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    I think I'm at most most attractive, as a nurse, when I have a poop smear on my knee from catching a naked and confused gero mid-fall. I cannot tell you how many handsome doctors have wanted to swoop me up and carry me off to the linen closet because of this.

    I'm also tired of fighting off men who think I'm a cheap date just because I wear TED hose.

    Nursing can be too sexy for it's own good.

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    That must have been a terrible shift to have compelled you to do that. I hurt for you because I know I have been in the position of being berated constantly by patients. After awhile, you do feel like you are going to lose your mind. You will want to do anything just to get them to shut up!

    May I ask how they found out you gave the patient Benadryl without an order? Did you try to get an order afterward to get the doc to cover?

    It sounds like you snapped and threw your give-a-damns to the wind.

    At least you're not trying to justify it with a million excuses... and I sure as hell hope we don't get a bunch of holier-than-thous coming on here and beating you up... you've been punished enough.

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    Quote from Fura
    Yes ma'am. I did clarify.
    Thank goodness, because I know we have gotten nurses on here before asking questions of us on the internet instead of asking their coworkers

    I would have asked the resident if "continue the present antibiotics until confirmation for meropenem is available" could be put in as a written order, either by himself or by you. That would help cover your butt.

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    Quote from needlesmcgeeRN
    Years ago I worked in a LTCF. One morning as I was getting ready for work, I had a thought cross my mind out of nowhere: Mr. Smith died. When I got to work that morning, I found out that Mr. Smith had died. Not a ghost story, maybe...but it still gave me a chill.

    I did private duty for a lady who was a hoot. I loved taking care of her! Anyway, after tucking her into bed after our usual night together, I gave her peck on the forehead and said, "Goodbye, Marie". Her daughter gave me an odd look, but gave me a quick hug and I headed home.

    That night, I awoke from a sound sleep around 1:00 am and very abruptly thought, "Marie's in a better place now." Then I thought, "That was a weird!" I wondered for a moment, thought, "naaah" and after thinking about Marie for a bit, went back to sleep.

    The next day, Marie's daughter called me to tell me Marie had passed away. I was flabbergasted as it was unexpected. I told the daughter how I had woken up, the time and my thought. Yep... she died around 1:00am. We both had chills!

    Her daughter then told me, "You realize you said 'goodbye' to Mom instead of 'goodnight' last night". It was true and that's why she gave me that funny look! I had never said "goodbye" before.

    The only thing I can honestly figure is that with all my prior experience in taking care of the elderly and dying, somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain, I picked up something very subtle. I think that makes more sense than to think Marie would reach out to me, but who knows?

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    Work hard now, play later.

    Your friends are being ignorant.

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    What did you do? Because I'm assuming you pursued some course of action before asking your question here. I'm assuming you are looking for some feedback on what you already did. I refuse to believe you are coming here to ask what you should do, because if that's the case, you're wrong already.

    Whenever I get an order that is unclear, I may run it past another nurse just to see if I'm not being flighty and misunderstanding something. No matter what, I'm calling the doc before I do anything. That's what you're taught to do. Sometimes doctors make mistakes, such as (in your case) possibly forgetting the metronidazole was already d/c'd or poorly wording the order or giving an incomplete order. But you must clarify with the doctor.

    Going to the internet for answers is always the wrong answer.

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    Quote from Flare
    I've noticed that the things that people want to nitpick are the little things like, well, nits. People usually don't question my judgement during something big like a seizure or a kid that's climbing the walls with pain due to a fracture.
    This is how I've been feeling lately. In fact I told my boss, "It's ridiculous! If someone is having a life-threatening emergency, oh! We run to the nurse and trust her judgement... yet my judgement is questioned over a trivial non-issue like whether or not a client can have cake?!"

    How does that work?

    I'm sorry. I'm not a school nurse, but there aren't any other elder daycare nurse peeps here We do have some similarities, so I have to crash your board once in a while.

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    Quote from they_see_me_rollin
    In our hospital, they don't hire RN's who are obese and smoker. I tell this to my little "huge" friends who are planning to work in our hospital so they can start watching their diets now and start working out.
    Quote from Farawyn
    How's that working out for ya? Did your huge friends smack you down? [emoji23]
    Farawyn, it's her "huge little friends". Don't forget the little part... it conveys a much more loving feel...

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    Well, I was going to be an Art teacher. I was naturally gifted and even when I was really young, I was praised for my abilities. I was very proud of it... but I was always an underachiever and had no clue how to get what I wanted. I had no guidance. I was afraid of the world.

    I was working retail when my best friend called me up and asked me to be a CNA with her and the rest is history. I started attending community college hoping to get myself back on track to be an Art teacher, but I somehow ended up as a nurse instead. I dunno...

    So, I've worked with the geriatric population since I was 18 and it's all I really know. I was an exceptional CNA and am still growing stronger as a nurse, but I'm nothing special. I continue to study and teach myself something everyday because I enjoy it and want a better understanding of what I'm doing and why, but I have no desire to further my degree.

