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  • Dec 3

    I wouldn't work there without a second person. Even a secretary or maintenance person would do, someone within yelling distance that could summon more help. Big fat nope. Send an email with your concerns, so there's a record you told the boss of the risk. While you look for another job, keep your cellphone in your pocket at all times. Its not just injuries and getting into a situation you can't handle alone. it's also verbal accusations from demented folks, or the chance of physical violence. Say you come across someone down on the you run for help, or stay with the patient? While you are dealing with that, what happens to the other 14 people that are bound to wake in the commotion? I just don't see it being manageable, and I worked ER as the only RN in a small hospital BUT I always had a secretary who could call the floor or EMTs prn.

  • Nov 30

    Quote from Horseshoe
    Bullies like weak victims. It really ruins their whole plan when someone stands up to them with cool authority.
    Bingo...I know this sounds controversial, but some people are more likely to be bullied than others.

    In every workplace setting or classroom, some people are magically left alone by the bully while others are picked on without mercy. This does not happen by accident...the bully knows precisely who he/she can target and get away with it. Read: it's the folks who won't effectively stick up for themselves or defend themselves against the attacks.

    The people who are left alone by the bully tend to be the ones who will actively resist being teased or picked on. If the bully knows you'll embarrass him or curse him out in front of the group, he'll look for the weak link who is unlikely to do anything when belittled.

  • Nov 28

    I work under who I call the Ernest Shackleton of nurse managers. She supports us when conflict arises, be it with families or attending physicians. She encourages us to call security if at any moment we feel unsafe or even uncomfortable -- she recognizes that a verbally abusive family member is going to distract us from patient care. Not just physically aggressive ones. She has fought and been granted more staff during budget planning, even permission to hire during a hiring freeze. And get this: when we are critically understaffed, she and the assistant manager work the unit.

    Don't get me wrong, I love cookies. Especially when there are many of them. But how I feel appreciated is -- to use the Shackleton reference again -- to have a leader who will get in a tiny boat and row through the treacherous Antarctic oceans to help her staff. Not one who tells us to be Nurse, Waitress, Concierge, Diplomat, and Professional Gluteus Maximus Kisser...that we will like have a cookie.

  • Nov 26

    I will preface this by mentioning that I've worked in fast food and retail.

    I've experienced more vitriol as a floor nurse than at any non-nursing job I've ever held. Nursing exposes you to the ugliest side of human nature: verbally abusive families, colleagues from other disciplines who try to order you around, rude physicians, and managers who lack empathy.

    Above all else, I have experienced blatant misogyny, sexism, racism, and other ugliness from more than a few patients.

  • Nov 26

    Adding to Sour Lemon's suggestion, gero psych has quite a bit of medical to keep one up and interested.

  • Nov 26

    I feel like behavioral health allows a more whimsical side of my personality to come out. I work per diem on a somewhat extended stay unit. I can take off for 3-5 weeks, come back, and many of the same patients are still around. They're "medically cleared" and assessment is more about listening to their realities than anything else. The patients also seem to benefit from a calmer type of personality as opposed to a high-strung, reactive one. Not everyone has an affinity for psychiatric patients, though.
    I also keep my foot in the door in med/surg to remain versatile, but psych is my clear preference and sounds like it might be a good option for the OP.

  • Nov 26

    How do you feel about behavioral health?

  • Nov 24

    Quote from Nursingbabydoll
    what do I do to make this a better learning experience for me, so I csn learn better work faster. And be a better student.
    Help me please!

    Listen to your instructor, duh. "I did something wrong and was told not to do it and now Im being abused" No its called they are trying to teach you and your little know it all attitude isn't helping. Get over yourself and take the lessons.

  • Nov 17

    Quote from NurseGirl525
    Repeat customers are good for business.
    As long as they wait 31 days between admissions, that is.

    Quote from NurseGirl525
    Im not being callous, and I mean it when I tell my patients I don't want to see them again
    I tell my patients that all the time Unfortunately, medication compliance among psych patients ins't good.

  • Nov 16

    Quote from SandraCVRN
    Please don't tell me this is the millennial generation coming into nursing!!

    I didn't know I would have to follow the rules to a T.

    These were not mistakes they were lies & falsifying documents.

