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Joined May 12, '08 - from 'Pacific Northwest'. dukesgal is a Nursing Supervisor. She has '7' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ED, acute care, home health, hospice'. Posts: 44 (27% Liked) Likes: 18

Attended WWCC and graduated with my ADN in 2010. Graduated University of Phoenix BSN in 2013. Graduated Grand Canyon University MSN 2016. Currently enrolled Gonzaga University MSN-FNP 2017. I have experience in LTC nursing, home health, hospice, ED/Medical-Surgical and most recently worked in Quality Management and Nursing Supervision. I look forward to completing my FNP through Gonzaga and working in rural healthcare upon graduation.

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Nursing Supervisor
Pacific Northwest
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ED, acute care, home health, hospice
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7 years
Reading, writing, anything Elvis related, floral design, traveling.
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