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    Quote from Cola89
    Why are you following what I'm doing so closely? Are you a crappy nm too?
    Yep, you nailed it.

    I have an eidetic memory for things in writing. As a result, I remember usernames. And yours stuck out at me. I just don't get the value of constantly complaining about something, and not CHANGING it.

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    Is this the same manager you were complaining about last month? And the month before? I thought you were getting a new job?

    And yes, if every manager you have had is a jerk, and every charge nurse or long time nurse you've worked with is backbiting and a gossip, I would say that you are the common denominator.

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    Quote from blackribbon
    Our bath is dependent on the baby's temperature. The baby must have a temperature of 36.8 C before he/she can have a bath. Some babies can have it at admission...some aren't that warm for an entire shift.
    I'm curious why your unit has difficulty stabilizing infant's temp? It's VERY rare that we have a baby who can't keep up the temp, and if it's happening for a full shift, we would have that baby under a warmer, as well as drawing CBC and blood cultures.

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    Quote from Ele_123
    A policy was implemented in the department that if you called-in on a weekend or holiday you would be scheduled the next weekend or holiday. .
    They only did the schedule one week in advance? Or, if the schedule for the following weekend was already in place, did they just bump someone else to put the caller offer onto the schedule?

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    Quote from AmbitiousNurse16
    Hi! I actually wasn't aware that there were two different EFM Certs, I assumed she meant the NCC Exam. I'm definitely gonna clarify when I go back in to work! I'm just going my what was told to me in my interview. What's the difference between the two?
    The class is just a class, and it's good for 2 years - like NRP or STABLE. Then you have to retake the class. The certification is a certification - you take a proctored exam, and if you pass, it would be initials added to your title, and you have to submit CEUs every 3 years to maintain the certification.

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    Actually certified through the NCC, or just have a certificate that you've taken the AWHONN class? I think if you see antepartum patients, you should have a rudimentary knowledge of EFM, but even most of our L&D nurses don't have the NCC certification.

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    Quote from dbsum
    yes, I looked at some psych facilities around the Portland area. It is a beautiful state. Do you know of any facilities in particular that are more willing to hire ADNs?
    Yes, Bay Area Hospital hires mostly ADNs, simply because it's a small community that doesn't have a university with a BSN program nearby, so most nurses are ADNs.

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    Quote from dbsum
    What area do you live in?
    I assume you're talking to me - I live on the GORGEOUS Oregon coast.

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    How did they receive an ADN *AND* BSN without becoming an RN?

    RN is a license, not a degree (unlike an MD, which is a degree).

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    Are you interested in relocating to a different state? My community has a HUGE shortage of nurses.

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    Quote from april*rn
    I recently finished the RN to BSN program. Affordable, legitimate, practical. You do have to be self motivated and able to figure out things on your own with this program though. I had a few questions during program that were answered by "please read the coursework". Not overly helpful but I eventually figured it out.
    Yes, you DEFINITELY have to be a self-directed learner to do well.

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    They are very well-known and respected for their online RN-BSN and their MSN programs (I received my BSN and MSN-Leadership through WGU). These programs are for people who are already working as RNs. They do have a prelicensure program, but only in a few select states, and I don't believe Florida is one of them.

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    In my experience, it's the leadership that does the meat of the work, and they will invite floor nurses as subject-matter experts for *a* session for an hour or two.

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    You may want to check your current hospital policy. At many facilities, you are not allowed to use any PTO during your last two weeks of notice. If you call out, you may have to take it unpaid.

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    Are you INTERESTED in nursing leadership?