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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Keys to Studying better using your Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic talents

Ever had that moment when you are trying to study and you find that no matter what you do things just are not sticking? Or you canít remember them when that big test come around? Like me, you probably think that something is just wrong and maybe nursing is just not for you, because youíve failed one test after the other. Well Iíve got good news for youÖit may not be that you are not made for nursing it might be that you are using the wrong learning style to get through nursing school. ... Read More →

Help! I've fallen behind in reading and I can't get up

Ok so itís a mare 10 days into the summer and I donít believe that Iíve already fallen behind in my reading. What is wrong with me? Where did the time go? Wasnít I up until 3am last night, I mean this morning, what did I do? I missed Memorial Day, family day get together for what? To be 10 chapters behind? What did I achieve besides nursing school sucking me dry of all my energy? Does it seem like you are spending hours on end studying just to get Bís and your friends are driving a... Read More →

Tips for surviving the 1st Semester of Nursing School

I can't believe I made it through finals week and my first semester of nursing school is done. I was totally exhausted with several days of 3 hours of sleep and 5 straight exams. Anyways I'm like a straight B student, that's not bad considering I have a family and lots of distractions at home...for me that not where I usually am, so I wanted to offer up some tips on how to survive the first semester of nursing school. 1. READ your books. This is probably the most annoying thing... Read More →