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  • Sep 4

    I think that there are tens of thousands of LTC nurses who are giving their meds outside of the time parameters every day. Some meds passes are so huge, there is no way humanly possible to get the meds out "on time."

    We pretend we give them on time, and mgmt pretends to not know how it really works- that is the reality of LTC.

  • Nov 1 '16

    It is true that some unions have hurt some industries- but (and this is a big but) employers who treat employees equitably and fairly do not attact unions. Employees who feel valued and well-treated do not want to join unions. Employees who are well treated do not feel the need to protest, carry signs, join the CNA, or bring about ratio legislation.

    When unions come in ,and ratio legislation is drafted, employers have no one to blaim but themselves.