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    I was an inpatient psych nurse. Yes. We allowed the patients to keep their head coverings for religious reasons. If there was any concern about their immediate safety, they would be put on a 1:1... as would anyone that had special reasons (whatever they might be) that required an allowance outside the norm.

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    Quote from DocWorkaday
    Do you realize that this thread has been going since June of 2005? This thread is practically twelve years old.
    This thread was actually started in November of 2000. It's going on 17 years. I think that's pretty cool!

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    Quote from marie.rn2419
    If it weren't against TOS, someone might tell you to pull your head out of your bum and stop trolling...
    Huh? How is OP "trolling"?

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    Quote from RN>20yr
    Weirdest thing I ever got-

    A "ViewFinder" toy that included a round disk of slides depicting PR views of how wonderful our hospital was!
    That is probably the most ridiculous one I've read.

    I love how the "gifts" always come down to hospital advertisement.

    Heck, yeah, I'll harness my inner child and play with a ViewFinder... but why would they even think I want to see more of my hospital than I already do?

    That's almost like the time we could "win" a breakfast with the big honchos... uh... no... I typically attempt to avoid you guys at all costs.

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    I failed maternity myself. It actually was a blessing in disguise because I got it so much better the second time around. I mean, I'd already been through the material once, so I could focus more on the things I bombed on. That was my positive take on it.

    Try to figure out your weaknesses and concentrate on those.

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    I know a nurse who uses a wand-style staple remover to open her meds. It works great!

    I once had a psychotic patient chase me down the hall because I broke her Ativan trying to get it out of the package.

    Trying to get Omega 3 out of its deep tight pocket is maddening!

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    Sublingual Saphris is made to taste like cherry. Some patients like it.

    Levothyroxine is generally sweet, but Sandoz brand is flavorless, puffs out on your tongue.

    Zinc is horrendous, as is (as most of us know) aspirin.

    I find antibiotics generally nasty and cringe when my geros chew them.

    My mother tells me hydralazine is gross. I've never heard anyone else complain about it.

    Years ago, I worked with an aide who accidentally, in a rush, put Preparation H on a resident's dentures, instead of adhesive. Both tubes were generics and in similar tubes. The resident complained for days and days, so I know that tastes bad, lol 😂

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    Oops. Duplicate post.

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    You don't need this person in your life. He did you a favor. He's short-sighted, selfish and sounds like a jerk.

    Move on. Keep yourself focused on your studies. Utilize a counselor. Pat yourself on the back that you can move on and support yourself. You don't need him.

    Best wishes in your studies and that you may find a partner who will be just that-- a partner. Not a dead weight allowing you to do all the work and then whine about it.

    Have been there and done that.

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    Quote from danedsel
    I had a four hour conversation with her the other night and she all of a sudden mentioned my lack of phone/text communication over the last couple of weeks. The tremulous tone in her voice suggested some emotional issues she was having about this and I responded with what she wanted to hear.

    Up until this time, I don't feel I have been leading her on, but now have a date night setup because I'm weak and was put on the spot.
    What I bolded is a huge red flag. She is obviously reading more into the relationship than what there really is. There is no relationship and she is already "tremulous"... you will be in a world of pain if you allow this to continue.

    She probably does have a whopper of a crush on you and-- I'm going to go out on a limb here-- I'm guessing she has some self-esteem issues. She seems clingy already. That, however, is not your problem-- it's hers.

    You're going to have to do a very hard thing and be straight with her. You may not have had the heart to do it before, but to set up a date with no real interest is rather cruel and misleading. She's already reading too much into the relationship. If you go through with a date, it will surely seal the deal in her mind.

    What you tell her is up to you, but you can be kind without being wishy-washy. Leave no room for any misinterpretation or the slightest sliver of false hope. How she copes with it is up to her.

    Good luck.

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    Well, I know I'm a weirdo because I loved being a CNA... being a nurse... not so much.

    The responsibilities are way different. Just because you dislike being a CNA doesn't mean you'll dislike being a nurse.

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    I accidentally sent a sample of saline to the lab for a drug screen

    I had pulled the sample from the wrong port of a foley, placed in a very active and combative old lady... gaaaaah!

    Later, when I found my glorious old gal waving her deflated tubing around like a flag of mockery, I doubled over laughing at my stupidity... because I really wanted to cry.

    No wonder I only got a perfect 10cc's...

    I called the lab to tell them to not bother, but before I could tell them it was a bad sample, they happily declared it negative

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I don't even give them to students. They will stick them too far in their ear and be right back in my office. Nope. Q-tips are mine, all mine...
    Don't give them to staff either.

    I had pull a cotton puff out of the ear of our secretary with the tweezers.

    My swabs are cheap. Put them in your ear at your own risk.

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    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Thank God you were there to do what you do what you did. You did everything you could.

    I wish the best to that little boy and to his family... and to you too.

    What a nightmare for all involved. I cannot imagine.

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    Sara, I was 35 when I returned to school. I was an underachiever in high school. When I had to turn my high school transcripts, I was embarrassed.

    The only other school I had ever had were some gen eds and a certificate for a nurse's aide.

    I was a mother of 2 young children and ended up getting divorced during nursing school.

    I did struggle because the divorce played with my head and health. I had failures along the way and had to make many sacrifices. I knew I had to do this, though, because I needed a career off which I could live.

    My grades, as a more responsible adult, were dramatically better than when I was in high school. I carried all A's and B's in my gen eds. I'm sure this was noticed that I took college much more seriously than I did in high school.

    I consider myself okay in the intelligence department, but I knew I could do this if I put in the hard work. I utilized the school counselor to help me when I struggled with my issues.

    I was successful, passed my boards on the first try and now hold 2 nursing jobs.

    I understand your situation and I want to encourge you. Be sure to seek help along the way. Nursing school is doable, but with extra baggage, it can be harder than it needs to be.

    I had classmates who went through deaths and their own nightmare of cancer... and succeeded.

    Best wishes to you.