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    I spent the day with my step-Mom and missed the speakers. I'll watch CSPAN on line tomorrow if i have time.

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    Once someone has said or printed falsehood and ignored or doubled down on his or her lies I no longer trust anything from that person or source.

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    During the Clinton administration crime rate decreased every year, more new jobs were created than in the previous two administrations, Unemployment went down to the lowest rate in decades, Hispanic and black unemployment was the lowest ever in our country, home ownership was the highest ever, teen pregnancy decreased, infant mortality decreased, we had a budget surplus instead of a deficit, thanks to expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit income tax for most people was at the lowest level in decades, and government spending was the lowest since the sixties.
    He cheated with an adult intern.

    Sometimes people are good
    And they do just what they should.
    But the very same people who are good sometimes
    Are the very same people who are bad sometimes.
    It's funny, but it's true.
    It's the same, isn't it for me and you
    Mister Fred Rogers
    Hillary Clinton had done a lot of good throughout her life. She has made big mistakes too.
    In 2008 I was planning ton vote for John Edwards because he supported "Medicare For All" After he dropped out I voted for candidate Obama in the primary because he had come out against invading Iraq in 2002. I'm glad i did because our country ia better off than it was when he took office in 2009.

    I will vote for Hillary Clinton because I think she will be a better president than Mr. Trump.

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    Good morning Stars, BCgradnurse, Ted, Joe, Tweety, StNeoster, and steph!
    Today I drive the freeways and take my step-Mom for an MRI. She wanted to cancel this and her PT, but I reminded her of why the doctor wants these tests.

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    Bernie and Jane cried when Bernie's brother Larry Sanders reported the Bernie Sanders delegate votes from Americans Abroad. He spoke of how proud their parents Eli and Dorothy would be.

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    President Obama answered a reporters question about the assertion by Mr. Trump that our country is worse since he took office:

    Some of the transcript and a link for anyone willing to read what President Obama said without having to look at him or hear his voice.
    " . . . this idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people.
    I mean, I hope people, the next morning, walked outside and birds were chirping and the sun was out, and this afternoon people will be watching their kids play in sports teams and go to the swimming pool, and folks are going to work and getting ready for the weekend.
    And, in particular, I think it is important just to be absolutely clear here that some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jibe with the facts.

    So let’s take two specific examples. When it comes to crime, the violent crime rate in America has been lower during my presidency than any time in the last three, four decades.
    And although it is true that we’ve seen an uptick in murders and violent crime in some cities this year, the fact of the matter is, is that the murder rate today, the violence rate today is far lower than it was when Ronald Reagan was President -- and lower than when I took office.

    We’ve just gone through a tragic period where we saw both a tragedy in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, and then the insanity and the viciousness of people targeting police officers. And we are all heartbroken by that, and we're all troubled by how we can rebuild trust, support law enforcement and make sure that communities feel that they are being fairly policed.
    But the fact is that the rate of intentional killings of police officers is also significantly lower than it was when Ronald Reagan was President.
    Those are facts. That's the data.

    When it comes to immigration, I think Americans expect that our immigration process is orderly and it is legal. And we have put unprecedented resources at our border.
    Well, it turns out that the rate of illegal migration into the United States today is lower by two-thirds than it was when Ronald Reagan was President.
    We have far fewer undocumented workers crossing the border today than we did in the ‘80s, or the ‘90s, or when George Bush was President.
    That's a fact.

    So the one thing that I think is important is -- obviously there are going to be different visions about where we should go as a country -- how we can provide jobs, how we can make sure that our kids are able to get the education they need to succeed in the 21st century, how do we deal with our budget, how do we make sure our tax system is fair, how do we deal with very real issues around growing inequality or wages that have not gone up as fast as we want, and the real pressures that a lot of families feel .
    But we're not going to make good decisions based on fears that don't have a basis in fact.

    And that, I think, is something that I hope all Americans pay attention to. America is much less violent than it was 20, 30 years ago And immigration is much less a problem than it was not just 20, 30 years ago, but when I came in as President.
    That doesn’t mean we have solved those problems, but those are facts.

