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    You just need to become an RN. There is no specific course of study or degree in order to work in L&D.

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    Sorry I can't be more help - my experience with St. Anthony's is in their OB departments, and I haven't worked for them in over 5 years.

    For trauma, Denver Health is considered the best in the area.

    If I had to choose between Centura and UCH, I'd definitely go with UCH. They have a great reputation for being a teaching hospital, which means cutting edge and evidence-based practice. And their benefits are very very good.

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    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    I have gone to the same ER when I had an ovarian cyst, was in so much pain I could barely walk but the cyst didn't rupture & was slightly too small to take out. I was discharged with nothing, not a pain med or anything. Not that I wanted pain meds, I wanted the damn cyst out.
    That may be true for the doctors you know, but they haven't done that here. This hospital is known to do as very little as they can.
    We typically do not remove ovarian cysts. Women of child bearing age get cysts on their ovaries every month. Sometimes they are quite painful. 99% of the time they go away on their own.

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    I don't work in the ED, but as part of my job of conducting the first OB appointment/history of newly pregnant patients, I would always scrub the patients' charts before their appointment. I have seen some pretty ridiculous abuses of the ED. I saw a woman who had called the ambulance and went to the ED for "vaginal itching/yeast infection". And MANY women who think it's appropriate to go to the ED because she had a +home pregnancy test and "wanted to make sure everything was all right/wanted an ultrasound". IMO people need a serious re-education on appropriate use of ED services.

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    Yes, ours are individually wrapped/stored as well.

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    Quote from NuGuyNurse2b
    The pharmacist cannot say that. .
    Yes, he absolutely CAN say "wash it with soap and water". What the heck.

    And what did that other person mean that because she's a little old lady, she needs looking after? Old does not mean decrepit. Obviously, she had enough faculties about her that she was able to find her way to Walgreen's.

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    Question too vague. Advance to WHAT?

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    Good article. Just one minor comment from a former editor: It's "Six Sigma" not "Sixth Sigma"

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    This thread is so infuriating.

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    "Seriously old-fashioned' is not the word I would use to describe your point of view.
    I would call it ******* tone-deaf, mysogynistic, ******** ******* ****.

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    Quote from Rocknurse
    AFeeling a little fragile today for the loss of our brothers and sisters and surprised to see no reference to it on this board today.
    For me, it's simply because I am afraid by posting something, it might be seen as misappropriating emotions that, as a privileged white heterosexual, I don't want to do.

    I am grieving for the LGBTQ and Orlando communities.

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    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    Any lenience toward an unrepentant rapist is only further reinforcement for the belief that what he did wasn't a big deal.
    I am a believer that EVERYONE should be shown mercy, regardless of what they themselves have done. I'm not Christian, but I believe Jesus was a pretty righteous dude, and I believe that is what he would do.

    To me, mercy does not mean leniency. It means forgiveness, and absence of wishes of harm.

    Even though I may desire mercy, does not mean I do not think he should be imprisoned for 3-6 years, banned for life from the US swim team, and registered as a sex offender. I believe ALL those things should occur. But no, I do not think he should be raped in prison and forced to feel the same fear and pain that the victim felt. That solves nothing and helps no one, but simply perpetuates violence, pain and fear.

    Perhaps what I want for him is grace, not mercy.

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    Women need to be made aware of this fact and behave accordingly. More modest dress, less alcohol, stop going to places where general wildness is encouraged. Stay in a group, don't go off alone with a male, stop the pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Seriously old-fashioned here, I know.
    This DISGUSTS me. More than anything I've read here all day. Attitudes like THIS is a HUGE part of the problem, and part of rape culture. I cannot even put into words how disgusted I am by what you wrote.

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    Quote from JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    I never said he should be hurt. I said he should be punished. I would never advocate for violence against another human being but I do think that the violence he committed against a totally vulnerable person should not be swept under the rug. I think the punishment should fit the crime. He certainly did not show the victim any mercy, did he?
    Sorry, I may have been conflating your post with the one who wished he gets raped in prison.

    I am appalled at the sentence he received. No, he did not show her any mercy. But we are better than he, are we not? If we show no mercy because the perpetrator did not, we bring ourselves down to the perpetrator's level.

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    Quote from JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    WHY are people acting like this person is deserving of mercy?
    Because without mercy, we fail as a society. If we cannot rise above the knee-jerk reaction of "he hurt someone, so he should be hurt" then we are doomed as humans. We may as well just nuke the globe now and get it over with.