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    Do you think HR are little help because they have the whole of Xmas and New Year off?!?

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    This one rings a familiar bell! I completed our holiday rota last month, and from the whole year it is definitely the most time consuming! Our unit (un-written) rules are:1/ you will work one or the other, so please be sensible about rota requests 2/ If we need to shuffle things about you may have to work what you had off last year.
    However there is always someone who wants too much time off, and whilst I understand peoples personal commitments (I have a young family myself) at the end of the day we are paid to manage not to be popular! If you succeed at both its a bonus! Check with your HR dept what the rules are, and speak to your manager as she may have solutions that she has used in other years, like splitting the shifts etc. Good Luck!

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    Hi! we have med. unit and trust wide sisters meeting monthly, but with the spacing of them they work out to be about one or the other every 2 weeks or so.. enough to keep up to date, but not frequent enough to disrupt routine. Also we have them around lunchtime/early afternoon when staffing is optimal. It also means they dont drag on too long as we all want to get off duty on time!