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  • Jul 21

    Life is hard enough without having to pull black hairs from the upper lip and on the chin.
    Yuck. Things we do to keep our old folks looking like ladies.

  • Jun 23

    Some of you are being rather harsh. The nurse asked about parameters. Some of you gave really good examples of the differences doctors, facilities, and our own nursing judgement provide.

    Of course the suggestions to know your meds, look them up, etc. are great. I kind of got the impression this nurse was looking for the absolutes that novice nurses need until they gain the proficiency to evaluate internally rather than question each thing for an absolute answer.

    It is frightening that some nurses don't look at lab values, recent blood sugars, or the look of the patient. With experience sometimes you just know and really have to dig to figure out why you have the gut reaction of knowing the right thing to do.

    I don't spend as much time over this side. I prefer the Central side. Now I remember why I stopped coming to this side of the street. Nasty comments when a reasonable answer could be given.

  • Feb 6

    I can't think of too many terrible things I have said. I think that means there were too many to note.

    I have been out to much with my son and had the waitress talk to us as if we were married. We were all embarrassed.

    I have found myself babysitting and talking to the child as if it were my dog.
    "Leave it" my dog understands. Great command. My dog will drop anything when I say that. The child not so much. I think I even once asked him to "sit". Good think I caught it before I got to down, stay, and roll over.