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    Good morning Joe and Farawyn.
    Winning a tablet and a meal! great luck.

    Farawyn: I'm glad you enjoyed hearing your friends music. Have an OK or better Monday.

    Late afternoon Friday my husband told me he had been watching TV that morning when his right arm and leg went numb and he couldn't talk. He could move the right side. it subsided.
    I took him to urgent care immediately. The physician did a neuro exam, which was normal. He said there was a point system and DH only got two points. One point was for his age, the other for the event. That meant he had only a 2% odds of a CVA in the next week. So he is on baby ASA. I got an appointment with our doctor this afternoon.

    DH knows to tell me STAT if something happens H didn't want to miss our son's visit for my birthday.

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    The charismatic Palmer captured seven major tournaments during his illustrious career, taking The Masters four times (in 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964), the British Open twice (in 1961 and 1962) and the U.S. Open once (in 1960, when he rallied from seven strokes down in the final round to storm past an aging Ben Hogan and a young Jack Nicklaus)...
    Arnold Palmer, 'The King' of golf, dies at 87

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    Quote from azhiker96
    3 Phoenix police officers resign for forcing man to eat marijuana - KGTV ABC1 San Diego

    Three Phoenix police officers have resigned and a fourth has been demoted in connection with a complaint filed by a man accusing them of inappropriate conduct during a traffic stop.
    The incident happened Tuesday night when the man was pulled over for speeding.
    Sources say there was a gun and a small amount of marijuana in the car when the man was stopped. He claims to have a medical marijuana card, but sources within the department say there is no documentation of that. The man was cited and released.
    A spokesman with the department tells us after the traffic stop was concluded, three of the officers did not know what to do with the small amount of marijuana, so they forced the man to eat the drugs. He got sick and filed a complaint with the department.
    Did they let the man keep the gun?
    I hope the department soon has a policy for what to do with marijuana when the person claims to have a medical marijuana card.

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    It's good to read you Sabby. That cat is beautiful I have no idea how you'll stich it.

    Tweety: I hope your work day goes well. Then enjoy your days off.

    Joe: It is nice that you met J. Good to see the church you went to as a kid.

    BCgradnurse. Glad you enjoyed nice fresh delicious food! And you will have a beautiful kitchen and dining room.

    Steph: I guess the movie is exciting. I'm sure you'll be ready.

    I'll be going to Subway so I don't have to make lots of sandwiches today.

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    Cop lied about being shot by black man
    An officer shot. A bullet stopped by body armor. A 10-day chase for an unidentified shooter.
    A newly hired Jackson police officer told a compelling story about what happened late the night of Sept. 13. After only three months on the job, Sherry Hall found herself immersed in a high-profile shooting, pitting a white officer against a black man. At least, that was her account of what happened.
    But she made the whole thing up, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation...
    ... Hall’s account continued to come apart as investigators and law enforcement officials spent more than 600 hours examining the case, Wooten said.

    At first, she said she failed to “engage her in-car video and audio,” so there was no evidence to back her up. But Wooten said the manufacturer helped recover digital forensic evidence that showed “inconsistencies.”
    After Hall was again interviewed, she stopped cooperating with the GBI.
    Video and audio recording evidence shows there were only two shots fired at the scene, while Hall said there were three, Jackson District Attorney Richard Milam said.
    Hall also failed to tell investigators she had an extra handgun with her the night she was shot.

    It was found after officials executed a search warrant at her house earlier this week...
    Officer Sherry Hall charged after saying black man shot her

    Video:Police officer accused of lying about who shot her |

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    Three Connecticut state troopers fabricated criminal charges against a man protesting at a DUI traffic checkpoint, according to a lawsuit filed against Connecticut State Police last week.
    In an odd twist, the state troopers appear to have accidentally filmed themselves making up the charges — using the protester’s own video camera, according to the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut...
    Cops accidentally record themselves fabricating charges against protester, lawsuit says - The Washington Post

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    Thank you sirI for the birthday wishes!

    I'm listening and, when not on, watching the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on CSPAN now.
    Congressman John Lewis was inspiring as he was when with two friends and pne mother we heard him speak about voting rights.

    President George W. Bush, who signed the bill authorizing the Smithsonian to build this new museum, spoke from the heart about his childhood heroes, "The great Chuck Berry and Willie Mays."
    Stevie Wonder was almost too emotional to speak, so did a song.
    Not President Obama came to the podium.

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    Some people get most of their information from comedians and social media.
    Not TV, radio, or newspapers either print or on line.

    Fro my experience i think the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are mostly factual in news stories.
    One has a conservative slant and the other liberal, but not untruths.

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    How can a person learn not to think, "He looks like a bad dude who is probably on something."?
    Those officers in the helicopter said that as Mr. Crutcher walked with his hands up.

    How can officers be taught to think that an unarmed so-far non violent person who doesn't immediately obey may be deaf or hard of hearing, not understand English, or be disabled?

    I think police need better pay because of the life or death decisions they must make at a moment's notice.

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    I also feel for mothers, sisters and spouses who are afraid their Black teens and young men may be killed by someone who is supposed to protect.

    Remember the long history and recent shootings on video.

    I pray we figure out how to support the police AND help keep innocent people alive.

    To many people each one is added to all the previous ones.

    In some places people are more afraid of criminals and police than terrorists.

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    Thank you Ted, Dianah, StNeoster, Tweety, Rose Queen, Joe, Steph!

    I hope we all have a good weekend.

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    To anyonewho watched the video in post 1497:
    Do you agree with the Trump campaign manager?
    She said, " “If you’re black and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault. You’ve had every opportunity, it was given to you,” she said.
    “You’ve had the same schools everybody else went to. You had benefits to go to college that white kids didn’t have. You had all the advantages and didn’t take advantage of it. It’s not our fault, certainly.”
    Trump campaign chair Kathy Miller resigns after ‘no racism’ before Obama remarks

    Why do you think she resigned?

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    Thank you all!
    Our son took us to IHOP. We had a really good time.
    He's driving home to the OC (Orange County) to miss the traffic.

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    StNeoster:Your daughter was born on my birthday! I'm 72 today.
    Had lots of phone calls from kids, cousins, and sisters.
    Sister sang, "Happy Birthday Old Lady"

    Tweety: Enjoy your day off, especially the beach.

    Ted: I'll listen after returning from birthday lunch.

    Farawyn: I remember when my 8 year old daughter and half the school had lice. It wasn't easy using that comb on her kinky hair. I did her and her straight haired friend because the single Dad was afraid.
    Kids loved the Sesame Street dedicated to the letter "U".
    "Without a "U" units would be nits!"

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    I just started watching Chicago Med on NBC. An alert pregnant trauma victim got a chest tube for a hemothorax.
    It seems TV ERs put in chest tubes every shift.