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    Good morning Shane, Stars, BCgradnurse, Joe, and those who follow.

    Stars: enjoy your time off

    Shane: I love how you enjoy your grandchildren.

    I hope BC and Joe have an easy week.

    I hope the sunburn doesn't bother Rose Queen too much.

    I'll do weights and then the senior exercise class today.

    We didn't get together yesterday. We all talked on the phone with each other and family in other states. We have lots of veterans and current service members.

    My 27 year old great nephew was working at a fast food place, going from Moms house to Dads, and playing video games for MANY hours every day. He got fat.
    The two years ago he joined a gym and began losing weight and making friends at the gym. He took a bus across town to the Korea Town branch where they have exercise classes based on martial arts.
    Then he joined the Army and is now in Nebraska. He is learning airplane mechanics. That is what his step grandfather did. It is a needed civilian career.
    I hope he doesn't have to go to war and proud of him for making a choice to do something.

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    Quote from nursej22
    I could not find a Kehoe SCOTUS decision, but I did find Kelo. Kelo concerned a government entity ( a city) using eminent domain to seize private land for a private development, with the promise of jobs and tax revenue. Much like Keystone.

    I don't see how this is a liberal idea.
    The property never created any jobs. It is now a vacant lot.
    Meanwhile Suzette Kelp, the nurse and homeowner whose property was taken in order to get Pfizer to the town had help moving the house to another location.

    I don't think liberals would support a wealthy pharmaceutical company over the rights of a homeowner;
    Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage: Jeff Benedict: 97844658629: Books

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    Stars: I believe your patient is fortunate for your caring.

    StNeoster: I hope your day goes well.

    Joe: Love is great!

    Tweety: I love your saying "No matter what happens you have this, right here, right now. [IMG];base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAABIAAAASCAMAAAB hEH5lAAACuFBMVEVsVzpuWk20gQvPnCYAAAAAAAAAAACtegSxf gjSnynVoiyxfggAAAAAAACvfAbToCrXpC7XpC7MmSO3hA63hA4 AAAACAQABAQBQOAHXpC7LlSHLlCBKNAG7hRHVoiytegS0gQvPn CaAWgF9WAHAhRTXpC6/hhTJjB3Jjx2abAKebwKzfwizgAjToCvToSuxfQayfgbUoi3Voi 7FgxbXpC6ndQLDhxbGiBnIhRmpdwJ4ZFJ4ZFN+ald/a1eCYBuFYxuIYBqJYBqJZhqNZxmVcBeYcheYf1eYgVepbRapcx atjlWtlWitl2iwZhSxZxSyl1W2ahO3YxO3jBC7hQO7hgO8kA+9 kQ7DiwzDkAzRiAzRiwzTnADUngDUoArVoQrVoSfVoSjboQLbog Lcr0bdoAPfpgLgnwXgqQXhjgnhmwjhpwfiihbijxbjlQnkqwDl sgbmrQDmsAbnrgDobgvopx7orh7pewrqqQLrsQLrv03rwUzs0I vtzHftzXnxtQHx03jx2XjyrAXytQHzlwfzmQXz0HTz0nTz2X/z3H/0qQf1vwL2hgf2igb2ugD3lgb3ogX4nAX4nwb4uwD46cT46sX5l AX5owX5syv5wwH6sx76wSv7sh/7vgD8vQX8xzr82nr83nn9rQL9tQL9vAL9vQL9vTr9wAD9wAL9w AT9yyX9y0n90kj91Ez+tAD+vgD+wQD+wgD+wwD+xAD+yib+zQj +zUz+21L+9+H/vAD/vgD/wQD/wgD/wwD/xQD/xgD/yQD/ygD/ywD/zAD/zQj/zwT/zwb/1BX/1B3/1CX/1R3/1SX/11P/3FT/3UT/3Uz/30z/4FT/5YL/5n7/537/56H/6IL/6aH/67H/7Kr/7ar/7bH/7qr/7r//777/77//8L7/8cb/8sb/8sn/88n/887/9dj/9tj/990r/2WOAAAAOnRSTlMAAAEBDhIjKCgoKCkrPD8/QkNERkdIVmeWmZydoqK/x8fHztPa297e3u7w8PDw8PLy8vL0+fr6+vr9lNk+fgAAAU9JRE FUGNMFwc0rBHEYB/Dv85thd+y004qst2V32ULh4OKCFFZukjiRv8vBRUoOJAdxUi7U St4KW3a9NFm22ZfZMbszz8/nQyAAhqYbKFX/LABSBaC1zUU7k3g1zbMfB1CBcGJpM0gCY1zvOsmWoUCLr65ISC l93xsRH2WPlNha6sCibRLY8ltXnvfySmRhccebHk74Psu+3Gva zVH3ejLcFCchIejLrngvu6puHCXHzXYpoVDFusvOhEUkqL3bdo OZve+qnQsEDdGgRCUr2Wf29ebnSoqlKP0loo9XzMwsMy9d/WVLdT97F89uc71DeHq3eubo3lGdoh7ayFw/3FBzJD0h7WKNRGx+WTg6AMAOYf80r7J5GZnl4wJBdkzJ88sCK/DcX2twRKlro5P1w4u3KghAIDoRjg/U8h/la9MFCKoIaKIlaHjVuttgx238A8l+oISTPknrAAAAAElFTkSuQ mCC[/IMG]"
    So true. It made me think of the song "Hello Young Lovers" from "The King And I"

    On Memorial Day I think of my Dad;s brother who died in WWII. He was the uncle I never knew.

