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  • Dec 12

    Cute, sweet, 90 year old 100 lb little ladies can turn into the Incredible Hulk around 9pm.

  • Dec 12
  • Dec 12

    A lot of what made me very good at my job (as a firefighter and paramedic, then ER nurse, Flight Nurse) did not make me the best wife.

    My hubby was NOT in the "business" and while I was used to being able to "gain control of difficult situations", it was soon pretty clear that I was just kind of controlling. And not in a good way. Funny how my kitties resisted being controlled. And the hubby really resisted. Damn.

    It's important to remember that work is work and home is not work. Being successful is more than just being good at your job. Make home a haven. Your safe happy place. Really. A place to set that baggage down and just be.

  • Dec 10

    Quote from Apple-Core
    I can say categorically if I worked with you , you definitely wouldn't be ignored (by me). I passionately despise bullying and catty behavior like this. Both my children were extremely shy as kids, somewhat like their dad. I'm the opposite so I couldn't really understand it in the true sense of the definition, but I certainly had compassion for their struggles.

    Sadly, being extrovert and outgoing is highly valued in America, and the shyer types can - not always - but can get pushed to the back and forgotten/ignored. I know because I had to watch my kids go through ruthless bullying and being ostracized. They both struggled with anxiety and depression because of it. It's been a steep learning curve for me because when I was bullied at school I fought back - my kids just withered. It broke my heart, but even though I was always a compassionate person it has made me even more compassionate for the struggles of introverted people and the dreadful treatment they can receive from people. Not to say extroverts don't get crap too sometimes, but I know first hand just how "easy" a target a quieter person can be, especially those that don't have the confidence to defend themselves.
    I am so sorry to hear about your kids.

    I was extremely shy as a kid and was afraid to do the simplest of things (like ask a grocery worker where something was). I grew out of it, but am still introverted.

    Introverts aren't valued in society as much as the extroverts, it seems. Extroverts are seen as go-getters, the life of the party, etc. I find constant human interaction outside of family, my partner and acquaintances to be draining sometimes. It also doesn't help that I have a speech impediment (had to see a speech therapist at five) and sometimes stutter / stumble upon my words. That is one of the reasons I enjoy the NICU. The babies don't judge and can't talk back to me.

  • Dec 10

    I used to travel nurse. Most of the time, I was treated pretty much like you are being treated: Civil not social.

    Granted, it was different for me due to the fact that I was travel nursing at the time. I was a temporary *thing* going on is all. I didn't have a problem with it though. While I did make some friends, for the most part I was, as you put it, the black sheep.

    I honestly don't look for socializing at work. Civil is enough for me. I'm not a loner or recluse but I've always kind of watched people at work who tend to turn everything into a popularity contest (not that I think you are) and wondered "Why?". It starts to get a bit unprofessional. Seriously, how many times have you seen people in threads on this site describe their work environment as "Too much like High School."?

    I guess what I'm saying is: This all might be a blessing in disguise.

  • Dec 8

    As a quiet, reserved person myself, I've definitely experienced the same thing. And it's hurtful. What I found works better for me is figuring out who I can have a conversation with in a smaller group, as I tend to quiet up when the group gets larger. I'm sure there are probably a couple of people who you may enjoy chatting with outside the clique. If that fails, I would just remind myself I'm there to do a good job, not necessarily to become buddies with everyone. If you enjoy your job and you're good at it, it seems silly to leave because a few people are rude or fail to recognize you are a good person to chat with. However if they ignore you to the point that patient safety is affected, that is different.

  • Dec 8

    Quote from JKL33
    From your perspective, what are the contributing factors (quiet personality, differing interests, any hx of conflict, etc)?
    Different interests...yes. I am definitely an "old soul" and gravitate towards different things (horror movies, Game of Thrones, Tudor history, Greek mythology, investing/personal finance, international traveling., politics I also don't drink.)

    While many talk about their kids (I have none), watch shows that are completely different from the ones I'm used to watching, instagram/twitter/snapchat (I only have facebook) and don't seem interested in much else outside their personal lives. I don't know too much about their interests, but a lot of it revolves around their children and social media.

  • Dec 7

    Give me ten grand and I'll certify that not only did you pass, you excelled.

  • Dec 7

    I knew this was going to go off the rail.

  • Dec 7

    Sometimes the care that you want to provide for the patient is not possible. You will have to take a deep hard look at the resources you have and make the best decision possible with what you are given.

  • Dec 7

    Feces eventuates. And sometimes it eventuates all over the patient, the bed, and the nurse.
    Ignorance and stupidity are two completely different things. You can fix ignorance with education, but you can't fix stupid.
    The job is a lot tougher than it looks, even in nursing school.
    If the job offers a large sign-on bonus, run---as far and as fast as you can. Trust me, you DON'T want to work there.

  • Dec 7

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your pt will die.
    Life is not fair.
    The admission will always be the opposite sex of your only empty bed.
    Menopause sucks.

  • Dec 7

    Dollars to doughnuts it's not 10k to simply resit an exam.. OP mostly likely must repeat the entire semester and tuition is 10k.... I just cannot imagine any school for profit or public that would even attempt to charge 10k for a single exam.

  • Dec 7

    Yikes, $10k to retake an exam?

    Being a nurse is not worth that kind of extortion.

  • Dec 7

    Quote from CallMeSally
    Only school that accepted me. All the others are full plus they are more expensive.
    I cannot imagine something more expensive than a $10K exam re-take.