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Understanding Herd Immunity from Vaccination – How much is enough?

Herd immunity, or community immunity, is a great term we hear bandied about lately. Herd Immunity means lowering a population’s susceptibility to a disease to the point where a disease cannot remain endemic, introduced outbreaks fade without intervention, and the vulnerable are protected by the immunity of the herd. Let’s learn about how we actually achieve herd immunity with vaccination and “how much is enough?” We’ll examine the basis of epidemic theory, and examine Measles vaccination and... Read More →

Types of school accreditation - the guide!

There are national and regional accreditation for both an academic institution as a whole and specifically for an institution's nursing program. There are so many labels and types that this topics frequently misunderstood by pre-nursing students as well as nursing students and nurses! Make sure you know the differences and what accreditation the schools your are considering posses It is important for your future employment, career advancement, and academic opportunities. Let's explore the... Read More →