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    The last two nurses I hired into our L&D unit actually took the time to seek me out in my office, introduce themselves, and tell me that they were interested in working in my unit. Both times I didn't have any openings at the time, but I remembered their names, and when openings came up, I encouraged them to apply.

    I like people who take the initiative and show that they're truly interested in the unit.

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    I did my RN-BSN program through WGU. I then went back 6 months later and did my MSN in Leadership. I can't say enough good things about WGU.

    It's very common for math and science courses to "age out" after 5 years. For statistics, the material really needs to be fairly fresh in your brain in order to do well in the courses that heavily involve research.

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    Repeat the classes in which you got Cs to boost your grades.

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    Quote from calivianya
    Have you thought about moving?

    Plenty of areas of the country where they'd love to have nurses with experience, even older ones.

    Our facility is in DESPERATE need for experienced nurses! We live a fairly remote community in the Pacific Northwest, so unless you have family locally, most people have never heard of our town.

    We are slated to hire every single one of the new grads who just graduated, and that still won't fill all of our nursing positions.

    Because we're union, the pay is really good (seriously, WAY more than comparable jobs in Denver, from which I moved).

    So if you'd consider relocating to the PNW (or one of the other hundreds of small rural communities that have a nursing shortage), I can practically guarantee you'd have a job!

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    I was able to get a position with a research group with my BSN.

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    Would recommend looking into Depo-Provera or Mirena IUD.

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    Quote from That Guy
    Does anything not offend people these days?
    Nope. You'll always find someone who is offended by something.

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    Quote from NurseA1987
    I guess I found it most offensive because I felt as though those years of experience were overlooked because I was an LPN.
    Even if you *hadn't* had several years of LPN experience, calling someone a "baby nurse" is insulting and inappropriate.

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    Quote from NurseA1987
    Just wondering, what do you all think constitutes someone being a "baby nurse"?
    The only nurse I call a "baby nurse" is a nurse who takes care of babies. I think it's an offensive term and contributes to the culture of lateral violence that many hospital units still struggle with.

    I prefer to support our new nurses, appreciate the unique life experiences and fresh knowledge they bring to the table, rather than insult and patronize them.

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    Quote from Ebussman
    Sooo I just got offered the job! Guess it just goes to show that you can never truly decipher what someone means over email lol. I'm so surprised tho.
    Dang! Wow, I'm very happy for you!

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    Quote from Volley88
    As long as the patient is safe and you've attended to all their needs (within reason), you can do what ever you like in between charting and care.
    Oh, are you the OP's manager?

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    As a hiring manager, I would agree with Caliotter.

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    If you're going to work in Oregon, I recommend going through the Oregon BON for your licensure, and skip Colorado. No sense in paying for two licenses, and the process will take longer. You can still take the exam in Colorado (or anywhere you want).

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    Quote from smartnurse1982
    I would not consider fellow nurses "randoms".

    I could have asked on any forum but i wanted to know how a steel boned corset would fit under a scrub top.
    FWIW, I knew an MA who was doing waist training - her corset was not steel-boned, but just really strong elastic, I guess. I couldn't tell when she wore it.

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    Typically for OB/Gyn, they would hire a WHNP or CNM.