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  • Feb 19

    College is getting way too expensive no matter where you go! I recommend that you have the hospital pay for your schooling. It's not really worth adding more debt for a BSN when it's not going to give you anymore advantage than where you already are. Every semester you borrow, that is going to be a 50 dollar a month tab. So 4 more semesters will be adding a minimum of 200 dollars a month school loan payment for like the next 10 or so years. Add that on to your already accumulated debt, and take into fact that getting a BSN really does nothing for it really worth you having to add more burdens to your financial load? I really really urge you to wait, and have your work place pay or reimburse you. That's just my humble opinion and experience.


  • Jan 31

    GCU isn't runs about 12K...which if you compare that to any state University is a lot cheaper...remember 3 semesters vs 5 semesters...

  • Jan 31

    I'm doing mine through Grand Canyon University which is in Phoenix, arizona. I get a discount cause of the hospital I work at, plus trying to get the hospital to pay for it. It's to the equivalent of 3 semesters. It's module based, so you focus on 1 class at a time for 5 weeks each. It's worth it because you are getting your BSN, and now days you really need your BSN. Writing papers gets old, but you get out what you put into the class. I like it, plus it gives me something to do. I compared that program to Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, which both required me to take another semester of pre-reqs, and were another 4 semesters of RN-BSN classes which made a total of 5 semester compared to the 3 I'm doing now! Their RN-BSN program were all online too. I don't think I have ever seen a RN-BSN program at any university that wasn't online. Just make sure it's accredited.

  • Dec 18 '17

    Quote from oleartiste

    Hi I am currently in the position you were in (May 2008)...with UMC Tucson. Can you tell me more about your experience with them? Interview process; how long it took before you got a job offer? Thank you so much in advance for your response!!!

    When I applied to work at UMC via the internet on their website, Nursing Human Resources called me back the next morning. I actually applied at 11pm and I got a call back at about 9am in the morning. When they called me they said the position had already been filled, but they told me to chose 3 floors to apply for. So they helped me pick 3 floors that I wanted to work on and then set up an interview for me. On the day of the interview I had a seperate interview for each floor I applied for with the unit managers all in one day. I was offered a job during my interview. So I accepted and glad I did.

    I am very pleased with the hospital. I would recommend all new grads to start off at UMC for their first year. I have no regrets that I had to pick up and move to tucson for this job. I've learned a lot and still am learning. I work with a bunch of great nurses on 7 west.

    I plan on eventually moving on to a different location and applying to be an ER nurse elsewhere when my year is up here, but UMC was certainly a good stepping stone to start off on.


  • Apr 29 '17

    Really just depends on the Co-Workers who surround you. I love my ICU because my co-workers are fun to be around and we hang out outside of work. It would suck to work with a bunch of battle-axes.