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    Quote from Susie2310
    Do you realize how patronizing your post is? Just because you and others found the BSN valuable (for you), it doesn't mean that it is inherently valuable for everyone. .
    So you're saying that you do not think you would benefit in any way from more education?

    If so, I find that incredibly sad. And you can call me patronizing all you want, but it's the truth.

    Nobody is forcing you to participate or post data. You're free to leave this thread if you're done discussing it. But it's hard to have a conversation when you're not actually...participating. You're just complaining about how mean and patronizing we are. But again, you are free to quit participating in this thread whenever you want.

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    Quote from Orion81
    Do you mind sharing what changed your mind on vaccines?

    Seriously, breastfeeding and using cloth my infants turned into big kids and then adults, it was an issue that no longer affected me in a personal manner and I started caring less (well, not breastfeeding - I still care, but if a woman chooses not to breastfeed, I don't have the mental energy or headspace to wring my hands in despair over the health of her child).

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    You specifically asked if it could come back to bite you if you did this. People are simply answering the question YOU asked. Yes, you will likely lose your job.

    Our number one priority should be patient safety, not a paycheck.
    And if the abuser were still employed there, and people were protecting him, our answers would be VASTLY different. Are the residents at this facility still being harmed? Or is the problem being dealt with?

    Thank you everyone (with morals and hearts) for your input.
    Again, OFFS. You're being ridiculous.

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    No, not all. I used to be anti-vaccine. I've never been a big conspiracy theorist.

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    Quote from Susie2310
    Was more information provided in the studies than you have provided?
    I'm sure there is, because BostonFNP did not cut and paste the text in its entirety. You can access them online and read them.

    This is seriously a weird conversation.

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    Quote from BostonFNP

    Did you not understand what outcomes are?
    I'm thinking she doesn't. Because she keeps insisting that you didn't specify what the specific outcomes were that were measured, and it's right there in the first sentence of the text of the studies that you quoted.

    Susie, you do understand that "outcomes" are not the same as "results" or "conclusions," yes?

    Am I the only one seeing the irony in the turn this conversation has taken?

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    Quote from Susie2310
    I asked for specifics.
    And it looks like she provided them - the studies (at least the last two) looked at 30-day readmissions and inpatient mortality rates.

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    Quote from Susie2310
    No, you didn't post the information I asked for. Read my posts again.

    I am not speaking in defense of any studies as you are; there is no reason for me to provide a study or sources.
    You asked her
    So yes, I ask again, of Bostonfnp, to tell us all the specific outcomes measured, and how, specifically they were measured, so that everyone on this forum can benefit from this information.
    She provided just that - what were they measuring and how did they measure it? You did not ask the findings or conclusions of the studies. Although, I give enough credit to FNP that s/he would probably NOT post studies that don't confirm what she is asserting, so I'm guessing that the findings do confirm that outcomes are better with BSN prepared nurses.

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    Quote from Wuzzie
    Yeah, I've seen that look before. Right when the doc realizes he forgot to actually order the pain medicine and he's trying to cover it up by throwing the nurse under the bus.
    And this one, too.

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    Quote from JKL33
    I would request that you extend grace. People are trying, they really are, I promise you. I don't know what to say except that we can't be everything to everyone all the time. It saddens me to think that no matter what choices we make, there's no guarantee that someone won't come along to say it was the wrong choice. Pain control is crucial and I would never pretend it isn't. Just the same, not everything can be done "at once."
    Snipped a wonderful post for brevity. Just wanted to say, if I could like this post more than once, I would.

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    Quote from NurseAnnBo
    Move on? So you're suggesting I turn a blind eye and find another job because I'm uncomfortable with my administration team covering up sodomy?? From the sound of your response, I'm convinced you'd be a wonderful addition to our corrupt administration.
    OFFS. If you're so certain of the moral superiority of telling the family, then why did you come here to ask what you should do?

    Do what you want. You will probably get fired. If that doesn't matter to you, then by all means, go for it.

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    Quote from jrt4
    I agree. So many places operate so differently. It sounds like you are in what was called an assistant manager at my current job or an assistant unit director or a team leader or a supervisor... every place has a different title for levels of management. Some have a more "team management" approach where the manager/director may have a large number of FTE and several assistant managers. Some have managers with lower FTEs but little support from assistants. And some unfortunately have manager with a large number of FTEs and little support. Its all relative...
    I'm curious, in your facility, how many FTEs before a manager is given a supervisor?

    I'm also curious what is the typical ratio of FTEs to staff. I have about 34 FTEs and 60 staff members. That ratio seems really high to me (meaning, a lot of staff for the number of FTEs I have), particularly at annual evaluation time.

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    Quote from Wuzzie
    Nurses, teachers and school administrators are obligated reporters. .
    It's "mandated" reporters, and that does not include adult victims of abuse (unless they're vulnerable, i.e. cognitively delayed). ETA: I see you mention that later. Since she's not a vulnerable adult, I'm not sure why you brought up mandated reporter laws in the first place, since it doesn't apply to the situation in the OP.

    But as a HUMAN, I agree with Makawake that it's everyone's responsibility.

    OP, since you've kind of been dancing around the subject, and I'm sure everyone is wondering, can I ask how you got the bruise?

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    Quote from missmollie
    To me it's a form of deception, believing if you demand something it will happen. I don't care how demanding you might be, you can't make my legs move, my hand accept something, or physically force me to do something. Not going to happen, especially when it's against protocol.
    How would it have been any different if she had said please? It would still have been against protocol, no? I feel like you're conflating two different issues.

    How exactly is it against protocol, I didn't quite get that from your OP.

    The sad thing is there are some nurses who would accept being told something, and most new nurses come to mind. My first year in nursing, I would have absolutely done what this nurse asked, but with time comes confidence and experience.
    We're not talking about her asking you to do something that's unsafe or outside your scope. We're talking about getting a freakin' piece of jewelry. It seems to me like you just made the decision to get into a pissing match with the other nurse. How is that helpful to anything?

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    Quote from Bella_CO
    Yes, you're right. But I had no option.
    Sure you did. Your other option was to not quit.

    I'm sure they'll take easy monthly payments. You shouldn't have to cough up the whole $10,000 at once.