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  • Feb 18

    I really don't know of any situation where unplugging the vent alone would cause it to stop working unless RT had silenced ALL alarms and there are many redundant alarms ie low pressure,high pressure on O2 and compressed air,normally there would be so many alarms it would be impossible to ignore along with the pt's monitor alarms as he was bradying down.
    I mean I've heard something like this too but I suspect it was very long ago before all the safety mechanisms(like the early 70's?) or it is urban lore.
    Where I've worked with critical ventilated pt the alarms are set so tight that if the pt just coughs heartily the high pressure alarm nearly blasts me out of the room.
    I did hear of a RT who d/c'd a vent on the wrong pt and he died,that was in the 80's I believe.