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    Yesterday several family members came in to see their loved one stating that they had heard through other family members that they were now being seen by Hospice. To make a long story short, the day nurse had spoken with a family member and stated that the resident's organs were shutting down and that their only option was to talk to Hospice. Number one, isn't that considered diagnosing? And number two, isn't it also considered under the same, practicing beyone scope of practice, that you never mention Hospice to a family? A doctor makes that decision and the Hospice agency then does an eval, depending upon that they request a meeting with the family! I'm sorry, but this is way out of scope of practice for a nurse, especially an LPN. (sorry for that comment) Should I go to the DON with this? I'm afraid that if the family really wanted to pursue this, the LTC facility could be in big hot water!!

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    Been there!! I graduated in '05 at the age of 48. If I can do it, you can too! You just have to remember, you have NO life when you are in nursing school. Every night, weekend when I was not in class, I was studying. The only time I made time for me or family, was between quarters. Good Luck!!

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    "21 weeks long" Personally speaking, but I would really hesitate in even hiring you knowing that you would be leaving for that long of a period. And, if by not telling them, to me would be dishonest and upfront of your job requirements, ie., can you fulfill the requirements of the position. I have worked in HR and can see both side of the situation. But put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to hire yourself? Knowing you would be leaving for such an extended period of time? Probably not,

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    I know exactly how you feel! I too left a very stressful nursing position at a hospital and my family acted like I had committed a huge crime and that I was looking for an 'easy' job. It wasn't until my mother was a patient at a hospital where I worked that she realized exactly what I had been talking about! Not enough help, call lights going off and no one answering them, meds being passed late, and working short every day! Hang in there. If nothig else than for your own sanity!! You did the right thing for you and good luck on your job search !!!