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Have you ever had a coworker die on you? Yes, really die while at work with you? I have, more than once. Each and every one of them stayed dead despite our best efforts - until today. Once or twice the death was Mother Nature's way of reminding us who was boss. The other times it was narcotic diversion by a coworker; after all, how many professions have access to narcotics while working? Nurses, Docs, Law Enforcement and similar run the risk of not only using what they come into contact... Read More →


During my illness, I received word that my Great Auntie had died. In the next sentence I learned she had taken her own life. She did this the week before her husband's scheduled memorial service. *sigh* I am still grieving her loss. Tomorrow is their joint memorial... one I really wanted to attend. But since I just had surgery last week, I can't travel. I dropped my parents and brother off at the airport yesterday, after warning them of the security issues of the day, and returned home.... Read More →

Art of Nursing

Nurses are old and young, tall and short, skinny and wide. We come from all walks of life. Some choose to enter the nursing profession for job security, others to help those around them. Throughout our schooling, we are taught and tested on the science of nursing. Our primary focus is the ability to recall important facts, to think ahead of the current situation, and to understand interactions between the patient and the interventions we provide. Elusive, yet widely recognized, the art of... Read More →

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