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    Poudre Valley was bought out by UCH a few years ago. I would think that with 3.5 years experience, you should not have any difficulty finding a job. Other hospitals to look at would be McKee Medical Center (Banner, in Loveland), Med Center of the Rockies (UCH, Loveland), Longmont United (Centura, Longmont).

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    Quote from Cola89
    I'm just shocked, because I hadn't received any feedback whatsoever until a few weeks ago. '
    You had received feedback prior to December 8, when you started that last thread, no? That was six weeks ago, and you said you've only been at this job a few months. So it sounds to me like you received feedback very early on in your role there.

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    I thought you were planning on quitting this job six weeks ago, when you wrote about the ineffective manager?

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    BTW, the research indicates that delayed bathing is best. It would be ideal to postpone that first bath until several hours later. So that might be one option - the couplet nurse can admit the mom, give meds to baby, and then the NEXT shift can do all the other baby stuff (bath, prints, etc).

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    Why doesn't the nursery/transition nurse admit the baby, and then transfer care to the m/b nurse afterwards, when mom and baby are both stable and baby is done with all admission stuff?

    BTW, 6 couplets is INSANE. 4 couplets is crazy, but doable, but not ideal.

    And why are you admitting mom twice? I agree that she's a transfer, not an admission. I suggest that you are probably charting way more than you need to, if you're treating her as an admission.

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    Does the research support using disposable cuffs in the absence of infectious disease like MRSA?

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    Congratulations!! How do you feel about working in M/B instead of L&D?
    How many births does the hospital have? What did you like about the unit you were hired to?

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    Depends totally on the facility. Past facilities I've worked at have had rules from "no visible tats" to "can have up to two tats, no larger than 1" square". My current facility has no policy and many of the nurses sport full sleeves.

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    Quote from Davey Do
    Very good question, compassionresearher, and it also says something about yourself. Like, you're not one who needs and thrives on external validation.

    However, there are those of us who are like a Labrador Retriever I use to have named Toby Joe. He needed to be stroked continuously.


    Toby Joe, like the majority of us, had a low self esteem.

    So, Likes are a type of external validation which we junkies crave like Toby Joe craved pats on his head.

    There's an entire school of thought regarding Likes. I could go on and on and on.

    Perhaps you could research that school of thought.


    Oh, and BTW: The numbers of likes shown are those received, and not given.
    This post made me very happy. It's like someone *gets* me.

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    I'll bite:


    E.g. It's hard to keep baby on the monitor because the patient is fluffy.

    Obese. The technical term is OBESE.

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    So what are you asking the CNAs to do for which you are getting pushback?

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    Do your CNAs draw labs?

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    And I haven't moved to Mexico! Dang, this thread never dies.

    We still want to move to somewhere in Central America, but when we do, it will be as retirees, and will most likely be to Nicaragua. So we have a ways to go yet.

    And I'm not a nurse-midwife, and he's not an NP. Ah...the dreams of youth.

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    Thank you, Davey! Now I can see those magic numbers any time I want!

    Seriously, that made me laugh out loud.

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    Quote from Scottishtape
    Now, I feel like an underachiever
    Keep posting, grasshopper. I've been here for 14 years. Yikes. I suddenly feel old!