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  • Feb 23

    Ultimately you need to decide what area you are most passionate about. I am in a PMHNP program. Marketability is, in part, due to your location. Are you able to relocate after graduation? Do you feel drawn to FNP vs PMHNP? Have you considered getting your MSN as FNP then adding a post grad cert in pysch? Or, vice-versa? You mentioned enjoying the clinical side of nursing...ask yourself which aspect do you enjoy? I think you can create exactly what you want. This is a great place to brainstorm.

  • Jan 31

    I think WGU is probably excellent but be advised the NP program I want to apply to does NOT accept their BSN because you don't earn a GPA per se. The pass score = a 3.0 and our state school won't accept a program that doesn't award letter grades and a GPA.

    Good luck with your decision!

  • Jan 14

    I work in corrections also. It is not med/surg but it is an area of public health that includes acute and chronic care, including mental health care. Does your facility have an infirmary? Do you draw blood? Many people do not understand the area of correctional nursing. We manage healthcare ranging from lice to CHF, DM, HIV, etc. Emphasize the types of patients you provide care for. Also corrections requires a lot of autonomy in many cases. What are you hoping to do? Have you had other nursing experience? Happy to chat with you about this.

  • Dec 17 '17

    Interesting thread. I haven't started school yet and have been recruited by three different practices who are familiar with me. With our nation's new focus on mental health I think one can find a position, though it may require relocation for some. The ideal situation sounds like PMHNP-FNP to open all doors. I'm going to trust that mental health is where I need to be at this stage. Good luck to all of us moving forward to expand our education and make a contribution to society.

  • Jul 6 '17

    Also, the tuition is as follows: $2100 for the 7 course bridge program, $4800 for the MSN portion and $250 for the capstone course. Books are separate and must be purchased on your own. This tuition works out if you pay the Bridge program at $300 a class as you go, (= $2100); for the MSN portion you pay $2700 up front then pay as you go for the rest of it. So the total is approx $7150 with this plan.

  • May 20 '17

    I am attending EKU and so far, so good. I am half-way through the program and clinical rotations begin next month. I like the layout of the program. Most courses are 8 weeks in length with different start times. I don't know how it compares to other programs. The entire program is online with proctored exams. I will get into the real meat of the psych material spring semester. I have heard UND is very good. I would steer clear of USA based on many, many bad reviews I've heard over the past few years. If anyone has had a good experience with USA please correct me!

  • May 19 '17

    usalsfyre, what a rude and insensitive comment. NenaRK, you're young! Go for the Naturopathic Medicine. You can build on many skills and modalities. I don't know where I'd be without my chiropractor and acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner. Those who can only see western medicine as the total answer are missing some incredible healing options. There is room to blend both worlds. I wish you well in your pursuits. Go for the whole enchilda!

  • May 5 '17

    This information is invaluable. I am impressed with Aspen thus far and submitted the preliminary application last evening. I had an email exchange with the Dean and will speak with her next week. As far as ASU I have no clue how their program works. I know it's more expensive and that's about it. I trust those that say they are not imposters...thank you for your reassurance. I'm sure it happens all the time. I come to this forum in hopes of honest and supportive exchange. Thanks for posting.

  • May 5 '17

    Aspen is wonderful. They will support you from the get-go! I was sooooooooo nervous but just jump in and that feeling will pass. Their admission process is straight-forward, organized and efficient. I look forward to "seeing you" class!

  • May 5 '17

    Aspen is GREAT! The coordinator is currently tweaking the curriculum a bit...for the better! I am in the first course and it was initially overwhelming but I am enjoying it! They are so easy to work with and want you to succeed at every step. I just started Module 3 (of 8 in a course) and I'm getting the hang of it. I encourage you to contact admissions and check into it. I work FT, have 2 kids and I'm managing. I think some of the changes will make it easier to get through the classes. The coordinator is always looking to improve things...and the Dean as well. It is a relatively new program but I tell you, after all the research I did re: on-line programs AU won hands down. I'm happy to answer any questions...check it out!