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  • Jan 23

    Sometimes it's difficult to express meaning over the internet. OP, imagine me looking you in the eye with compassion and saying, "Jon, please go seek professional help in sorting through these painful issues. The sooner you do this, the quicker your healing may begin. "

  • Jan 22

    Yeah Jon, it sounds like you're attempting to deal with a lot of psyche pain. If venting, appropriately as you did, on this website helps you to heal by all means, use it.

    There are lots of other ways to deal with emotional pain and if you're open for consideration, there are some people here, like the above posters, who can be great virtual supporters.

    The very best to you.

  • Jan 22

    You shot yourself in the foot when you "got close" and gave her your number.

  • Jan 21

    Wear business attire and not scrubs. We understand that staff RNs wear scrubs by the bedside, but it is not appropriate for an interview. Also, a major turnoff is to not use real-life examples. Interviewees that talk in generalities and theory basically are saying "I have no idea. I have no experience with that situation and I am not willing to admit it." One more thing, do not talk about future goals and ambitions that are not related to this position. Yes, we understand that positions can be stepping stones, but a position that offers nothing related to another position that is your dream job or future ambition is not a stepping stone .... it is a waste of your time and ours. Good luck.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit
    Now that I've done something and said something to SIP and to whomever reads reported posts, I can just move on and ignore it.
    So, now that you have the last word?

    I just read through both of your recent threads and I'm not seeing SIP as "targeting" you, nor following you so as to "bully" you. You seem to use that word a lot, the word "bully." I saw it in your other thread. You take the power away from that word, as these aren't "bully" behaviors. Differing points of view does not equal bullying.

    You are no where close to being a victim. That's actually pretty insulting to people who truly are victims.

    I'm also not seeing "polite, respectful discourse" from you at all, OP. I see a poster who is highly judgmental, who posts potentially inflammatory posts yet claims "foul!" when someone calls you on it.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit

    Sooooo, you are a professor at a university, right? I mean you're not a dentist or psychologist, right? Because people are not referred to as "doctor" unless they are an MD, a professor, a research scientist at a symposium, dentist, vet, or psychologist.
    Okay, that's just not true. Anyone who obtains a doctorate has by definition earned the title "Doctor."

    Quote from EGspirit
    I mean, you wouldn't be trying to be pretentious would you?
    A person using the title they have earned is not being pretentious.

    Quote from EGspirit

    But I'm not trying to pi.. on what you do. I just don't think the term advanced, in nursing, should be used for people who are not taking care of patients at the bedside.
    It's been explained to you numerous times that many APRNS are actually still doing bedside care, not that it really has anything to do with a given nurse's ability to contribute in a meaningful way to the profession.

    Quote from EGspirit
    Go preach it to a doctor's forum.
    You don't get to dictate who gets to post here.

    Quote from EGspirit
    Look, I don't care. So long as you don't try to get me to believe what you do is advanced over what I do. ...Because that's never going to happen.
    This just oozes with a deep-seated insecurity. Clearly you feel quite threatened by nurses with advanced education and scope.

    I've worked in several different fields, and only in nursing have I observed so much hostility towards others in the field who seek advanced education. There is quite a defensiveness among certain individuals and a strong need to assure people who have advanced their knowledge base and credentials that they are "no better" than a person who has not chosen to seek additional education. Someone who has to assert this over and over to others clearly doesn't have an inner confidence and satisfaction with whatever choices they have made. People who are not deeply insecure go about their business without disdain for others who make different choices.

    Just the opinion of a bedside nurse who has never gone beyond a Bachelor's degree but who has tremendous respect for those who have the drive and determination to pursue graduate degrees of any kind.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit
    You're not a doctor. You're not better than a doctor. You can't replace an MD. You didn't go to medical school. You didn't do a residency. Your scope of practice in medicine is very limited and you exist primarily to assist physicians with their mundane workloads. I wouldn't have reminded you of this, but then you don't need to bully Susie into recognizing your self-perceived greatness.
    Here are the facts, to "remind" you of what is the truth and what is your judgement/opinion.

    I am a "doctor". I am not a physician.

    I am not "better than" a physician or a CNA or an auto mechanic or a stay-at-home parent; nor are they "better than" me. Those are judgmental words, if you are wondering why everyone seems to think you are judgmental. We can compare objective things in quality of care between me or a physician but it would mean very little. That's what studies are used for, making conclusions from sufficient data as to be outside the influence of chance.

    I have worked as a provider for longer than any residency+fellowship. My scope of practice in primary care is no different than from a primary care physician. I own my own practice and I do not assist any physicians.

    I have no self-perceived greatness. I am a scientist. I deal with data and facts. I will always challenge baseless statements and assumptions because that is what scientists do.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit
    Quote from EGspirit
    But I got it better, you know. That Mother Teresa chick. Do you realize she only had about the same training as a CNA? Yep, I'm better than her.

    I mean that's what Jesus said, but then he wasn't an NP. So...there's only so much credibility you can give him.

