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    we use iodine scrub then chloraprep

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    Hello All,

    As most OR we are always in the look out to improve processes and how to keep patients, surgeons, anesthesia happy, I say what about ourselves?

    My OR just started a nurse practice council and I joined in. My idea, taken from my marketing wife, is to give nurse's like either a weekly/monthly improvement questionnaire. It's a take on my wife's focus group; they go around and ask random people the pros and cons of the new product or concept.

    So the questionnaire would ask questions such as (this is anonymous):
    1) Did you have a good/bad day/week/month ? Please explain...

    2) If a good day, what was good about it, and how could we duplicate it.

    3) If a bad one, what was bad about it, how could it be handled differently.

    I want to see how my fellow OR nurses in the internet have done this type of questionnaires.

    Good Idea? Bad Idea? Indifferent?

    Did it fail? Did it work?
    What kind of questions did you ask...
    What kind would you ask?

    Thank you all in advance...

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    During my CV time, the CV team got the same base pay. But, we do get a monthly stipend.

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    Congratulations! I'm happy and jealous at the same time. I took my test and missed the 'cut' by 6 points. Needless to say I'm very disappointed. Now, I just need to get back on the proverbial horse. Has anyone taken the CCI CNOR bundle? On CCI's website it will get you ready for the CNOR and give you CEU as well. I figured they are the ones giving the exam so they are the ones that knows how the test will be.Thank u all in advance

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    Hello all,

    I just recently heard from a coworker that she heard rumors of hospitals paying for your kids' education. Is this just an urban myth?

    I thank all in advance.

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    Like Argo and Poet...
    My OR first pours the saline then asks the scrub to draw up with a syringe and reconstitute the Baci/poly inside its' vial.
    Maybe your OR thinks that it's antibiotic anyways and doesn't matter...?

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    Thanks Argo
    That's one thing that I don't have to worry about...
    When it comes to getting experience on something that I am interested in I have no fear in learning about it. I totally want to learn this specialty and am so excited to learn it. In my mind I don't want to end up like the older OR nurses I've seen, they have stopped learning and get sooo set in their ways that they chew out and spit out the new nurses.

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    Thanks Canes & Argo,
    I took both your advises and went to the manager to ask regarding the opening. They (CTOR) were busy at the time and she said she'll talk to me once gets quieter...
    So, now, I have a question...
    Should I get ready for a round of interview? Since they are their own crew... In the brief encounter she asked where I am in my career, I mentioned that I can do anything up to ortho and just did neuro. Then her second question was how are u in vascular? I said I can do circ but not so much scrub... But I can do it...
    Now, I'm second guessing myself, cuz, when she said vascular, did she mean open? I replied Yes vascular but endo-vascular is what I do.. Trip-A I can do....

    Any insights? thanks!

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    My OR has a manager that respects, yes, she is bossy, but she CAN run and scrub a room. It also has come to a point where she is the first to say NO I'll precept the new person so they will be it right from the beginning.

    Unlike the rest where they don't talk the talk...

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    Hello all,

    I find myself at a cross road in my OR...

    I have found out that CT will be loosing one of their nurses and therefore will have an opening.
    I am interested in doing this, but, if I do switch to CT, I become the "property" of CT.
    They are a specialized group and only does CT.

    Now, I am in the main OR, and after a couple of months requesting to train in Neuro, I have finally reached the next one to train in Neuro, which I am excited about.

    So, which specialty would benefit my future endeavor as an OR nurse?

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Thank you for the replies
    It happened again this week... a manager was placed in a room to scrub and was actually almost drawn to tears... they had to pull someone to scrub and her circulate and still she looked like a chicken with her head cut off...
    That's not a manager that I would look up to and give my respect

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    Hello all,
    This topic just came about recently... Staff in my OR feel that the managers are all out of touch with the rooms. The staff have spoken to HR about this and the feedback from the managers' are "I'm too busy to work a room"

    SO! I was just wondering how feasible is it for the mangers' of their respected specialties to work (do both circ and scrub) the room at least once a month.

    Thanks for the input!

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    It's still in the tweaking phase...
    Did your 'universal' (that's what we are calling it) checklist have a N/A box,
    cuz an issue came up, one of the checkboxes is did the pt verbalize their name, DOB, etc... But it was a NICU baby and in my hospital they go straight to the OR room from their room accompanied by security and the RN. We wanted an N/A box beside just so that we can have that on the sheet.

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    The check list that came out has 5 columns.
    The 1st column is for pre-op
    2 - 4 is for the OR nurse with a checkbox that states 'lock the stretcher before moving the pt over' and 'did anesthesia put a pulse ox on the patient.
    the 5th is for PACU

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    Hello all,

    Just recently my OR did a trial run for a universal checklist.
    My OR took a checklist from a leading hospital and tweaked it to serve our hospitals' purposes.
    It seems that there is a bunch of push-backs from both sides of the place (surgeons & Rns).
    I would like to know if your OR uses them and how did you guys use them? ie how did you implement the checklist?
    If you just started the checklist, how did your OR handle the roll out.

    Thanks in advance!