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    Good late morning! I plan to remove the dead Rose Of Sharon (white hibiscus) I planted as sticks decades ago. I planned them to be a hedge, but only two grew. They were beautiful for years, but white flies got them. I plan to put up a phoney ivy fence to fill in there and plant something new when rain is expected.

    Tomorrow I'll paint the rest of the walkway with bluish concrete paint.
    Yesterday I did a lot of errands after two hours of exercise classes.

    Ted: I like watching you mow again. I don't look so good when I work around the house. When it's hot I wear the cargo shorts my husband won't wear and a tank top. Not a pretty sight on a 70+ lady.

    When I was a kid my Grandma had lots of old lady friends with fat jiggly arms. In the hot summer they had sleeveless flowery dresses with two sets of straps hanging on their arms.
    Grandma told them to turn the slip and bra around to the front, take a safety pin to hold the straps together, and turn them around before putting on the dress. Then the wouldn't have their straps showing. She cared, but in that oppressive heat the other old ladies did not.
    Grandma even wore her lace up corset in that hot weather.
    Summer of 1956 she took all us grand kids to the air conditioned "picture show" to see "The Ten Commandments" over and over. We loved it.

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    Quote from tntrn
    Surely a decreasing mortgage rate would be a good thing, something that would encourage people to buy. Not understanding why the Sell Now advice.
    I think they just want more business.

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    I don't know enough to have an educated opinion.

    We've had SIX real estate companies leave messages that NOW is the time to sell a house because due to Brexit mortgage rates will go down SOON.

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    So the killer had to pull the trigger more than 100 times to shoot 102 people in a short time?
    It is sad to arguing details, but good to be discussing it. Just maybe sensible people can come up with reasonable regulations.

    Prior to its type classification by the U.S. military, it was known as the AR-15, and, as it was designed for military applications, it was a selective-fire weapon, meaning that it had the capacity to fire in the full-auto mode. This designa-tion was used because it was part of ArmaLite’s product line and all of their firearms designations used an “AR” prefix followed by a number, usually indicating their chronological order of development in ArmaLite’s catalog. After adoption by the U.S. military, Colt decided to market a civilian version that was semiautomatic-only and designated it as the Colt AR-15. So today, the term “M16” refers to a selective-fire rifle, while an “AR-15” is the semiautomatic-only version.

    The history of the AR-15 - The Washington Post

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    Hello. I slept straight last night. Usually I sleep, wake up for a couple hours, and go back to sleep.
    Planning to do two hours of exercise today. May just do 1 1/2. The first is not intense, but at my age the second two 1/2 hour classes are.

    The old ladies of the senior class are having fun gossiping. The woman I walked several miles with was walking with another woman last weekend. A young man who we see at the gym invited them to go to a restaurant. After the meal he asked if they wanted to go have a drink.
    The 80 something woman said, "I have to be going home because my husband worries if I'm not home by dark. He said, "Oh. I thought you were partners. You know, gay."
    He is not at all embarrassed. They've told that dtory every day this week. And now I've told you.

    i hope Gavin tells us what he's been doing later. It is good the read you all.

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    The vote is very close now.
    No counts yet from London.

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    Most of the Muslim physicians I know live in Marina Del Rey, Palos Verde Estates, Pacific Palisades, and a couple in Beverly Hills. These are just regular upscale areas and quite integrated.
    Muslim nurses I know live in Torrance, Gardena, Santa Monica, Glendale, and various parts of the San Fernando Valley. Some even live in Culver City where the Mosque most attend is located.
    Youth - King Fahad Mosque

    Perhaps in less spread out cities there are Muslim neighborhoods. It seemed that way when we attended a family reunion in Michigan.

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    An opinion:

    John Lewis Stands Up for Human Dignity Once Again

    A sit-in by the civil-rights icon on the floor of the House of Representatives is a powerful statement against gun violence

    ... There have been nearly 100,000 gun deaths in the United States since the school murders in Newtown, Connecticut, just three and a half years ago.

    In Selma in 1965, television cameras sent pictures of what was happening on the Pettus Bridge around the country and a shocked American public took to heart how deep the wounds remained between black and white. On Wednesday, Republican House leadership, as cruel and cold-of-heart as those Alabama state troopers, gaveled the House out of session so the cameras of C-SPAN could not show the American people the courage of those House members sitting on the floor and telling the National Rifle Association and its bought-and-paid-for politicians to go to hell...

    ... Wednesday, John Lewis said, “The time is always right to do right. Our time is now.” The heroism on the Pettus Bridge turned the tide against the inhumanity of segregation. Today’s protest in the House of Representatives just might mark the beginning of the end of the gun industry’s grip on American life and liberty...
    John Lewis Stands Up for Human Dignity Once Again -
    An example of a bill:
    Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act of 2016

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    Sabby: What you and your patients are forced to deal with is so wrong and unkind. I've been praying for you and other nurses, caregivers, and sick people.

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    A good day to you all.
    I painted half the front walk yesterday. Will finish Sunday morning so it will be dry before our letter carrier comes Monday.

    I get SO MUCH junk mail. Every day there are catalogues and other advertising to recycle.

    Have a good time at Pismo Beach Steph! I'd be a bit concerned leaving a young teen alone in a different town too.

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    Quote from tntrn
    Yes I do but it won't be popular. I think Trump's idea to temporarily cease immigration of people from countries known to be terrorist hotbeds is a good one. Better vetting of refugees must be done to include what diseases they may be subjecting us to, needs to be done.

    Gun laws have not and will not keep evil people from doing evil. Keeping them out of the country will be a big step in the right direction.

    Citizen Muslims who truly are peaceful need to actually start reporting their own when something is amiss...instead of merely saying they are a peaceful religion.

    All imigrants need to assimilate.

    i await the outrage.
    Thank you for answering!
    A citizen who came to the USA from Pakistan in 1979 reported the Orlando killer to the FBI. You can read what he wrote here:
    I reported Omar Mateen to the FBI. Trump is wrong that Muslims don’t do our part.

    I reported Omar Mateen to the FBI. Trump is wrong that Muslims don’t do our part. - The Washington Post

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    Do you have an idea how we in the United States can prevent would-be terrorists from buying guns and shooting more than a hundred people in a short time?

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    Quote from tntrn
    And what exactly did that accomplish?
    It is ongoing.

    I think they will either allow a vote putting all representatives on record regarding the gun safety measures or keep the sitting in representatives from getting a vote by physically removing them from the House floor so they can go back to doing nothing.