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  • Dec 5 '17

    As stated previously, I don't believe in ghosts or the supernatural. This story was told to me by colleagues.

    A AAA had been brought to theatre but they decided at the last minute not to proceed as the patient was far too poorly. On wheeling the patient back to the ward the patient started Cheyne Stoking (sp?). Wheeled them into the lift and pressed the button. The door went half way across and stopped, then opened. Pressed the button again and the same thing happened. Pressed it for the 3rd time and it worked perfectly. The staff looked around and the patient had died.
    Upon returning to theatres and stepping out of the lift, there was apparently a cold spot outside the lift doors. My colleagues reckon the patients ghost had stepped out of the lift and was trying to get back to a&e where their partner had been when they last saw them.

  • Aug 22 '17

    Quote from DoGoodThenGo

    Making an occupied bed by doing all one side at once (with pt positioned on his/her side), pushing the layers underneath pt, reposition pt, then going over to the otherside and taking away the soiled linen and pulling over the fresh.

    When patients died and they were ready to move the body to the morgue all doors to other patient's rooms were closed so they couldn't see the transfer.
    We still do both of these in the NHS. Re changing the sheets, how do you do that differently?