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    The President called Kim Jong un a "smart cookie.
    The President called James Comey a "nut job".

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Is not easy to raise a couple dozen chickens when you live in the city or suburbs. Much zoning won't allow that.
    We had back yard chickens for 37 years here. In Los Angeles they must be in a coop at least 30 feet from a kitchen. We mostly had laying hens, including rare breeds. When I ate more meat than now we raised 15 "Frying pan special" chicks. My sister came over so we could butcher them and put most of them cut up in family freezers. We would BBQ a few in the back yard and invite neighbors.
    Sometimes we stewed an old bird and made matzo ball soup with the broth. We put in lots of vegetables.

    I gave away dozens of multi colored eggs to friends who provided a carton. One of our hospital housekeepers traded eggs for tamales. Delicious!

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    Quote from Neats
    I am a Management RN who has worked as management before becoming an RN. I care about patient safety but am able to look at the whole picture and have information available to me that line staff more than likely do not. I have worked in union and non-union environments.
    Developing a staffing model is an art if you will. Most people think only "bean counters" decide how much staff we get.
    When I do develop a staffing model I get input from staff. I have provided schedules (no names on it) and times we need higher coverage than others. I have also provided an empty schedule (no times with the caveat of some must have criteria i.e. there must be coverage 24/7)...this one I get my best results and a very creative schedule that with some tweaking success for staff.

    I agree with what is written here and patient safety but I really do not think a class action lawsuit is the answer. What I think is the ANA, and any other health profession association band together and submit a Problem, Solution and discussion formation to our Nation leadership. Invite your local congress senator, mayor, governor to your facility for the day at a time when they are feeding, passing medication, putting in bed for a afternoon rest... you know the busy times. I know from being in Long Term Care to have staffing ratios and the reimbursement that goes with it would make a difference in so many lives however I would want this to be made in a thoughtful way because be careful what you wish for once we get government input then our administrative costs', documentation, and everything else we do is so much more than what we bargained for to begin with. I want to see staff busy not overloaded in an unsafe way, I do not want to see staff sitting around because there is nothing to do.

    I urge my healthcare profession to carefully think before acting so that any changes are sound and not cost prohibitive.

    Bring a solution that includes higher reimbursement form CMS in writing with thousands of signatures not only from nurses but other healthcare staff and patients would be prudent and may work with public pressure in a coordinated, formal and professional way would be refreshing and certainly remembered in that we directed our own path and hopefully worked.

    Lastly people often think the companies reap the rewards for profit at the expense of staff, although this may seem true at times I can say in the Long Term care setting profit is not more than 3 percent at most so already they are operating bare bones.
    Nurses have led the successful achievement of safe staffing ratios in acute care.

    I think for long term care facilities it will take politically active and organized residents who are able along with staff and especially family members of residents and patients.

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    Quote from anonymurse

    There ARE unions for nurses in LA--at the VAMCs in Shreveport, Alexandria, and NO.
    Quote from Chisca
    Toothless tigers. Their contract forbids them from striking.
    Rep. Takano, Sen. Brown Introduce Bill to Help VA Attract and Retain Talented Medical Professionals
    Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) introduced the VA Employee Fairness Act to support the goal of building a talented workforce to care for America’s veterans. The bill would create a better environment for attracting and retaining physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers by restoring collective bargaining rights to medical professionals at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    While VA employees have had collectively bargain rights since 1991, health care providers are exempted from collective bargaining on matters of professional conduct or competence, peer-review, or changes to employee compensation. As a result, they are prevented from raising grievances about staffing shortages that undermine patient care or negotiating for competitive pay that will attract health care workers to the VA. The VA Employee Fairness Act removes this exemption, and grants front line health care providers their full collective bargaining rights...

    ... “Registered nurses are on the front lines of patient care for our nation’s veterans – in fact, they serve as the first line of defense for patients in the V.A.,” said Jean Ross, RN, Co-President of National Nurses United. “Without full collective bargaining rights, V.A. nurses have been limited in their ability to speak out about working conditions that impact the quality and safety of patient care, such as safe staffing.

    “The restoration of their full collective bargaining rights is necessary for registered nurses to serve as effective advocates for their patients,”...
    Press | Press Releases | Newsroom | U.S. Congressman Mark Takano of California's 41st District

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    Quote from lee1
    and do you really think that the ANA will sponsor this. I think the ANA is made up of more management type RNs than staff RNs.
    I don't know how many members they have now. I think they will if their members work for it.

    Otherwise they can work with NNU:
    National Campaign for Safe RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios | National Nurses United

    National Nurses United | Patient Advocacy Coalition for Safe RN Staffing Ratios

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    Quote from Farawyn
    When YOU run, I will vote for you.

    Is there a sister walk in NYC? There usually is. I can't seem to find anything.
    On a different day:
    Empire State Plaza Convention Center/NYS Capitol
    Concourse Level
    Albany, NY 12223
    United States
    217 Multi-Union Safe Staffing Lobby Day: May 9 | New York State Nurses Association
    May 19th 2017 will be a CE class starting at 9:15 am:
    Roosevelt Hotel
    45 East 45th Street
    New York, NY 10017
    United States
    Nurses as Patient Rights Advocates - Public/Private Sector Patient Advocate Conference | New York State Nurses Association

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    Economic case for ‘Medicare for All’ compelling
    Our system carries huge administrative costs because health care providers must deal with a myriad of different provider plans, each with its own panel of other approved providers, rules and copays, etc.