    I've always wanted to teach CNA classes, but I need to work for insurance benefits and I can't see how I can fit that in. I don't even know if I would go over well as an instructor because my expectations would be too high. I love CNA's and I love teaching newbies, but I have been frustrated by the poor work ethic and lack of common sense which is far too much these days-- or so it seems. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant.

    I find myself getting myself finally getting my creative juices back and in my off-time I have been working on getting my art skills back up to par. I miss that part of me

    Sorry for the whine, time for a little cheese... because I'm a cheesy kinda gal and that's something to know about me, as well

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    Quote from Farawyn
    And what were her and Almanzo doing on all those long buggy drives to the lakes? Grape picking? My sweet Aunt Fanny!
    Well, ya know, she claims she came home all hot and sweaty because it was humid and they had to put the rubber buggy top up

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    I have never gotten a rude operator. I have gotten one or two that I could guess were new and maybe nervous, but never rude. They have always sounded professional.

    I've often wondered how stressful their job is and I like hearing about how others perceive their job. Can you tell me what it's like? Do you have to deal with a lot of rudeness?

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    Quote from Lauraingalls
    Oops... Yes but in her real life Mary didn't marry. I believed she lived with Carrie
    Ah, Little House on the Prairie!

    I think the show was awful, but I loved those books soooo much. I still crack 'em out once in awhile and I've always enjoyed learning about how things really were, outside of the books... warts and all.

    Ya know, as I've grown older, I've come to the conclusion that Pa was an ass. All Ma wanted to do was settle down and raise her girls like ladies and make sure they got an education, but noooooo! Pa had to keep draggin' 'em all around, uprooting them every time he got an itch in his butt. I also think he fooled around on Ma when he went for those long journeys into town.

    I real life, I believe Willie lost his eyesight to a firecracker and Cap died in a threshing machine explosion. Laura could be a "b" and she lied at times...

    Okay, that was totally off topic, but like I said, I'm a LHOTP junkie, sooo...

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    I was dubbed "The Hygiene Queen" because I was/am very very picky about the hygiene and grooming of my patients. When I was an aide, you could tell which patients were mine, just by the way they looked.

    I was also dubbed "The Gero Whisperer" because I am exceptionally good with getting difficult dementia patients to calm down and get them to do the things we need them to. I had already joined here as "Hygiene Queen" by the time "Gero Whisperer" was mentioned, but I like "Gero Whisperer" better.

    I also was dubbed "The Urinator" because I could always get a urine sample from those oh-so-tricky aforementioned dementia patients... but I decided to pass on that for a username!

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    It's been awhile since you posted. How are you doing now?

    Your staff-to-resident ratios sound decent and were similar to when I was an aide, however, 12 residents was pushing it and 8-10 was the norm. Your ratios sound decent.

    Things can also depend on how your fellow CNA's help each other out. I worked with a great team who would help out with other aide's teams and then we would return the favor. We just worked very well together and made sure the residents got what they needed. You sound like you care very much and maybe if your coworkers care as much as you, you can find a way to make things work for the best, by really working together.

    Not all nursing homes are created equal. I have seen shoddy "care" and grossly large resident assignments. It's crappy you're getting 12, but I have seen larger and it's criminal. You may not find better staffing elsewhere. I stayed at my nursing home 11 years because no place had better staffing, teamwork or care... even if we ended up with a load of 12 from time-to-time.

    However, beware. I have found that once TPTB increase the load and see that their staff manages to do more with less, the trend often continues. Never happened at my happy little nursing home, but I've seen it elsewhere. If that appears to be the trend, then by all means, see what else is out there.

    Take care.

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    I wish more people working in healthcare would ask this question, but it seems some people just don't care.

    Whenever I go for a check-up, I do notice what the staff looks like. There is one particular CMA that looks like she just rolled out of bed. There is no excuse for wrinkled scrubs. If you don't have easy access to a clothes dryer, than invest in a cheap iron and a can of starch. I have found that ironing and starching can make even older scrubs look sharper and fresher. It doesn't take much time.

    Also, if you have longer hair, pin it up! That always looks professional. Even if you don't normally do it or think you look "weird" with your hair up and back, you know you are doing it for work. That is your "work look" (just like wearing scrubs and comfy, unfashionable shoes) and you'll get used to it. It looks cleaner and, frankly, I don't want your hair flying in my face when you check my BP or draw my blood.

    Fortunately, we don't have to spend a lot of time having to worry about coordinating a whole fashionable outfit. Because I'm know I'm wearing scrubs that I have made sure are wrinkle-free, unstained and fresh, I can focus on making sure my hair is tidy and neat. I have no choice but to use hairspray... I have wild hair! I use little makeup (but always lipstick... I'm a junkie for it!). I can look sharp in 20 minutes, no matter how tired I am.

    Plan ahead. Get all your scrubs washed, ironed if need be, and hang them up right away to keep them wrinkle-free. Keep them ready to go. Learn how to do a quick, tidy (even cute) updo of some sort.

    We are judged by our appearance, whether or not we like it. I'm sure the CMA I mentioned is good but she looks like she doesn't care and that bothers me.