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    I just heard on the radio that the United States Army Corps of Engineers issued a Denial of Easement for the Dakota Pipeline.
    The pipeline will not go under the Missouri River. There will be an environmental study to determine the route.

    Today thousands of veterans joined the protestors.
    U.S. veterans, tribe elders join forces in pipeline protest
    | Reuters

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    I'm glad you got the day off Tweety.

    I hope you finally got a good sleep Steph.

    Sabby: I'm glad you enjoy your walks and have such enjoyable neighbors. Still you shouldn't have too much to do at work.

    Hi BCgradnurse. Once our Lab got a fox-tail in his eye. He was so good when I used tweezers to get it out. I remembered when my kids were small an older woman pediatrician told me I could buv a tube of Neosporin and use it for conjunctivitis because it is sterile and the same as the prescription ophthalmic ointment. I put it in his eye twice a day for ten days. His eye healed. I don't think I could do that for Duke or Peal, my current doggies.

    Joe: What a busy fun weekend.

    Yesterday I found the source of the smell was a dead rat under the dryer. Buried it and put a trash can over the spot to keep dogs from digging it up. Moved washer and dryer, swept, and then mopped with Pine Sol. I saw the hole they chewed from under the house and hammered a board over it. I plan to use peppermint oil after the Pine-sol smell is gone.
    The house next door has been empty for over a year. I think they are asking too much for a two bedroom. When the rent was raised our next door neighbors moved. The owner's daughter supervised lots of improvements. Now her husband just comes once a month. The gas company guy asked me if I knew why no gas is being used there so I told him no one lives there. Maybe rats are living there.

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    We have a boat parade near us too Tweety. Once I worked all night, went to sleep in the over cap bed of our camper, and woke up in a harbor side parking place. Husband, teen kids and three friends, and i took a walk and got some sandwiches. We bundled up in the "cold" 47 degree evening, snacked and watched the decorated lit up boats. It was fun.

    Hi Stars! Have a good work day.

    Yesterday I accepted a project working with nurses to improve conditions at their hospitals. I look forward to it and hope I can do a good job. It will take lots of time, but is something I used to do at my hospital.

    BCgradnurse: What a pain taking wet clothes to the laundromat to dry. I hope your dryer is working soon.

    Steph: I know you are enjoying your granddaughter. We once had a cat that didn't mind kids carrying him around upside down or curled with feet above his head.

    Last night we smelled something dead. I'll put on gloves an try to find it. I has to be where the water heater is, under the washer, or under the house. Sometimes I see rodent droppings in the small place where the washer and dryer are. That is the only place they can survive because the rest of the house and yard have rodent killing dogs, or a cat.

    I won't go under the house so if it's there I'll have to pay someone to do it.

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    I enjoyed it too Fran!
    I've been a fan of Dolly for a looooooong time.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

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    I think it would be a difficult choice for many younger adults to have to choose whether to pay for their parents or grandparents healthcare or let them do without.

    So far in the seven years I've had Medicare I've paid more each year than i've used in care. That is not counting what I paid in the 53 years I paid for Medicare with payroll deductions.

    I hope to stay as healthy as possible and die of a short illness. My parents and grandparents didn't linger long.
    But am glad my kids won't have to choose whether to pay their mortgage or my hospital bill.

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    Ted! After I get few things done I'l pick out the melody on my autoharp until I can hum it, and then do that while playing the chords.
    I'll have to skip the bass notes because I no longer have a piano.

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    It's the 2nd on the East Coast.
    I just found out about a concert this coming weekend i won't attend, but know almost every note.
    It will be good though!
    An Evening with Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur Tickets, Sun, Dec 4, 216 at 7: PM | Eventbrite

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    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    This is what I said here in Nov '09 about what would happen if the ACA were passed.

    The Tea Party was created as a result of Obamacare.

    In 2009, the Dems held the WH, The House by 50+ seats and the Senate by 10 seats:

    2010 - Loss of House to GOP
    2014 - Loss of Senate
    2016 - Loss of WH
    2018 - Loss of SCOTUS?

    Along the Way, Loss of 3,000 State and Local offices including several Govenorships and Legislatures.

    It's not just the poll numbers on the ACA, which have hovered around 60/40. It's also the intensity of the opposition.

    The ACA is a third rail live wire. The GOP didn't touch it. The Dems grabbed on with both hands.

    More than any other metric, the ACA explains the Dem's fortunes over the last 6 yrs.

    The ACA was a Pyrrhic victory.

    Soon to be administered by GA Rep. Tom Price...

    You could be right. I think it was also an issue for those who believed he was not an American, palled around with terrorists, hated White people, and wanted him to fail.
    I doubt the rumors that the new administration will not privatize Medicare and Social Security. Some may try. If the do try this old lady will be demonstrating.

    Remember the Tea Party signs "Keep Your Government Hands off My Medicare"?

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    Tweety: Don't feel guilty. I'm sure you let your friend know you are friends. Lots of people send cards to let people know they are thought of.

