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  • Jul 3 '17

    [font="trebuchet ms"]i guess i will pick up where "fromthesea" left off...

    block 3 is set up a little differently - but i think for the best

    the first half of the semester is strictly lecture (med/surg, ob and peds). we went on fridays and saturday. fridays were from 8-11:30 and saturdays were 8-12:15 (with the nur104ab review class).

    the first half of the semester is intense. you are constantly studying and we've had exams once a week. unfortunately, a few people this semester didn't pass. let me tell you, it is tough! but it is do-able.

    now that we are in the second half of the semester, we are done with lecture until block 4 and now we just go to clinicals. we have clinicals from 6:30am-4:30pm on fridays and saturdays - some of us have to go all the way to mesa for peds, in which we have clinicals on fridays and sundays (but just for peds). also, we have to go into the hospital on thursdays to pick our patients.

    my advice to you is start buying stuff now, because it will be one less thing to buy when you are actually in the program.

    buy the scrubs ahead of time! you can buy them at mccd scrub uniform shirts, jackets, and tops - caribbean blue & white colors - sizes xs - 5xl (to me it's better to buy now, then have that expense later)

    buy a few nclex books and go through them at least everyday for a few minutes. the two nclex books i have are "saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination" (isbn: 9781416037088) and "illustrated study guide for the nclex-rn exam" (isbn: 9780323056649)

    i also highly recommend the hesi nclex book (isbn: 9781416047759). if you dont know, the hesi is an "exit exam" you take at the end of the block. it's like a practice nclex and it tests you on stuff we haven't even learned - and it's worth exam points. i highly recommend this book!

    lastly, once you are in the program - do test review with your instructor! after a test, go in and discuss what you got wrong. this was my biggest regret because on the final, you might see repeat questions (and they are always the ones you questioned yourself on, on the prior exams).

    hope this helps - if you have any questions let me know!!

    good luck!