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Joined Jul 20, '07 - from 'U.S.'. mtsteelhorse is a Corrections Nurse. She has '16' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Correctional Nursing; MSN student'. Posts: 1,738 (13% Liked) Likes: 313

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  • Aug 10

    I don't believe it is regionally accredited. Might want to double check that.

  • Mar 24

    I don't know the path of study to become a naturopath but I would certainly investigate. You are young with a passion for holistic refreshing! If I had your options I would likely go the naturopath route. You will have more autonomy and opportunities. Additionally you can add to your practice with acupuncture and advanced studies. Do a search for naturopath schools...good luck! I think you have a very bright future! I agree with your view on western medicine. While I appreciate our technology, we as a nation are extremely short sighted when it comes to managing chronic health problems. Go for it! I was planning on going on to NP school but like you my belief system clashes with the medical model. Keep me posted!

  • Mar 7

    I often wonder if there are folks on forums that provide opinions to encourage enrollment. However the information provided in this thread is legit and available for anyone to review. The nice thing about Aspen is they aren't charging a ginormous fee for an accredited program. I'm psyched and I appreciate all the information.

  • Feb 19

    I can't speak to what you're experiencing, but your post has convinced me I need to attend part-time. Due to start in January. Good luck to you. Are you attending an online program?

  • Feb 9

    That combination of courses sounds extreme. I can't even imagine! Best of luck to you. I take one class over 8 weeks and love it.

  • Feb 6

    Holy Mackerel! That sounds like a ton of work. You are a busy gal to juggle 3 classes, FT work and a toddler. I have applied to the psych program. I can't believe you didn't get in with that high GPA. Did they say why? Are there tests per se? Proctored exams? I can't even envision what the material is like. IF I'm accepted it will be a HUGE undertaking for me; so I'm trying to learn all I can about the rigors of the program. Please feel free to PM me if you like. Thanks so much and all the best to you!

  • Feb 2

    Accepted EKU PMHNP online program starting summer 2014
    No GRE required if GPA meets criteria
    GPA 3.8

  • Jan 23

    ADN at 38, BSN at 51, MSN will be completed by age 56 in 2017.

  • Jan 1

    ADN at 38, BSN at 51, MSN will be completed by age 56 in 2017.

  • Dec 31 '15

    ADN at 38, BSN at 51, MSN will be completed by age 56 in 2017.

  • Dec 27 '15

    brentntexas, starting 2nd class today. So far so good. Glad to get Adv Path behind me. You starting now??

  • Dec 27 '15

    Looking to connect with any grad students at EKU. I have applied to the PMHNP program. I'd love to get some info.

    Thank you

  • Dec 27 '15

    Any follow up info on EKU MSN???

  • Dec 27 '15

    Quote from LadyRN10
    My head is spinning off my shoulders! My goal is to go into private practice as a prescribing clinician who specialized in psychiatry.

    What is the difference between a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist?

    Also, I won't be done by 2015, is that law going into effect saying I need a DNP to prescribe?

    Please help!
    This is my goal as well. Go with the NP speciality. There is no mandate about the DNP. Numerous schools still offer PMHNP at master's level. I'm going for it IF I'm accepted I won't be done by 2015 either. Some schools are changing to the DNP level so you might want to check on schools that don't require that unless you want the DNP. I personally do not. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!

  • Dec 22 '15

    I am attending EKU and so far, so good. I am half-way through the program and clinical rotations begin next month. I like the layout of the program. Most courses are 8 weeks in length with different start times. I don't know how it compares to other programs. The entire program is online with proctored exams. I will get into the real meat of the psych material spring semester. I have heard UND is very good. I would steer clear of USA based on many, many bad reviews I've heard over the past few years. If anyone has had a good experience with USA please correct me!