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  • Apr 29

    Really just depends on the Co-Workers who surround you. I love my ICU because my co-workers are fun to be around and we hang out outside of work. It would suck to work with a bunch of battle-axes.

  • Mar 9

    Well, the best way to learn anything new in nursing is to keep moving around to different units. If you stay in one place to long you will never learn anything new. For example, I currently work in the Trauma-Surgical ICU. We also take fresh transplants as well. Well, I'm getting to the point where I don't think I can see too much more, and when I move (if the market allows it), maybe I should get into Cardiac ICU, just to change things up a little bit and see a whole new world that I had never been exposed to while working trauma. Don't stay in one place too long, or you get complacent with your job and bored, and then you start sliding a little. Always stay interested in your job! That is the best advice I can give you. Oh ya...always work critical care and never the floor...I worked the floor for a good year before I went into critical care, and I have to was tough! But your scope is very limited. Floor nurses work damn hard for their pay, while I see many of us ICU nurses sitting on our arse all shift long...

    Nursing really is a good choice though, because of all the time off you get, and the hands on patient care can be really rewarding. It's really how you make it. I will try to stay busy all shift, and it's rewarding to see that your care made a difference. Something as small as mouth care every 2 hours seems trivial, but when you see that the patient hasn't received VAP over the 3 nights you cared for her, it's a great feelings.

  • Jan 14

    Quote from brentster_us
    I've been a nurse for over a year now. At first I thought it was being new that other nurses abused me. Now I know that it's because they are just ********. I am to the point of leaving nursing all together. There are a million jobs in this state and I've tried three of them in one year and its all the same. Nurses eat nurses. Why??
    I love my patients truly and it's a great day when I know I've made a difference for them. So why is it that I can be on cloud 9 because I did something great for a patient and then five minutes later the other nurses have made me feel insignificant?
    Once every 3 to 4 weeks where I use to work, the rotation would come up that it was all male nurses on the unit. This was the one night that I looked foward to the most. We all got along and had fun all night. But then the next night would role around and there might be me and one other guy and then it was back to same old crapp. Do woman nurses hate male nurse? Should I just quit nursing? I really dont know what to do anymore. I have tried so hard to be nice and caring not only for my patients but for co-workers also. It gets me nowhere. They always ask me to cover their shift for them on my nights off and I have every time. But, when I ask them to it for me, no one ever has. So, last night was the first time that I have ever said NO. Now that nurse wont speak to me. AAHHHHHHH!!!! What do I do?????
    Sometimes the best thing to do is just be an ******** back to them. HA! Then they just leave you alone cause now you are the ********. I'm not a big fan of battle-axes. There is this one lady on the unit that just her presence stresses people out. I asked her a simple question and she just ripped me a new one. So I replied by saying "God, I'm sorry I was ever born. I'll just go home and off myself over this if it makes you happy." And then I just walked away. But it made me feel good to reply with a smart reaction. Don't let them roll over you. Be an ******** back with some smart remark. Probably not what you wanted to hear.