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  • Jul 1

    Quote from LaborNurse77
    From my experience, i would say L&D tostart. In my hospital the post partum nurses hardly do anything except give meds (PO)- they do not start IVs or draw blood and rarely do anything critcal so in my opinion you wouldn't learn much. If a pt becomes critical they ship them back to L&D to be monitored in the recovery room. More to learn in L&D.
    This makes me sad to read that "postpartum nurses hardly do anything." I work my butt off, have started plenty of IV's, done multiple blood draws, and provided a plethora of patient education and support. In addition, my floor takes care of antepartum patients. I LOVE my job and would definitely say that I do much more than "hardly anything." If you want to recommend one specialty over another, go for it, but, please, don't bad mouth another. I've learned SO MUCH on my floor. I wouldn't say there is "more" to learn in L&D, just a different type of stuff to learn.

  • Nov 22 '15

    Quote from utadahikaru
    For all the people out there trying to get into nursing school, all I can say is find any other option if at all possible.
    You shouldn't discourage others based on your experience.

    I happen to be in a nursing school with instructors who aren't witches and who genuinely care about us. It can be a little disorganized at times but overall I have had a really good experience. Yeah, it's hard, but that's to be expected. Our program provides a very supportive environment and our instructors want to see us succeed.

    Hang in there!!