    Please be a troll.
    What do you mean by millennial generation? There has been ethically challenged people from the beginning of time... It's not a generational issue at all

  • Nov 15

    I learned about hypothyroid myopathy...which kinda depresses me. I've been hypothyroid for 11 years. Because I am hypothyroid, I am more likely to develop an assortment of disease processes such as hyperlipidemia, CAD, myopathy, chronic kidney disease, bone disorders, etc.

    Slowed muscle contraction and relaxation, known as hypothyroid myopathy, may be caused by a shift in the distribution of muscle fiber types from fast-twitch fibers to slow-twitch fibers. A reduction in muscle mitochondrial oxidative capacity and beta-adrenergic receptors, as well as the induction of an insulin-resistant state, may result in these changes.
    Hypothyroid Myopathy: Background, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology

  • Nov 14

    When I worked the floor, these were my annoyances...

    1. Verbally abusive families who try to tell nurses how to do their jobs
    2. Colleagues from other disciplines who try to tell nurses what to do
    3. Redundant documentation and audits
    4. Out-of-touch nurse managers and administrators
    5. Too much responsibility with little to no authority

  • Nov 13

    Quote from magslu
    I am sorry for the multitude of negative responses you are receiving on the board here. I also have been blasted by them. I am new to nursing also, I also moved to different agencies, facilities looking for my right fit as well.
    I do not think there is anything wrong with you. You were not careful, should have read the doctors orders and not relied on the out going nurse to tell you everything. Keep in mind as I have found, not many nurses will help you and I hope you can decipher this by the reactions you receive on the board here.
    You need to be CAREFUL, with home care, you have the time to read those orders !!!
    I agree, the facility is dangerous as it is bulked with too many patients and not enough time or staff. I don't care what anyone says on this board. Too bad the nurses do not stick together to report the dangerous conditions for the patients and the staff. However, everyone is so afraid to lose a job !!!
    I remember meeting my trainer at the facility I oriented with, she was employed for 5 years there and it is still a mystery to me, why she would want to work the way she did. She guzzled a lunch in 5 minutes, no peeing or taking a sip of water the entire shift. I find it inhumane, to be subjected to this day after day.
    I think you are smart to take that bridge to RN, there are more options for you. Just let your mistakes be a learning experience. The nurses here have made them as well, we are human and not perfect. However, you will encounter this mentality of being criticized. Remember !! be CAREFUL you have human lives in your hands !! there is nothing at all wrong with you, you are new !!
    No one here is perfect, and I haven't seen anyone claim to be perfect. We all make mistakes. The OP isn't making mistakes, however. She is deciding to lie, to falsify documentation, to steal time. What she is doing is criminal. She knows that and does it anyway. Any ethical and honorable person would condemn that sort of behavior. The fact that you also don't seem to see that much of a problem in it makes me wonder about YOUR ethics and honesty.

  • Nov 12

    I've never heard of HOPE charting. I googled it and came up with a bunch of spiritual stuff.

    Is there HOPE for Dummies?

  • Nov 11

    Quote from dburkhart
    Why do I keep getting fired? Am I burnt out and just don't feel it? How do I regain control of my career and stop losing my job? Am I the only one out there with this problem? Please help, anyone!
    Hi dburkhart.

    I was confused by your post, regarding specifics, so I did a little search, attempting to find more information in which to help.

    I found one other thread from last July where you spoke of being discouraged with nursing and were considering leaving the profession. Ruby Vee gave you this advice:
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    Querying random strangers on the Internet isn't going to solve your problems or answer your questions. If this has happened more than once to you, you probably already have the answers. You just need to do some self-reflection and figure out what the commonalities between situations could be. Not to be insulting or hurtful, but if you keep ended up being terminated, it probably isn't THEM. It's YOU. The good news is that you have the power to change that.
    As Ruby Vee stated, we all have the power to change ourselves; I like to call it a change of consciousness due to illuminating revelations. It's a long rough haul, but the payoffs are priceless.

    Self-examination is a good place to start, with a close friend, therapist, Emotions Anonymous, self-help books, etc.

    Let us know how we can help you, and we can be stepping stones and give advice. However, we cannot be not the whole enchilada.

    The very best to you, dburkhart.