    The result is for every doctor in the USA, there are eight workers in administrative and non-medically productive roles; in contrast, other Western countries have a miniscule fraction in non-medically productive support personnel and can afford superior coverage for their entire populations.

    We spend approximately $3.5 trillion a year on our complex mix of public and private coverage, each with different rules and excessive administrative departments.
    Duke University employs 900 insurance clerks, said to be more than they have nurses.

    Our very complex $3.5-trillion system has overhead and administrative expense of over 33 percent; Canada's system has 12 percent and Taiwan's is even less. Simply eliminating that waste within our system would save an estimated $630 billion a year...
    Bellamy and Clay: Economic case for ‘Medicare for All’ compelling

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    Being pro life I will do what I can to prevent a killing.
    I have served on many juries, but never was considered for a possible death penalty case.
    For those proven to guilty of murder I don't feel sad if they are killed in prison or put to death, but will not be part of any killing except in defense of my life or that of another person.
    I have helped two pregnant women decide not to have an abortion.

    The Innocence Project has proven 13 people on death row innocent:
    The Cases & Exoneree Profiles - Innocence Project
    Many people who are not opposed to the death penalty change their mind either because innocent people have been executed or because the person executed is not the same as the young killer who was convicted.
    Following is the prepared text of Illinois Gov. George Ryan's speech at Northwestern
    University College of Law before granting clemency to all inmates on the state's death row
    In Ryan's Words: "I Must Act" | Death Penalty Information Center
    Retired Madison County judge who sentenced convenience store killer to death changes his mind:
    Retired Madison County judge who sentenced convenience store killer to death changes his mind |
    1998 Year End Report: New Voices Raise Dissent, Executions Decline | Death Penalty Information Center

    25 Wrongly-Convicted Felons Exonerated By New Forensic Evidence
    25 Wrongly-Convicted Felons Exonerated By New Forensic Evidence >>
    Innocence Cases | Death Penalty Information Center

    Yes, America, We Have Executed an Innocent Man - The Atlantic

    1 Convicts Presumed Innocent After Execution - Listverse

    8 People Who Were Executed and Later Found Innocent - AvvoStories

    “Innocent People Have Been Sentenced to Death in Oklahoma,” Commission Concludes

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    For First Time Ever, Majority of House Dems Support 'Medicare-for-All' Bill
    A record-breaking 104 House Democrats are co-sponsoring a Medicare-for-All bill

    As President Donald Trump and the GOP attempt once again to repeal and replace the
    The bill, H.R. 676, known as the "Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act," has been introduced into Congress repeatedly by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.).
    It has now received support from more than half of the Democratic caucus, a record for the party...
    For First Time Ever, Majority of House Dems Support 'Medicare-for-All' Bill | Common Dreams

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    The above two photos are of my Skippy. He is now 8 years old.
    Skippy is a nice looking cat!

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    Quote from mtcorias
    Hi, I'm working on some bargaining issues with our district and one issue that has come up is RN probationary periods (how long after the first day of work until you become a fully protected member).

    I'm in the information gathering phase to determine the length of time that is typical in the industry. I would appreciate it if any current or former school nurses could let me know what their probationary length was. Also, for documentation's sake, if you can include a screenshot, URL, etc of something I can use to document beyond an online anecdote (for example, if your service district/union has an online contract).

    Thanks a lot, have a great weekend!
    Ask for a copy of the contract.
    All timelines should be there.

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    In the early 1990s when we were beginning the struggle to achieve nurse-t-patient ratios in California our role models were the Victoria, Australia nurses who were the first in the world to get safe staffing ratios. Our is a state law and theirs were first achieved for their union contract. In 2015 they became law!

    National Nurses United (NNU) and National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) are unions started by California nurses for the entire United States.
    Recent Victories:
    Organizing Victories | National Nurses United

    Here is contact information:
    Who We Are | National Nurses United

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    Quote from SobreRN
    And we had an ally in democratic governor Gray Davis at the time.
    He was the only candidate of any party willing to promise to sign the bill if it passed.
    So hundreds of us worked on his campaign.

    Our major elected hero was non LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.
    This is from the bio on her Supervisor's page regarding her time as a state senator:
    She authored 171 bills that were signed into law, including legislation to establish paid family leave, establish nurse to patient ratios in hospitals; protect the Santa Monica Mountains and prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender and disability in the workplace and sexual orientation in education.
    She fought to establish true universal health insurance in California.

    Meet Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

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    A great positive step is the ANA sponsoring a very public event in our nation's capitol. The announcement has already been posted here:

    The 2017 Rally for Nurse-Patient Ratios , will take place on May 5th 11a-4p at the Capitol Building, in Washington, DC.

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    I am very glad to see this public event by the ANA for ratios!

    #Nurses Take DC for Nurse : Patient Ratios Now!
    California has mandated Safe Nurse Patient Ratios.
    It is time for nurses to stand together, support each other, and demanded that Washington hear the voices of the largest workforce in the united states- nurses.

    This legislation for national nurse to patient ratios has been stalled in the legislative process by big money and associations that do not care about our profession.
    We must let Washington know that no amount of money can drown out the passion of a fed up nurse.