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  • May 17 '09

    Would be good to click on the Specialty tab and go to the Psychiatric Nursing forum. Also, it would be a good idea to purchase an abnormal psych textbook. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology. I recommend "Abnormal Pschology: Current Perspectives."

    Also, I was at the bookstore not so long ago and sat down with "Psychiatric Nursing Made Easy." What a great book!


  • May 14 '09

    Take care of them just as you would another patient. Depression disturbs sleep and appetite and energy. the old slandbys, mobility and exercise, nurition are paricularly helpful here.
    Things to focus on: they may be they may need more time and probing to answerr questions Work on contolling their pain... that won't help their mood..but they may be hopeless ans not expect their pain can be managed. Pay attention to how they are sleeping. If they have thought disorder/ schizophrenia, go slow, watch their body language/eye contact...give then choices where you can

  • May 14 '09

    While watching the medical model banner wave beautifully in the wind, don't forget the cognitive factors. It doesn't hurt to make the attempt to find distraction, to focus on something other than depressing topics. I liken it to a car and driver: the meds work on the machine, but the cognitive skills help the driver.

    Try Googling Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT. Originally for Axis II stuff, but expanding to many areas of treatment.


  • Feb 12 '08

    Quote from constantlylearning
    Curious about the administration of pain medication (Morphine) and possibly speeding up a patient's death.
    do not have any problem giving morphine on a scheduled bassis to keep the patienmt comfortable. one of the night shifters who would come in and several times found a patient who had been dying dead 0 and id feel horrible cause id checked em but he dies between the checks and i wuold always offer to stay and helpbut he would just say its ok i got it - and told me not to feel bad- i "killed em with kindness" he was just trying to cheer me up and honeslty it workd and i felt better and now i dont feel bad. i did though the first few times it happened - i am sure many folks need time to see what NOT giving it vs giving it is like to realize that it is ok.

  • Jan 11 '08

    In the past week I have cared for two end of life patients. One had a MSO4 drip and the other Versed and Fentanyl. (I work in ICU) As long as you are documenting your signs and symptoms for titrating there is no reason on this earth that these patients should not be comfortable! It is my duty and my privledge to make their last moments on earth as comfortable as possible and to make their passing easier on the family at the bedside.
    On a personal level my Dad died of CHF and renal failure. His last three days of life were made tolerable by MSO4. He died laying flat in bed and comfortable instead of gasping for air and drowning!