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  • 4:51 pm

    3 years of planning to make sure I landed myself in the ICU as a new grad, and it worked! Still there and sticking around for awhile.

  • 4:54 am

    Quote from hillbillienurse
    I did not present my question as a complaint, but as a question. I wrote the question for a friend. Now that the bad attitude bunch has squealed and shaken a crooked finger, I will wait and be appreciative of answers that aren't laden with venom from elsewhere.
    What "venom"? You asked a question and a few different people have answered. I don't read anything negative or critical in the responses. Yes, an RN can be assigned to work as a CNA. Most of us have had that experience over the years at one time or another. I've never minded it particularly; I was getting paid my usual wages for what was usually a much easier shift.

  • 4:53 am

    There's generally not any reason why they can't, this is why job descriptions usually include a phrase along the lines of "and other duties as directed". Personally I don't have any problem with this, being the best paid CNA around usually isn't something to complain about.

  • May 27

    That I need it. It's like an ugly boyfriend with bad breath that pays your bills.

  • May 25

    Quote from PenguinsFanRN
    Ahhhhh, Dr Google. These are some of the worst. I usually just listen as I go about my business of caring for the patient. I initially try to educate them, but usually you just have to smile and do your nurse thing. I would love to ask " oh where did you say your MD/RN degree came from???????"

    Or when they say they they're a nurse and they're in school either for nursing or CNA certification...

  • May 25

    "Nurse issue" equates to "anything the teacher finds distasteful enough to not want to deal with" in my school.

  • May 25

    I'm not a school nurse, but I absolutely believe that shoe-poo is an issue for the nurse. That could be c-diff poo. Did you do a C&S? Isolate the student to see if symptoms of hep A develop? Or are you just coasting through hoping the student doesn't become violently ill with Ebola? You just sent a ticking time bomb back to class - let's hope it waits until summer break to explode.

    And before I get the nasty responses, I'm totally not serious. Coming from a lurker, y'all are fun to watch - I just wanted to play too.

  • May 25

    Quote from lifelearningrn
    So, a student comes into my office with her nurse pass saying, "Snowflake stepped in poo"..

    I was in a bad mood already.. so I had student go to my restroom and clean her shoe (which had no poo that I could see) in the sink and then wash her hands before sending her back to class..I left a note on her pass back to class letting teacher now that in the future she can use the hallway restroom to clean poo off of her shoes and does not need a pass to the nurse for this.

    Am I wrong for trying to nip this in the bud?? Poo on shoes is NOT a medical issue. UGG
    Were they UGGs?

  • May 25

    You did the right thing. Only when we set reasonable boundaries will the staff "get it."

    Poop on a shoe is not a medical issue.

    Nor is the hem of a dress coming loose.

    Nor are broken glasses. (I am terrible at trying to fix them anyway.)

  • May 24

    Nursing pays the bills. If I could no longer pay the bills as a nurse.. I would seek another field.

  • May 24

    Nursing is not who I am...rather, it is what I do to earn a living. I work as a nurse to afford a comfortable lifestyle and do the things that I actually enjoy.

    I'd be just as pleased, if not happier, doing something else that paid similarly and enabled the degree of flexibility that nursing bestows upon my lifestyle.

    In essence, nursing is important to me, but not all that important. I would jump ship immediately if I won a multi-million dollar jackpot and not look back.

  • May 21

    Especially because a psych discharge may not stay a psych discharge for very long

  • May 20

    Quote from tyvin

    The make-up of this forum has changed drastically.
    Yeah, well it's been opened up to Facebook now, so...

  • May 18

    I've had two embarassing moments during my nursing career. Both at a big downtown hospital in Texas. First one: I was starting to clean up after a busy morning of cysto cases (we had a workroom between two cysto ORs). Ran water to wash the instruments, and got paged overhead to help out in another room STAT. Went off to help, by then it was lunchtime. Left the unit for lunch that day. When I came back, people were looking at me oddly, some laughing. Someone finally said "Bxx, if you wanted the floor mopped you could have just asked housekeeping." Apparently I forgot to turn off the water, and it spilled over the edge of the sink and flooded the room about an inch or so deep.

    Other time is rated at least PG, so be forewarned! Also, put your beverage down or swallow your coffee/soda now. I was having an extremely stuffy head and drippy nose due to bad allergies, so my doc gave me some RuTuss. That stuff REALLY dries you out, and my throat was actually painful from the dryness. So I asked someone at the beginning of the shift if they had a mint; got the reply "No, I only have butterscotch." Helped a little, hour later I asked another coworker for candy, "no, but I have mints in my locker". Several responses like that. After about 4 hours into the shift, I was desperate. Stepped out of the OR, grabbed the orderly as he walked by, and asked "Do you have something hard I can suck on?" The look on his face is indescribable. Only made it worse when I added "NO, I mean something sweet!" I ran back into the OR as fast as I could.

  • May 18

    Quote from GGirll22
    We all work hard to get to where we want to be in our careers. Seems like you got a good job, and lost it over something petty! If they told me to wear Pink with Green socks I would do it. Follow the rules. Very simple. I think you should be Thankful that is all that happened to you.
    Narcotics that cannot be accounted for are not "something petty."