comes from leadership that is so much more than "don't do that".

    This place has a culture created by Brian Short, Joe V, a small group of stalwart administrators a flock of guides, and most important of all, frequent posters who get it. Without you all being the good people you are we're sunk.

    We'll weather this as we have other devastating events by reaching deep and hanging on inside this awful rogue wave. Our feet will touch bottom, and the mean-spirited will leave. This isn't their home, it's ours.

  • Sep 12 '15

    Please do not post on this thread if you are not going to be supportive to members and staff

  • Sep 12 '15

    I am speechless, stunned, and can't wrap my head around this. Brian created a strong nursing community - nursing friendships and bonds. I will forever be grateful for finding his creation. My deepest sympathies to those who knew him and loved him. Rest easy, my friend. We'll take it from here.

  • Aug 25 '15

    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    I was a vet tech in my former life. At least w/ human pts, most will not try to bite you when you are starting an IV.
    Apparently you haven't worked in many SNFs! Nothing as challenging as trying to start an IV in a demented 96 year old whose sole purpose at the time is to connect her teeth with your skin.

  • Aug 24 '15

    If you have looked it up like you said and BON doesn't prohibit it why are you worried about it?

    Print out the sheet of paper from the BON and hand it to the nurse who has no reason to be in your business and tell her to kindly get lost.

    Then quit talking to people at work about things unless you want them broadcast everywhere. There is no such thing as private conversations at work as long as there are busy bodies with nothing better to do than stir up trouble. You will find this is an over represented class in nursing.