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  • Jan 21

    Why not contact Meditech? They already have those available.

    Meditech sucks and should be changed out. Do you work at an HCA facility?

  • Jan 17

    Quote from kyfitch
    This has definitely been one of my issues in the past for sure. You hit the nail right on the head. I want to ask questions but most of the time I feel as though we are penalized for asking questions even though we are told to ask questions. If you ask questions it literally shows the instructor that you don't understand something, so they mark you down. How are you supposed to learn if you can't ask questions? This has always been a big issue for me. Then people wonder why you didn't learn something when you are in a job. "You should know this, why didn't you ask questions when you were in training?" Uhhhhhhhh...... because I didn't want to be failed out of my nursing program and never actually get to work as a nurse.........
    I've always been a big question-asker. What I learned during orientation was the ART of questioning. The who/what/when/where of asking questions is crucial to know. Here are a few of the biggies.

    Questions don't necessarily need to be asked when they arise. Some can wait until a calmer, quieter moment. Make notes to remind yourself of the question.

    Questions don't necessarily need to be asked of the one who was there when the question arose. They usually can be asked of another nurse; say, one who appears to be more open to questions.

    Questions don't always need to be answered by someone else. Some questions can be researched at home or on your next break.

    Questions should always be asked in a constructive, non-confrontational way. Believe it or not, I've had orientees fire questions at me that were barely disguised as questions. Instead, they were more of a challenge as to why or how I did something, when the why/how apparently did not conform to a pre-conceived notion.

    Just a few "rules" that come to mind.

  • Jan 17

    LOL - these are great. I just love nursing euphemisms.

    Staff nurses have been telling me that a consistently positive aspect of our adoption of Bedside Shift Report is the elimination of a lot of the extraneous 'nurse talk' They have to use plain language and focus on the important stuff. They are encouraged to involve the patient in any discussions of I & O, elimination, nutrition, pain management & mobility. Another benefit.... it has pretty much eliminated shift report bullying.... those mean old COBs can't interrogate and intimidate their victims in front of the patient.

  • Jan 17

    Quote from compassionresearcher
    Are the likes how many you received or how many you gave?
    Very good question, compassionresearher, and it also says something about yourself. Like, you're not one who needs and thrives on external validation.

    However, there are those of us who are like a Labrador Retriever I use to have named Toby Joe. He needed to be stroked continuously.

    Oh cool! I just noticed my posts and like count!-dopey-pet-me-

    Toby Joe, like the majority of us, had a low self esteem.

    So, Likes are a type of external validation which we junkies crave like Toby Joe craved pats on his head.

    There's an entire school of thought regarding Likes. I could go on and on and on.

    Perhaps you could research that school of thought.


    Oh, and BTW: The numbers of likes shown are those received, and not given.

  • Jan 17

    I've been here now since 2003 and my counts are still so low!
    But, I've taken several breaks from allnurses over the years, as
    my career has had its ups and downs. Right now I'm loving my
    career and being a nurse, so here I am.

  • Jan 16

    You did your due diligence and reported. The rest is on them. Continue to document it when a patient claims to have no gotten their meds, or anything else she does that is out of line (don't document suspicions; only observable facts).

    The investigation is your employers responsibility, not yours.

  • Jan 16

    Maybe an investigation was done and it was determined she was not stealing. Why do you think she is at least committing a med error? You can give out meds 1hour before and 1 hour after. So if the meds are due every 8 hours like you say, she is not committing a med error as 7-3 is 8 hours.

    I guess accusing somebody of diverting is a huge deal. You are potentially destroying a career so you better be 100% sure you know this is happening. Jumping to conclusions is not 100% sure. You did the right thing by talking to your higher ups. She says she investigated. Let him/her handle it. You have absolutely no idea what is going on behind the scenes. They may be gathering more evidence, be calling HR on how to handle it...... Just because you are not seeing immediate termination means nothing. It takes a lot to fire someone with that type of accusation. They need proof. Let them gather that.

  • Jan 16

    Well, you just got another "like" from me.

  • Jan 16

    Now, I feel like an underachiever

  • Jan 16

    Quote from klone
    Of course, this post will ruin it. But the last post I made before this one, I had 11,111 posts, and 26,666 likes.

    That's about as exciting as when you get to 100,000 on your car's odometer.
    Oh man! If only there was a way to recreate that moment!

    Oh cool! I just noticed my posts and like count!-klone-11111-png

  • Jan 15
  • Jan 15

    I wonder if my deleted "off-topic" posts are included in my count? In any case, I obviously talk way too much. I never noticed my number of posts until you pointed out yours!!

  • Jan 15

    Such an easy one to please!

    I think I've been some of those 'likes' liking your posts.

  • Jan 14

    The ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice can be had for short money on Amazon. While it isn't a state-specific document, most states have boosted huge hunks of it verbatim. Also it's binding upon all of us regardless of jurisdiction.

    It's not a matter of "what (tasks) can X or Y do?" either. Specific tasks are usually a matter of institutional policy, although some rise to the level of being specified in law at the state level. Often there are questions directed to the BoN of how to apply the law and regs to a specific situation, so most BoNs have Advisories on their website to answer those.

    There, have we done your homework for you?

  • Jan 14

    And now: A word from our sponsor...

    So excited!! After 5 years away from the bedside...-stp-png