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    As usual someone else didn't understand the simple question. The question was "How is Solyndra doing these days?" Post #757

    Could not read it? Would not read it? or just ignorant.

    Just three possible reasons why this post exists.

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    Quote from Dewman
    ...and squandering billions of tax dollars in the process.

    Speaking of idiotic, how's Solyndra these days?

    Program that backed Solyndra now showing successes - SFGate

    Well, as usual someone else has to do the research about questions that people want answered.

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    Some people assume all "pipeline" is equal.

    Tar sands are extremely corrosive and in many areas have been unsuccessfully transported in aging pipes. Ask the inhabitants of Mayflower, Arkansas about land values now. Or even if they can inhabit their homes safely. The pipelines of old are not what is being suggested now, nor are many of the old lines still in use. That is why they were commandeered for tar sands to be run through backwards.

    We have no need of Keystone. There are almost no real jobs involved in this endeavor and the US gets nothing out of it except risk. Why is it so important to the GOP? Their backers backed Keystone and all will lose money if it is not built. Not only will I not lose money if it is not built but the land will be a bit more protected.

    Other issues of the new Congress seem to be to take money from those in need of SSDI. I have friends who receive SSDI due to things like cancer. Their survival is tied to this funding.

    I figure in two years those who are working to hurt the general population of the US will have made enough faux pas that GOP POTUS or Congress in 2016 will be laughable. One can only hope that the GOP uses the majority for the good of all. If not then the 114th will be the ones shooting the GOP in the foot, or other parts of the snake-like reptilian beast.

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    Quote from Dewman
    Or maybe this juror simply wants to sell his/her story for money.
    It's just as likely. Maybe more so.
    Or maybe that person just wants the truth to be told as to how they were duped by an unethical prosecutor.

    Maybe there is a desire to write for money. What is wrong with capitalism? That person spent many months being lied to and given lies and half truths while having other significant information withheld. If he can recoup some money for all the time he wasted being on a GJ that was fed trash, why not?

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    Grand Juror Sues McCulloch, Says He Mischaracterized The Wilson Case | St. Louis Public Radio.

    We also know that "evidence the DA brought to the jury was false and he knew it at the time that it was false.

    Prosecutor misconduct is usually taken to the State Bar Association. Disbarment is not an unreasonable response to such shenanigans. Not sure that will happen that that state. To bring false info is serious. Perhaps that is what the jurors wish to say.

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    More Americans think Obama, Not Bush, Enacted Bank Bailouts, Poll Shows - CBS News

    I can pull up at least a half dozen more sources that document Bush starting TARP and The Obama administration left to administer the mess left by Bush. Bush gave the bailouts.

    It does get boring doing the basic research about things done in the past 8 years that are basics. I suppose you also believe that Obama was POTUS when Katrina happened.

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    Quote from rnmaybe
    Thanks for informing us that you are ill informed on topics.
    Why berate a person for NOT watching liberal outlets and stating he is not a liberal?

    Is this supposed to be some fine example of conservative knowledge base? When someone does connect with liberal outlets they are berated. When they admit they do not connect with liberal outlets they are also berated.

    Hear the sound of one hand clapping.

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    The officer only turned himself in after his picture was finally turned over to the public for help in identifying him. He ran away from the situation after choking a person without reporting it to his superiors or attempting to get assistance for a person who was choked.

    As for his explanation of why he choked anyone in authority trying to assist subway riders, sounds a great deal like the complaints police make about those who attack them with the possibility of cell phone picture exposure. There may have been a reason why she wanted to take a picture of him. Could it have been that he was swearing or acting inappropriately towards her? Curse at him? What is he some fragile little prince who cannot take hearing four letter words? We have enough tape of police interactions with the public to know that swear words are a normal part of their delivery of the English language.

    If the NYPD wants to make a good impression then they need to not act like thugs. Obviously he knew he acted like a thug, a bully who ran away rather than face up to what he did until his picture hit every TV set in NYC.

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    Smiling NYPD officer accused of choking and attacking female subway worker just days before Christmas turns himself in - but has not been charged* | Daily Mail Online

    She claims the attacker pushed her to the ground before choking her and fleeing the scene.
    She was later treated for injuries to her head, neck and back, all minor, at a local hospital.
    It was when the NYPD released a surveillance video of the attacker running through a subway turnstile and smiling that police realized they were looking for one of their own.

    Read more: Smiling NYPD officer accused of choking and attacking female subway worker just days before Christmas turns himself in - but has not been charged* | Daily Mail Online
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    His excuse was that she want to take his picture and cursed at him. Hmmmmm, why would he think it was OK to attack a transit worker? Of course he did not report it until his picture was released to the public. I suspect if I did it I would be charged.

    The NYPD are working hard at getting themselves more black marks. If he had turned himself in I suspect we never would have known about it. It would have been buried beneath pounds of Christmas candy stories.

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    WBFF drops two staffers involved in misleading edit of protest video - Baltimore Sun
    "They terminated my contract without cause," Roeder said.
    “The support I’m receiving from my co-workers has been amazing,” she added. "I’m overwhelmed by how many people have reached out to me.”
    Roeder said the idea for the story came from station management -- it was not hers. Fox45 management has declined to discuss how the edit came to be.

    She learned the hard way. The thought may have come from management. The action came from her. Their thoughts, perhaps. Her deeds. They survived with a short suspension. She got canned. Interesting that she thinks it was without cause. Inciting to riot (increase in violence by police) seems like cause to me, but I don't work for Fox.

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    If the NYC police are not willing to deal with crime in the city then expect to see conventions pulling out of NYC. People will not attend if they feel a city is threatening to them. The broken window scenario that was mentioned is just that, a threat to non-new Yorkers who come into town for specific fun filled times while in a work status. There are other cities that will provide services, not slow downs.

    This Is Why I Am Afraid of the PoliceÂ*|Â*Jonathan Walton

    Another good article. Not particularly related to first paragraph.

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    So, the NYPD will not deal with minor crimes but 5 or was it 6 of them can gang up on one black man dancing and not causing any trouble?

    I guess that is "What part of minor crimes" is not clear.

    Ellen's dance dares have been going on for what.. 3 years?

    The NYPD continues to create their own nightmares.

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    Over the last weeks, across the nation, and here in Nashville, we have witnessed many protests and demonstrations. Some of the demonstrations have been peaceful. Some have been violent, with significant property damage. Here in Nashville, persons have gathered to express their thoughts in a non-violent manner. I thank all involved for the peaceful manner in which they have conducted themselves.
    I also thank you. As a member of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, you have responded to these events in a manner that clearly shows that this is a professional police department staffed by professional individuals who respect the points of view of all persons. Again, thank you for showing the Nashville public that, individually and collectively, they have a police department they can be proud of.
    Obviously, as you have come to know over your police career, not everyone will understand or agree with the manner in which we have responded during these demonstrations. In any endeavor we undertake, decisions should be made with a view toward producing the best outcome for all of Nashville. Our decisions must be made with this in the forefront. However, in that we work for the public, public opinion should be given consideration in the decision making process in matters such as this.


    This is a part of a current police chief's letter. One thing you can note is that the Nashville chief shows respect for the people he is to protect and serve. This is different than what we have seen from the NYPD and some others.

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    Bell Curve. Two Standard Deviations. Relates to posts #71 and #72. I hit quote but it did not come up right.