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  • Dec 21 '17

    I studied for 2.5 weeks (that was all the time I had), I used Kaplan On Demand Course for practice with questions - completing the Diagnostic & Readiness tests, all Question Trainers, and 30% of the Q Bank. I studied content using the 5th Edition Saunders Comprehensive Review (reading almost all of it). I reviewed the study guide from all nurses - which was invaluable for the isolation questions I had on the NCLEX. I completed the Kaplan Strategies, Practice and Review 2011-2012 Edition book. I also completed the first half of La Charity's PDA book (the chapters, rather than case studies). I studied 6-8 hours a day in about 3 hour blocks of time. I passed (according to the PearsonVue "good pop up") with 75 questions in 3 hours. I'll attach the study guide here for anyone who wants it Attachment 12200