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    So actually,after I looked trough all the paperwork the IPN has kicked me out twice for paperwork even though they said they never would. I was in the middle of moving and hadn't forwarded my mail yet and the new contract went to the Port Office. When I didn't turn in the contact I never got I was kicked out.When I told them about this they were unmoved.
    The IPN has been a rash on my entire nursing career,just because I asked for help for depression after working in the Burn Center. They change the rules,they want me,at 51 with health issues to work in a hospital setting. I can only work part time,they aren't hiring part time. It was a catch 22.
    This is a heart breaking end to my nursing career,I could go through the board and get into "guess what" the IPN again whcih "works so well" for me.
    No thanks. I'm having a pity party I know and I'm sure nursing will survive without me and this post will probably be removed.
    Maybe I'll go into sustenace gardening,farming,anything where the back biting,back stabbing and all around nastyness that is nursing anymore isn't around.

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    Quote from Cherybaby
    I have to go through an IPN Evaluation. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they do in the evaluation process. BelleKat, I really feel for you. I am in a VERY similar situation having to do with meds for my bipolar disorder. Can you please let me know what you experienced in the eval?

    Maybe we can put our heads together and figure this out...
    Yes,I'll tell you all I know,I'll PM you.

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    Since I got very depressed in 1987 following a severe health issue( I had just finished working 8 years in charge of a Burn Center) I was reported to the IPN for depression. I jumped through all of their hoops,sat in groups of addicts who mainly talked about how to beat the urine screens and showed up nodding off from pills. I went to the doctors they wanted me to see,I was cleared and cleared again. I did have some issues from work mainly because the IPN would only let me work in hospitals and hospitals are only hiring for their hardest to staff units like Bone Marrow Transplant. I also broke my back and have a fusion and an immune problem and would get ill after working in these units. I couldn't physically do it. Mentally I was on top,I know my stuff,I have worked in critical care all my career but it doesn't seem to matter.
    Basically in the IPN I couldn't take a job I could succeed in and because I wasn't succeeding they kicked me out. Now my license will be suspended.
    I'm sorry for the whiny self indulgent nature of this post but I feel like I wasted my life now. The IPN screwed me royally and I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

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    Hi,in my opinion no it's not. Just on a regular floor it's difficult enough to learn the priority setting and organizational skills while learning massive amounts of new information with increasing amounts of responsibility.In critical care just double that. It also depends on your experience too,if you've been a tech in a critical care area and you are fairly familiar with their pt's and responsibilities it might go smoother but I think it is best to start in a more basic area.
    I'm sure there will be many other opinions on this. Good luck!

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    Quote from 2ndwind
    Or, watching from the nurses station... and betting if a Doc will put on PPE prior to entering iso. I've seen many that do not - and it don't matter if airborne, droplet, or contact either. Even when PPE is nicely set on wall shelves in abundance right outside each and every room. Yukky! Lets not shake hands, and say we did, right?! :icon_roll
    Doctors.residents,medical students are immune to all germs do ya know? I love when they go into the isolation rooms,use their own stethoscope while leaning over the pt,their tie is laying on the pt and their coat is touching the bed. So they put their now contaminated stethoscope around their neck maybe wash their hands and walk out of the room and say when you ask them about PPE that they "didn't really touch the pt". :angryfire
    Then they go into the fresh post op's room check out the incision and wonder why a few days later that the incision is now purulent.

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    If the baby had a URI as they often do,there's no way he could breathe with his mouth occluded. How horribly ghastly and ignorant. She needs to rot in jail and they don't think much of baby killers in prison.

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    Quote from loveshospital
    People needs to really stop panicking,swine flu is just a FLU and thousand of people get the FLU every year,any flu is dangerous regardless of the source and the only people that should be considered high-risk are infants as well as people over 65 as well as immune compromised people.This is not the epidemic of cholera,malaria or chicken pox,this is a FLU,so lets just live it as it is.
    Have you read the thread ?

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    Gosh I was wondering if it was just me that thought this was a Darwin's award candidate.

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    Incredibly unprofessional and illegal,I'd be talking to a lawyer.

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    Quote from multicollinearity
    Swine flu confirmed at Disney in Florida:

    It'll be interesting to see if those who were at the park on the same day as the infected tourist fall sick, too. That might show just how contagious (or not) this swine flu is.
    Gah! Now it's in Fl,well it was just a matter of time.

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    I've met some really dear people and it's true that they take a piece of you with them. If it ever stops hurting then you need to take a break.

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    Thanks for your updates Indigo Girl and your sage,calming advice.

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    The flu deaths in Mexico raise fears of global pandemic. This is a new flu virus that is not covered by the flu shot of this year and could take months to develop a vaccine for. This is very frightening. Mexico has shut down their museums,schools,libraries and theatres.