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  • May 3 '13

    Sometimes the things that come out of our mouth are not as clear as we intended. What was the most memorable reaction you had from a patient regarding something you said or perhaps did? Please share your stories with us.

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  • May 3 '13

    Was the MDA the supervisor for the CRNA? Unless the request was specifically for MDA only, I would think the MDA would be "technically" still taking care of said pt.

    The other case would depend on how long procedure lasted, was this just relief staff or they never put in who was promised? As an OR nurse I generally ask for certain staff, but I don't want my peeps to miss lunch or break just because they are in my case. If someone just flat out lied to the pt's I would casually talk to your boss about it. Put it like you are asking for clarification not snitching, :-)

  • Apr 29 '13

    It's hard to answer without specifics, but if it's something that could in anyway be considered fraudulent, then it needs to be reported immediately. If it's other stuff like telling the patient that they won't have a foley, but you know they will, then I would go to the manager with your concerns. If the manager says it okay to tell patients untruths, then that probably means they believe it's okay to tell you untruths too. Consider a teaching hospital with residents, because the relationship between nurse and doctor is different, and we don't let them get away with that kind of stuff.