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Hi, I'm KaroSnowQueen. I've been an LPN for 30 years, worked on my RN but never finished it. I have 5 kids, had 11 foster kids, have 3 grandkids. I have worked in nearly every nursing setting, Hospital (including ICU and stepdown, nursing homes (ugh), private duty, a little bit of home care, and now review Medicare claims for a major insurance co

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  • Jul 28

    Pt in room A - woman in her late 60's/early 70's.
    Pt in room B - woman in her late 60's/early 70's.
    Doc goes into room A, starts to remove sutures from midline incision. Incision spontaneously seperates and pt partially dehisces and starts screaming with the family in the room watching!!!!! MD barking orders, scurrying about, saline dressings, calling for this that and the other, getting pain meds, run, run, hurry, hurry!!!!
    Family of lady in room B, grabs me as I go flying past, "Grandma wants a coke." Say as quickly and pleasantly as I could, "I am involved in an emergency, can you please find someone else, as I will be a while?", with an armload of dressings, IV fluids, injectables.
    Family of room B complains to nurse manager, tells them I was rude and wouldn't get Grandma a coke.
    I was written up for "bad customer service." I'm sure if I had told the pt and her family in room A that I couldn't bring her IV Morphine/Phenergan and dressings, that I had to get B a Coke it would have been just fine!!!

  • Jul 20

    I have been away from the bedside for three years now. After my first week at my desk job, I realized I hated bedside nursing with a passion. Why? Because it was one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and realized we (along with Rodney Dangerfield) got no respect.
    Throw everything in the world at the nurses and then make them feel an inch tall if they could not perform as superwoman!
    Take eight or nine patients on stepdown! If anyone complains, tell them how incompetent they are!
    Discharge all seven patients you started out with on your shift, and take on eight new ones and how DARE you get confused about who you have and what they need!
    What do you MEAN you can't work another eight hour shift because your relief didn't show up and the office doesn't want to pay for agency?
    You want to take a VACATION??? What if we can't find coverage for your shifts? Well, you'll just come in to work anyway, won't you? What do you mean, H3ll no!??
    This patient's coding, this patient is bleeding out and why can't you get a coke for the patient's family next door to the code?
    I quit my weekend bedside job right after my first week at this job. A job where I was treated with respect, asked if things were understood and never treated if I was incompetent if they weren't, a place where even though the job has gotten 200% harder since I started, has never come CLOSE to being as miserable as I was on the floor.
    And by on the floor, I mean I have worked hospital, nursing home/rehabs, agency, home health, private duty. Twenty three years of that cr*p, and I had enough. Nursing has to be changed to be sure we are respected, and by that I mean, given sufficient staff to handle what is going on, nursing management who jumps in and helps out when everything is going straight to h3ll, and nursing staff recognized as being slightly more important than just pooperscoopers and wait staff.
    I loved what nursing is supposed to be. I did not love nursing as it is, at the bedside.
    Sorry, just reading all these posts from people on the floor suddenly made me have to vent about all this stuff.

  • May 26

    I drive one hour one way. Sometimes is longer on the way home. About 45 miles one way, only about 8 of it is on an interstate. Been doing this commute since '96 and I. am. over. it!!!!

  • May 4

    I work for a major insurance company reviewing claims. There are annoying moments in this job as well, but nothing like when I had was on the floor. As a matter of fact, the worst problem I have on a daily basis is getting people to send me faxes in a timely manner.

    And the person who stated respect is earned - indeed it should be. But when nursing management treats all nurses as though they are expendable, like kleenex, and burdens them with workloads that are dangerous to both patient and nurse alike, I think there is sufficient evidence that they are not even trying to treat the nurses with respect. And when the nurses say oh wait a minute here, Fred! We are NOT taking NINE patients a piece on step down, you need to get us some more help up here and they act like we are kindergarteners who can't color in the lines, well, that is just not acceptable to me. And its not just me, and its not just the places I have worked. I see it daily on all nurses, as well as from nurses I know in other positions.

  • Apr 19

    Stripes and their placement denote the school you attended. I graduated from a school where we wore a small cap with a single royal blue stripe. My first job was in a neighboring town that had their own school and all the other nurses, every single one had attended that school. They required us to wear our caps and the DON accosted me my second day there and told me I was NOT a nurse, because my stripes didn't look like everyone else's!! She was unaware that every school's cap didn't look like everyone else's!

  • Apr 13

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  • Jan 14

    I have been an LPN nearly 21 years. I have worked hospital maybe 4 or 5 years of it and the rest LTC.
    Truthfully, I despised LTC but it paid much more than hospital work for many years, until I got my experience level up.
    I have been full time on a med surg telemetry floor since Summer 2001, and I do not regret it a bit. I am now making $3 an hour more than I made at my last LTC job, and only $1 an hour less than I was making agency. I learned more in three months on med surg than I learned the entire time I was in LTC.

    Don't let the commute be much of a factor. I worked LTC 10 minutes away, and 45 minutes away. I now work hospital 1 hour away but wouldn't trade it for anything.
    DO check into the pay scales and see how they compare. Unless of course, you have a rich husband and money doesn't factor into the equation (don't I wish I had one of those!!!!!! )