    I was 34 when my mother died in May. That Christmas my sisters and I sent cards to the 300+ people on her list. A few didn't know she had dies. We wrote a note to each of our Mommy's friends letting them know something she had told us about when she and they were close. We thanked them for their friendship with her. Thereafter we only sent cards to those we were close to. Now that list is much smaller as so many have died.
    My Dad's close freind is a religious Jew and still alive and playing music at 98. He gets a "holiday" card. One of us calls him every month. He tells us about when they were boys. They me in school when they were five years old.

    Ted: It is good that thumb is healing. Egg nog in coffee must be good!

    Joe: My son and daughter-in-law plan to bring home a second meal when they go out to dinner. They've even served some to us when we visited. Have FUN at the convention. It is nice it is close to home so you don't need a hotel room.

    BCgradnurse: Giving to charity is a good gift. Us sisters do that. Only kids get gifts for Christmas.

    Dianah: Have a good work day.

    I'll leave soon for the Booty Blast and Silver Sneakers classes. Only on Thursdays do I do organized exercise for two hours. I missed two weeks in a row because of Thanksgiving and taking step-Mom to the doctor.

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    Quote from Joe NightingMale
    Ted glad Amy's home

    Herring actually I was going to attend that very event! One of the people I'm going with will attend too, as he's a programmer
    Have fun! Probably you and your friend won't be the only professional adults.
    I don't know if I'd fit in without a costume. The only non human I've gone as was a Klingon. I think I'll look up some of the stories.

    My friend who is writing "My Littler Pony" stories gets paid. She made $400.00 writing a young adult on line novella about a bad stallion character. She wrote the back story of how he was bullied as a pony, became a bully, and is beginning to learn better. I told her it reminds me of her favorite Christmas story, "The Grinch".

    I've seen more Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes fan fiction than any other.

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    Neither Republicans nor corporate democrats even considered Single Payer.
    The very first hearings on healthcare reform were led by Democratic Senator Max Baucus who invited the "stakeholders", health insurance executives, to sit on the dais. Doctors and nurses were not included. He did not allow anyone else to speak. He had health care providers arrested.

    Both President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton have stated single payer would be best for the people of the United States. Both never even tried to educate voters about it.
    Many organizations continue to educate and keep the discussion active.

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    Good morning!

    Tweety: Being so healthy probably helps with working 48+ hours in five days. And doing necessary AND fun activities on days off.

    Ted: Glad Amy is coming home. I know both of you will do what needs to be done for her thumb.

    BC: I keep praying for something good regarding your work. Not having to hid a job search is helpful.

    Joe: Star trek fandom keeps attracting new people. Our club recently gained a teacher nearing retirement who has loved watching the shows and movies a long time. Other new members are 20 somethings who first saw the new movie and then became interested in what came before. And I'm newly active since not participating in many activities for many years.
    I used to just donate to others who did the AIDS walk. This year I did it. I attended one party/meeting and played miniature gold. After the golf I came home while the others went to lunch and saw the movie, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". I plan to attend the Christmas party and do an "Away Mission" to "Japanese Gardens", the site of filming Star fleet Academy since the eighties. They are in LA, not really San Francisco.
    Some of the people in this club were in a previous club that wrote it's own fanzine. Years ago I bought lots of zines. I found the "K&S" (Kirk and Spock) as secret lovers disturbing. Most would have been almost "G" rated, but some were porn. After starting stories in two zines i stopped. it is not how I imaging Star Trek at all. There is something for everyone.

    Joe: If this is the convention you plan to attend there is a social hour planned and billed as, "A chance for anyone who works, studies, or is just interested in the science, technology, engineering, and medical fields to get together, find mutual interests, and network."
    Midwest FurFest 216: Science, Tech., Engr., & Medicine Meet &...
    I would try that if I were attending.
    Looking at the picture in the above link I think with SO MANY costumed fans there is probably a wide variety of interests, ages, and personalities. I'm impresses with the work and imagination in the fur suits! No recognizable TV or crtood characters that I recognize at all.

    Hi Dianah! I also hope Joe posts about the convention.

    Hi Steph! I'm so vey glad you get to enjoy your granddaughter!

    Stars: enjoy your day. We expect a high of 66 here. I love when it's not hot. To me that starts about 86F.

    I will mow the lawn for the second time this year. it seems we get decent grass if it rains. The mostly brown grass holds the soil preventing dust. I'm planting the so called "drought resistant" deep rooting fescue in the back just before it rains. Little byb little we are losing our summer dust bowl.

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    He's still Tweeting against the First Amendment and CNN too.

    Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) | Twitter

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    Good morning Sabby, Tweety, Steph, and BCgradnurse.

    Joe: Have a great time at the convention.
    Last night I made chili with cannellini instead of the red kidney beans I like best. My husband ate a big bowl. He truly dislikes firmer beans.
    I'll be doing to senior exercise class today. It's been a week since I went.

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    Good morning Joe, Ted Stars, poppycat, Tweety, and steph!

    I hope Amy's infection clears up.

    Congratulations Tweety!

    Stars: I keep getting rid of stuff too.

    Taking husband to the doctor this morning.