    And my cousin just three weeks older than me who was killed in Viet Nam before he turned 20.

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    Stars: Now at the top it says, "187 views".How about some of them joing us?

    Good afternoon nurses! I'm sweating althought it is onlt 77 F because I've been cleaning a lot of stuff.
    Every time I go out to put something in the trash or recycle bin I run around the yard with the dogs a few times.

    Ted: It may be nice to take off regarding choir rehearsals while people go on vacation. Does the congregation sing together sometimes? I'm not Baptist, but today & other Sundays like to attend a local church where everyone sings the old hymns together. They do have a small choir plus organ, drums, and tambourine.

    Tweety: I usually just take an apple and bottle of water to the beach.

    I love reading about your adventures Joe.

    Steph: How ambitious to stain the table and chairs. Maybe since that dream the cushions can be put up where the dohgs can't get to them.

    BCgradnurse: Getting ready for summer is nice!

    Glad to read about nice weather.

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    Sorry Stars!
    Technology can be SO FRUSTRATING!

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    Happy weelend.
    Yesterday I went to a 30 minute "Grit" exercise class. It was fast with somewhat light weights and lots of reps withoit stopping. I really liked it.
    My plan was to take the next 1/2 hour to move my car and then do the 1 hour yoga class. BUT everyone seemed to stay for the next 30 minute "Plyo" class. (I still don't know what "Plyo) means.
    We had the step we'd used as a bench. It was non stop jumping, every imaginable position for squats, push ups with one hand on the floor and one on the bench, lots more jumping. All 40 seconds FAST and right to the next. By the enc I could not jump so just stepped.

    Then as we put it away the Yoga people came in. Two ladies I'm friendly with were appalled and surprised after seeing me clumsily jumping and such through the glass door. I was too tired to do Yoga.
    I told the teacher I would only do the first 1/2 hour next time. I think the balance and stretching of Yoga is good for me.

    Today I'm a bit sore in a oood way.
    I plan to organize, cleen, and sweep the patio room where the dogs sleep so we can sit out there.

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    Sabby: I'm so glad you are having a great vacation!

    Joe: I hope your cat will be OK. Glad you and J are enjoying yourselves.

    StNeoster: I hope you and BCgradnurse both enjoy your gyms the gym. What are apple roses?

    Steph: Have a good time watching the movie with Spidey.

    Farawyn knows how to make fun!

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    Majority in U.S. Support Idea of Fed-Funded Healthcare System
    Presented with three separate scenarios for the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 58% of U.S. adults favor the idea of replacing the law with a federally funded healthcare system that provides insurance for all Americans.

    At the same time, Americans are split on the idea of maintaining the ACA as it is, with 48% in favor and 49% opposed.

    The slight majority, 51%, favor repealing the act...
    Majority in U.S. Support Idea of Fed-Funded Healthcare System

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    Good Thursday to you nurses!..Shane: Maybe someone could suggest the mandatory meetings be held at 2:00 AM?

    Tweety: Some people who work nights stay up on their nights off. I didn't because there is too much to do in the daytime. I think I sleep deeper at night too.

    StNeoster: is there a way you can get a kit to test your water? I think this is a VERY BIG DEAL! We were always told not to drink the water in other countries. The United States had a reputation for good safe drinking water.

    Hi Farawyn, LeonardsMom, and joe! I hope you have the best day possible.

    Stars: Enjoy the museum. I hope Home Depot hires your husband. I admire you taking care of yourself.

    You too Steph. You have a good outlook.

    I like the AA prayer to do what you can, try not to get upset when there isn't anything you can do, and try to know when you can and can't help a situation.

    I plan to do weights and then the Lots of Old Ladies and a Few Old Men exercise class.

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    Thank you for starting the thread Rose Queen!
    Good morning Farawyn. Tweetry, Joe, Steph, LeonardsMom, BCgradnurse, and others who visit later.

    Husband and I will both be going to the dentiast this morning. I'll make sure he has his paper because he'll have to wait while I get my cleaning and exam.
    We have no more insurance so will just have to pay. These things are why I saved for so many years.

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    Quote from Leonardsmom
    Good afternoon all. It has been awhile since I have made it to this side of AN, good to see familiar people still here.

    Finished up my first year of nursing school a couple of weeks ago with my grades and sanity intact. I am preparing to take my NCLEX-PN this Thursday. My program is one of the few career ladder programs in the area. Planning on looking for a nursing job to work during the summer and next school year.

    One year done.
    It is good to "read" you! Welcome back!

    One community college near here has a career ladder program The student takes the exam for CNA after the first six weeks. The first year is a 12 month program, including summer. Then the student can take LVN boards.
    The final year completes the associate degree RN program. Most students then do a Cal State RN to BSN program.

    How does your career ladder work?

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    So much noise this morning. Loud far away recorded rock with drums, two garbage truck, one in the alley and one on the street, Husband watching a "Good Morning show.
    The little cat came down from a tree, meowed to come in, ate cat food, drank water and pooped on the bed covering it with the blanket.
    All the sheets and such are in the washer, but the house still smells.

    I plan to go to my exercise class, shower, and then shop at Trader Joe's.

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    Well the work week starts for many of you.
    Joe: I've never seen a wild turkey in the wild. I've been to a farm with many different domestic turkey breeds.

    Hi Tweety!
    Hello BCgradnurse and Farawyn! I hope work is OK. You do important work.

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    Most men do not molest children.

    Humans are not scorpion flies. I believe we have free will.
    Why men want to rape | Times Higher Education (THE)