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    Yesterday several family members came in to see their loved one stating that they had heard through other family members that they were now being seen by Hospice. To make a long story short, the day nurse had spoken with a family member and stated that the resident's organs were shutting down and that their only option was to talk to Hospice. Number one, isn't that considered diagnosing? And number two, isn't it also considered under the same, practicing beyone scope of practice, that you never mention Hospice to a family? A doctor makes that decision and the Hospice agency then does an eval, depending upon that they request a meeting with the family! I'm sorry, but this is way out of scope of practice for a nurse, especially an LPN. (sorry for that comment) Should I go to the DON with this? I'm afraid that if the family really wanted to pursue this, the LTC facility could be in big hot water!!

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    Been there!! I graduated in '05 at the age of 48. If I can do it, you can too! You just have to remember, you have NO life when you are in nursing school. Every night, weekend when I was not in class, I was studying. The only time I made time for me or family, was between quarters. Good Luck!!

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    "21 weeks long" Personally speaking, but I would really hesitate in even hiring you knowing that you would be leaving for that long of a period. And, if by not telling them, to me would be dishonest and upfront of your job requirements, ie., can you fulfill the requirements of the position. I have worked in HR and can see both side of the situation. But put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to hire yourself? Knowing you would be leaving for such an extended period of time? Probably not,

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    I know exactly how you feel! I too left a very stressful nursing position at a hospital and my family acted like I had committed a huge crime and that I was looking for an 'easy' job. It wasn't until my mother was a patient at a hospital where I worked that she realized exactly what I had been talking about! Not enough help, call lights going off and no one answering them, meds being passed late, and working short every day! Hang in there. If nothig else than for your own sanity!! You did the right thing for you and good luck on your job search !!!

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    Your logic makes perfect sense to me!!

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    Has anyone every heard of PAR charting? I just started working at a facility in Dayton, Ohio and they have the nurses use this type of documentation (nurses notes) instead of 'normal' nursing notes. It's weird if you ask me! I just can not seem to get the hang of it. But the funny thing is, that the PAR is in my notes! P-problem A-action R-results.

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    Not sure if this has been posted yet, there are so many I haven't read through all of them. They are merging the two local hospitals here in Springfield, Ohi, (Mercy Medical Center and Community Hospital) and building a new combined one. The LPN were told last year that they had until the new hospital was built to go back to school to become RN's or they would be out of a job when the new hospital opened. Real brainer of an idea when you consider the nursing shortage....

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    I finally started using our computerized Kardex's on each patient. Writing down labs, new meds, VS, tests that have been ordered, etc. If I havn't written it down and it's not on the Kardex...they can look it up. Some of the things they were asking me were so anal and did not pertain to what happened on my shift or important things that they needed to know.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I give report in the order of the Kardex, don't jump around all over either and it's working a lot better..

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    I am a first year nurse, graduated in June of 2005. I am having one heck of a time being able to give report off to the next shift without the oncoming nurse making rude comments, rolling of the eyes and what not. What the heck am I doing wrong? I spoke with my mentor and she told me that each nurse wants different things. Some only want what has happened to that patient just during your shift, others want 'everything'. Shouldn't everything be the same?

    This is a second career for me, I am 48, used to work in management and am by no means a 'dummy' but I am really getting to feel inferior as to my skills and am starting to question as to whether I really made the right decision to go into nursing.

    I am on the verge of going to our unit manager and having a talk with her it has gotten so bad. (As in my mentor getting complaints about how I give report. That's when she told me about how some want report and some don't)

    Has anyone else run into this type of problem? If so, how did you handle it?

    Thank you in advance for all your suggestions/ help.

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    :uhoh21: Oh I wish they would hurry up and post our results...this suspense is killing me !! The exam shut off at 76 questions. I know the majority that have passed when theirs shut off at 76 is really's just the unknown! I either did really, really well...or I flunked the $*@* out of it!! lol

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    Ohio posts the results usually within 24-28 hours on the BON website.

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    I am scheduled to take mine on Thursday the 21st! I've been procrastinating on studying but have definitely buckled down and started studying yesterday. I am more excited than scared about the test. Just want to get it done and over with. Everyone in my class who has taken it so far has passed...a good ome?? Let's hope so.

    Good Luck to all those who are scheduled for this week also!!

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    Just an update for everyone. My civil background check did not show how the desposition of the case. That is why the BON requested that I obtain certified court copies. Needless to say, everything is ok and I will be sitting for my exam on July 21st!! I am soo relieved. They told me that I needed to contact the local courts and let them know that the original charges and what it was reduced to needs to be forwarded to BCI. They did not do this, hence the long wait and my having to obtain the court records.

    Wish me luck!!

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    I called the BON review board contact last week. They were meeting this week and I should know something soon, I hope. I hope that it will not prevent me from obtaining my license, it's just the waiting that is killing me. I'm ready to sit for boards now! I have had several of my instructors even volunteer to submit a letter to the BON on my behalf. But you are right, each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

    Hopefully I will hear something positive tomorrow

    Quote from suzanne4
    Try contacting the BON again.
    For any others with similar type problems, speak to the BON in the beginning and get documentation from them. An attorney is unable to tell you what the Board is going to do. They evaluate each case on an individual basis.

    Sorry that you are having to go thru this..............please keep us posted.
    But there is no one else that can offer advice, everything is in the hands of the BON on this one.

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    Just wanted to put this at the top 'again' in hopes that someone has some advice on waiting this one out!


    Quote from ladytopaz
    Suzanne4 - Yes, I listed this on my application. In fact I even listed it on my application with the hospital that I interviewed with in Columbus. I explained the incident to the HR problem, I was hired pending passing my boards. I had spoken to my attorney before even starting the nursing program to make sure that this would not effect being able to get my license and he told me no problem. I am just worried because I have not heard anything..