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  • Nov 1

    It is true that some unions have hurt some industries- but (and this is a big but) employers who treat employees equitably and fairly do not attact unions. Employees who feel valued and well-treated do not want to join unions. Employees who are well treated do not feel the need to protest, carry signs, join the CNA, or bring about ratio legislation.

    When unions come in ,and ratio legislation is drafted, employers have no one to blaim but themselves.

  • Oct 19

    When I was a new nurse, I would crumble. Now, I yell back.

  • Aug 15

    No one on this forum knows for an absolute fact if this was abandonment or not- only the FL BON can tell you this for sure.

  • Mar 6

    Quote from JessieRN
    The mother said if she didn't want to go, she didnt' have to go. "It don't matter anyway"
    What was the mother's reaction when her daughter doed?

    I bet she even threatened to sue.

  • Mar 6

    Quote from ingelein
    I too have taken care of a patient with Creutzfeldt Jacob disease. The associated dementia in this patient was so different than the Altzheimers, or other types of dementia Ive seen over the years. I actually had a scare once with this patient, when a tiny drop of of gastric juice splashed onto my lip, from the G-tube .I was SO paranoid that I would catch this devastating disease.

    The other thing Ive witnessed was breast CA, that had grown so large it broke through the skin, it was really awful, but the dear old lady did not seem to be in any discomfort, strange, huh?
    I've had two CJ pts. It is a devastating disease.

    Coincidentally, I had pt w/ a fungating breast carcinoma. She was fairly young. Her affected breast looked like it was made of rotten, moldy mushrooms.

    Had a pt with Pick's Disease.'s_disease

  • Jan 25

    I just met an LPN who is getting an online BS in health care administration. She hurt her back, and can't work as a nurse anymore.

  • Dec 25 '15

    Quote from suzy253
    i agree with Kevin on this one. Two years in and it sounds like she's preparing you for the real world of nursing. Yes, she is challenging you and you will deal with some really difficult people in the real world. I'm only 2 years into nursing and believe me, family members can be brutal.

    I had an instructor who had this type of reputation and now when I see her with her current students on clinical rotations in my hospital, I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making me the nurse I am today.
    I don't think this poster is talking about a tough-but-fair instructor like you are speaking of.

    It sounds like this instructor is abusive.
    I have been there, as I had one of these instructors, too.

    Several years after graduation, I had to get clarification from my school about something in order to get licensed in another state. When I called, the bully instructor andswered the phone, and all my old feelings of anger and fear came back. I couldn't bear to speak to her- I hung up.

    I thought how can I react that way after all these years?

    But then, I spoke to an old classmate who made an appt to talk to a nursing advisor at our old school about a letter she needed for credit transferring.

    She had driven from out of town for over an hour for the appt. When she was told the bully instructor would be advising her, she turned around and walked out.

    I would lay low, and stay out of her way until graduation. Then, write a letter to the dean, with dates, times, and factual descriptions of the inappropriate things that the bully has said and done

  • Dec 19 '15

    Quote from janhetherington
    I would LOVE to say to families, "If you think the doctor should be called for (whatever the minor and/or unreasonable demand is) please go ahead and call him yourself." I'm not talking about important things, which I will be glad to call for. I mean things like, "Where is the doctor? I think Mother could be discharged today and I'm here now so get him in here now." Or: "I know my cousin is getting a lot of pain medicine but he can still talk and I think he'd rather be knocked out so call the doctor to get something for that." Or: "My aunt takes vitamin C once in awhile and I know it's 11 p.m., but I think we should get that ordered tonight." Ughhh.
    I have given pts and their families doc's phone numbers and told them they should call. I've done it several times.