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  • Dec 16 '16

    I took English 101 online and I loved the format, but Hated the professor! I managed to get an A (it was a miracle with that teacher!)

    If you have good reading skills and you think you can do it then you will probably do great! Try to find out what your instructor will be like - they make all the difference in the world.

    My advice would be to check out a web site like - I sure wish I had known about it before! Self confidence is half the battle with writing so good for you having it already Good luck!

  • Jun 29 '16

    Also, some ICU's give you scenarios when you interview so maybe think of how you would respond to that (example: you find a patient in resp distress - what would you do, a Dr. prescribes sedative for already zonked out pt - what would you do etc). A question like why the ICU is a good fit/why that floor/why that hospital is always a good one to prepare for. I also highly recommend making a career portfolio if you are doing an in- person interview - it helps you to stand out, and depending on how lengthy and nicely put together it is, shows them how much you want the position (i.e. put extra time and effort into preparing). It also shows them what makes you stand apart from other new grads, especially if you have extra experience beyond nursing school and/or some good accolades. When they ask you if you have any questions, I think its always good to ask something about 1. How does this program/residency go basically 2. What do you look for in your new graduate residents (when they say something, I would try to as subtly as possible get a word in about how you match what they are looking for). If it is a behavioral interview, try to frame your stories using the Situation, Action (you took), Result, and What your learned technique. Smile and try to find a way to let your passion show - not in a crazy way, but let them know this is the job of your dreams and you have the dedication and enthusiasm that makes you worthy! I had a panel interview for the ICU and it was very intimidating but I was successful, so I could maybe give you a few tips on those too, if you'd like.