    You've taken that post totally out of context. You know it was meant sarcastically, but you need to make your point. I've deleted the content of that post, so that people like you don't do that anymore. My bad. I'm responsible for your behavior in this regard...why? Because I consider you incapable of acting differently, and I am capable of acting differently.
    I haven't seen you act differently. All we've seen is your snarkiness and bigotry against those who disagree with you here, and you hiding behind your so-called faith. I don't work in the role of an RN, but you bet I provide direct patient care. I may have more education than an RN, but I don't consider my self superior to them or any other worker. My duties are different, and I use my education and experience to care for patients every day. As Boston stated, we work to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. We touch them figuratively and literally, listen to them, and work in collaboration with them to achieve the best quality of health and life they desire. How is that less than what your definition of what a bedside nurse does?

    You have one hell of a large chip on your shoulder. Where did that come from?

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit

    I come back to it, because I find glory and the ability to live the Gospel in the only way I can. Plus, I get paid for it, so to be given the opportunity to serve Christ and pay my bills, I consider that a Divine favor.

    And let us not forget that Christ suffered so that we might live, thus in our work, if we suffer, we are more like Christ.

    I know these are words only. And I know in the modern world, the word "Christ" is anathema. Nonetheless, Christ is my answer. Outside of him, nursing is just getting paid to do the dirty work no one else wants to do--and I just don't see it that way in His light.

    The greatest glory is at the bedside, but once we are not able to do it anymore, if we don't want to retire, we could move into teaching or some supportive role.

    Not for nothing, but for a self-professed follower of Christ, you seem awfully judgy. Pretty sure He was against that.

    And because I am a leaver-of-the-bedside, because it was that or leave the only profession I know, I would like to know how you suggest the world fill all the non-bedside nursing positions?

    Personally, I never look down on anyone unless I am helping them up. I am sorry that someone along the line has clearly looked down on you for having less education, experience, or nursey whatever. But there is no need to pass that along.

    To each his own, as they say.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from FullGlass
    There are plenty of BSN RNs who are "bedside nurses."
    And bedside RNs who hold an MSN as well.

  • Jan 21

    Hello EGspirit, RN ,

    I respectfully have to disagree with your divisive statements in your original post.
    Advanced Practice Nurses do not leave the bedside while working within the inpatient setting.

    To state that Associate Degree Nurses (ADN) simply clock in and care for their patients is belittling; I think ADNs are like any other nurse, however educated at the Associate level. (I know some that run circles around their BSN coworkers)
    Also, what do you mean by, "real patients in real beds?"
    Do Baccalaureate Degree Nurses (BSN) not treat real patients in real beds?
    Generally, BSNs do not seek to be managers, they just hope to increase their level of education to meet the ever changing needs of our demanding healthcare system. As well as to provide safe, and culturally competent care at the *bed side* to, "real patients," in "real beds."
    The BSN is at the bedside.
    The BSN may choose to pursue higher education and receive their Masters in Nursing, or may even pursue Nurse Practitioner studies.

    Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) alike do not practice, "low skilled medicine." What exactly is, "low skilled medicine?"
    NPs and PAs are advanced practice providers who are educated to provide care to patients in conjunction with a Physician; working as a team to lessen the load of the Physician and provide quality care. These providers provide diagnostic examinations, therapies, and interventions to patients in various settings. They do not practice, "low skilled medicine." NPs and PAs are at the bedside as well.

    Yes, if your name has all of those educational degrees attached to it, you can still be a nurse :-)
    Why? You may ask. Well, I will have you know that Nurses are educated healthcare professionals, and an integral piece of the healthcare team.
    I suggest you try to achieve further education yourself, it may help you move away from utilizing the crooked, generalizing thought processes you may be accustomed to.

    It sounds like you are one of those old veteran nurses who hates seeing any other nurses doing better than they themselves are - this is called, "Queen Bee Syndrome."
    Nursing once, in the past, was more of a hospitality profession; simple tasks were delegated to nurses by physicians. I am not sure if you are aware of the fact we are now in 2018, yes, I said it, two thousand eighteen. Nursing is a profession based on science(Associate of Science in Nursing, Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing). We provide care that is based on scientific evidence.
    There is no reason why we cannot be a caring profession.

    If you want to provide personal care, you can always go to school to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA); this is a great path. I have a tremendous amount of respect for CNAs.

    This is America, you are free to voice your concerns about nurses "taking away physician jobs."
    It sounds like you may be a nervous physician or resident hiding behind the RN title on this forum just to direct some of your anger and frustration with the ever changing and elevating role of the educated nurse.

    Please enlighten me with the specialties you have listed as your own, "Cardiology, ICU, and Psych."
    Let me know how learning to give patients a bed bath helped you achieve your goals of managing care for such critical patients. :-)

    Just trying to understand your thought processes, if you have any. :-)

  • Jan 21

    Quote from BostonFNP
    I basically sit in my ivory tower and judge people.
    I sit on my laurels and eat bon bons......

  • Jan 21

    Quote from EGspirit
    Why in our profession are we always running away from the bedside? I mean, why be in the profession?

    Just wondering and looking for opinions on the matter.
    Because your body is shot after a few years of lifting patients, walking miles down long hallways, etc., etc.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from Nurse Beth
    Nurses who practice hands-on nursing should be given more respect. Let's call them clinical practice nurses rather than bedside nurses (credit: AMSN)
    I don't care what you call me. Just pay me.

  • Jan 21

    Quote from BCgradnurse
    What do you think we do all day???
    I basically sit in my ivory tower and judge people.