About perfectbluebuildings, BSN, RN

About perfectbluebuildings, BSN, RN

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Joined Feb 20, '03 - from 'the USA'. She has '10' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Peds'. Posts: 1,679 (7% Liked) Likes: 275

I am a pediatric nurse in southern USA. I live with my boyfriend of several years, and our two sweet dogs and two adorable cats. I like to read. I like being outside, especially in the evening when the stars come out and it's cool and quiet. I also really like a good thunderstorm.

I am a quiet introvert most of the time, but I like Allnurses because it's a place I can open up about work and life and you all just "understand" in a way that it's hard for people outside the medical field to do. And, of course, no one but nurses "gets" that sense of humor I've developed through the years at this job :-)

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