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    I don't think I've done a wet to dry in about 10 years or more! (Maybe for the occasional temp dressing when
    wound vac is on hold)

    But to answer your

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    I might have to try the gift card option. Money does motivate.

    llg, I agree...It should be a condition of employment. Sad to say that we'd have to let go of at least 75% of our staff. This is LTC and our staffing is tight. Just when we think we have an awesome crew and positions are filled..bam! Call offs, someome gets sick, someome is taking FMLA etc. I'd like to assign a day a every 6 weeks that I can take a few people off the schedule and do inservices etc .

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    We use Relias for our education. Unfortunately, we do not have many computers for the staff to complete these on in the facility. I do have all of the modules in paper form so that there is that option. I'm also willing to hold mini classes and go over the material so that they do not have to spend the 1-2 hours on some of the subjects. No one comes. On the days that there are in-services or mini classes, I've tried to make sure that there is extra staff around to cover. Of course, this doesn't always happen and staff thinks it is a great time to call off. We also have let staff know that they can complete the modules at home and get paid for the time that they spend on them (some prefer this option)

    What are suggestions for getting staff to complete these modules on time? Our company rolls out new modules each month.

    Any suggestions?

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    How is everyone handling the staff education/ competencies? Do you have a skills day? a few each month?

    I've recently taken over SDC role and am just getting my feet wet. Actually, I'm wading up to my knees now and starting from scratch. Nothing was left in the office. I've been trying to organize things and working on spreadsheets to track things, but this is crazy.

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    Will she have an escort for the appointment? I work in a SNF and most places won't let us send a resident with any type of confusion unless they have an escort either a CNA or family member. I myself would rather have a foley places but I am willing to bet it won't be possible even by "family request." Foley or cathing are rarely used in LTC unless there are specific diagnosis for them.

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    Jumping in and following this thread too!

    I'm just trying to read up on everything and trying to wrap my head around the new regs and competencies that will need to be done.

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    I have no clue, I'm in LTC there is a Pittsburgh Nurse's Facebook page that is active and had a discussion about it

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    I took it as an elective in my last semester of BSN school. I loved it!!! It was a bit easier and kinda fun and a great way to learn different assessment skills and critical thinking. I took the tests and passed and got my NR-EMTB. Sad thing was that I never practiced as an EMT. To this day, 20+ years later, I still have some of the nemonics for assessments in the back of my head. That and I was awesome at CPR with all the practice we did in practicals and clinicals for that class.

    Do it!!

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    Did you take the job?

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    So, for those of us that are still using paper charting in LTC, maybe we should explain the process.

    The resident is admitted. Has orders on paper from the hospital. Orders are handwritten onto the paper admit order forms, then faxed to pharmacy. New orders are hand written by the doctor or more often than not, verbal orders are taken by the nurse and and then faxed to pharmacy. The faxed to pharmacy part is what scews up alot of things. Are they being faxed? I always wait for the confirmation that the fax went through. The next part is up to the pharmacy. The need to enter it into the profile.

    At the end of the month (at my facility it is the 24th) we get a print out of the next month's orders, MAR and TAR. These orders need to be checked with the orders in the chart and then clarified or adjusted as needed.

    Lots of potential for error but some ways to put in some checks and balances.

    Are the admit orders verified by a second nurse?
    Are the monthly orders checked by a second nurse?
    Is 11-7 doing daily redlining of all the charts to check the new orders?

    Our policy is to do all of the above AND we also go over all new orders in the moring clinical meeting to make sure that the orders were transcribed correctly from admit orders from the hospital.

    To answer the OP

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    Thanks for the hints. I see a ton of risk management for acute care, but not very much specialized to ltc and a good bit of it was focused on documentation issues.

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    Have you checked with your pharmacy? They should have something.

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    Anyone with experience in this field? I've posted this in the LTC forums and have got zero responses.

    I've been filling in at the Risk Manager / Staff Development Nurse in our LTC on and off for a few months. I'm currently self-taught. The LTC is a small non-profit with a small group that provides consultant services for a group. The set up is weird.

    I have a good general understanding of the position but was looking for more resources or support. I've even looked on Facebook groups but have come up empty.

    Can anyone here point me to support groups, organizations or resources?

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    We haven't used side rails for at least 8 years. I honestly was surprised they are still used in LTC. A nearby facility just had a death due to entrapment.

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    lol. ...because you are the principal!