    I think that covers just about everything -- oh, you had some question about my approval ratings being high and right track-wrong track. I think if you look at almost every year, under every President over the last -- I don't know -- 20, 30 years, you're going to be hard pressed to find a year in which the majority of Americans thought we were on the right track.
    Maybe because all the good things that are happening in America don't get reported on a lot. So I don't think that's actually unusual. But I appreciate you bringing up the fact that my poll numbers are doing okay.”...
    Remarks by President Obama and President Pena Nieto of Mexico in Joint Press Conference |

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    When this is tested as reliable I think it could save lives.
    Too often criminals kill with taken from officers in the field and courtrooms.

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    Good morning Sabby, Tweety, Joe, Steph, and BCgradnurse!
    I hope you keep as cool as possible.
    Our lawn is getting crispy too.

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    I teared up when the National Anthem was sung too.
    Some hymns and almost all patriotic songs affect me strongly.

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    Not having cable I'm teary eyed listening to a wonderful church choir sing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
    We were divided during that war. Please let us try to get along and be nice to each other!

    Link to watching on computer:
    Day One Democratic National Convention | Video |

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    I do not think there is a need to take sides on this issue. It is wrong to kill unless there is no alternative.

    Michael Jordan finally speaks out on shootings of African Americans and targeting of police
    "As a proud American, a father who lost his own dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man, I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers.
    I grieve with the families who have lost loved ones, as I know their pain all too well.

    I was raised by parents who taught me to love and respect people regardless of their race or background, so I am saddened and frustrated by the divisive rhetoric and racial tensions that seem to be getting worse as of late.
    I know this country is better than that, and I can no longer stay silent.
    We need to find solutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment AND that police officers – who put their lives on the line every day to protect us all – are respected and supported"...

    ... His statements aren’t controversial, but his actions are commendable:
    He promises in the post to make “contributions of $1 million each to two organizations, the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.”...
    Michael Jordan finally speaks out on shootings of African Americans and targeting of police | For The Win

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    Hello Tweety, Ted, Steph, Joe, and Stars.

    You reminded me of working at the Sepulveda VA one summer in the 60s. There was no air conditioning. I wore drip dry nylon uniform dresses that required a slip underneath AND pantyhose. I was chubby and sweated a lot. My thighs rubbed each other giving me an awful heat rash. brought a box of corn starch and kept it in the bathroom so I could sneak in and put some between my legs for relief.

    It was a ward with long term patients. A WWI vet who had to be lifted in and out of a chair yelled, "I'm mad!" all day. We thought he was saying he was either angry or crazy.

    Nights I either visited my parents or went out with friends. days of i surfed. Loved the beach.

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    Donald Trump, Resident of America’s Safest Big City, Peddles Fear
    In his big speech Thursday in which he promised to keep us all safe, Donald Trump failed to mention that the NYPD has made the city that he and his family call home the safest big city in America.
    He told us from the convention podium that things have never been so bad, but neglected to note that murders in New York City are down 25 per cent this year over last.
    Murders are down sixfold from when Trump opened the tower that bears his name and where he presently resides...

    ... At the RNC, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took credit in his own speech for the unprecedented decline, declaring that Donald Trump would do for America what he had done for New York.
    In truth, the credit belongs to a policing genius named Jack Maple and thousands of cops who never received a proper thank you...

    ... At Maple’s funeral at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral just down Fifth Avenue from Trump Tower, Giuliani had the grace to credit Maple with being the only individual ever to singlehandedly transform the city.
    Giuliani calculated aloud that Maple had saved more lives than the thousands who crammed in for the funeral...

    ... Maple’s guiding principle was that a crime in a poor neighborhood should be addressed as seriously as a crime in a rich one and that all victims should be treated as if they were your mother.
    In other words, that all lives matter...
    Donald Trump, Resident of America’s Safest Big City, Peddles Fear - The Daily Beast

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    DNC 2016 schedule of events and speakers
    Here's a preliminary schedule of headlining speakers slated to address the 2016 Democratic convention.

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    Bernie answered questions about the leaks on TV today: