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    Good morning. I a few hours I'll go to a Yoga class for the first time.
    Little cat just came in the house.

    Stars: I wonder how you could find someone who would want your collection and your grandfathers.

    When I was a kid I collected labels from canned foods. It would be interesting to see how they portrayed green beans, stewed tomatoes, and such in the fifties compared to now.

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    Use of ‘observation’ status is an escalating abuse that puts patients at health and financial risk, nurses say. The bill would extend protections for “observation” patients that are provided to other patients in the hospital setting...
    ... In part, the goal is to avoid federal penalties for patients who are frequently re-admitted to hospital care after discharge; the same penalties do not apply for a patient re-admitted after discharge from an observation unit. Observation status is treated as outpatient, not inpatient care, and is billed by hospitals on an hourly basis rather than on an inpatient daily rate – an economic incentive for hospitals to warehouse patients in observation status to increase their profits...
    ... SB 1076:

    * Clarifies that observation units must meet the same staffing standards as emergency rooms.
    * Builds on the federal NOTICE Act by requiring hospitals to provide notice to patients that observation services are “outpatient” services and third-party reimbursement may be impacted.
    * Requires, if a hospital provides observation services in a dedicated unit that is neither the emergency room nor part of the normal inpatient beds, that this unit be marked with signage identifying the area as an outpatient area.
    * Requires hospitals to report observation services to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.
    * Prohibits hospitals from evading the requirements by disguising “observation” units with a different name...

    RNs Welcome Bill to Step Up Public Safety for Patients in Hospital ‘Observation' : Indybay

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    Hoppy Thursday! (Imagine a frog image here)
    I pray often for all of us, especially Steph, nurseactivist, and Sabby.

    We have an ant invasion. After spraying with cedar oil they are dead so I'll clean ALL the kitchen. Inside cupboards too.

    Has anyone else received an "American Community Survey" from the census bureau?
    I just did it on line.

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    I plan to do the easy exercise class today after working my legs.
    I didn't try Yoga because my husband was sick. I'll probably do it Friday. My plan is to tell the teacher I've never yet done Yoga.

    Wind blew a big branch broke off a Yucca tree onto the sidewalk while we were gone. Monday I cut it with a saw and put it in the "Yard trimmings" bin.

    Little cat is in my lap. Husband reading the Wall Street Journal.

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    Just a week ago I walked from downtown to the French Quarter doing my 10,000 steps in New orleans. I was singing this in my head. I stopped to hear a woman playing trombone while a man played banjo and sang. Their sign said, "$10.00 if we can play your request.'
    I requested "Sadie Green Was The Vamp Of New Orleans"
    They played it. It was worth the money!

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    Steph: Your son and family are in my prayers.
    Decades ago my cousin, who divorced her 1st husband when her daughter was six, married a man who was being treated for colon cancer.
    Now they are nearing retirement. Her daughter's son had a brain tumor at age 13. He is now a healthy and very special senior in high school.
    They are praying for your family too.

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    Good morning.
    I too am praying for good news from Steph and nurseactivist.
    Going to doctor with husband this morning.

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    Good late morning Ted, Joe, nurseactivist, and Steph.
    I pray we all have some good moments this day.
    I'll get my car washed and then go to a meeting later today.

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    I remember when bathrooms were labeled "Colored" and "White's Only".

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    Good morning Tweety, Ted, ShaneTeam, BCgradnurse, Joe, nurseactivist and Sabby!
    We are home. Cars are still in the back yard. We have no garage so have to do this when we are both gone on the two street sweeping days.
    Our daughter took care of the dogs and neighborhood cat. She doesn't drive so can't help with the cars.

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    Oops! Posted for today on yesterday's thread.

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    Good morning Sabby, Tweety, BCgradnurse, and Joe.
    We'll be flying home today.

    Nurseactivist: I didn't find any greens here in the French Quarter. We had okra gumbo, red beans and rice, Cajun shrimp, and husband had "Mississippi Mud (a wetter chocolate cake creation).
    No matter because we eat turnip, mustard, and collard greens at home.

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    Stephen Colbert on TV said:
    "I don't want to share a bathroom with anyone for two reasons.
    Number one and number two."

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    Good morning everybody! (Satchmo started his show, "GOOD EVENING EVERYBODY!"
    Last night we went to the Maison Bourbon for Dixieland. We heard this band:

    This is their theme song: