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    I've found only one place (nursejoe), but there must be more. Help!

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    I like my paycheck too! You don't have to care to be a professional nurse, but it sure helps. Let's face it, not even the best nurse "cares" every minute of every shift. You have a professional face of caring that you put on when you go to work. You will be much happier, I think, if you do care about your patients, but as long as they believe you do, they will be served. You will develop a professional demeanor, as any professional does, that exudes caring. As an example, I just got my brakes done. The guy who greeted me was cheerful and friendly, but I doubt he goes home at night dreaming about my brakes. It sure does feel good to help people though...

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    It is hard to say without knowing all the details. Is this a coworker? If you did nothing wrong his threat to notify the board of nursing is just smoke. But if he fabricates a history between you he could turn this into a harassment charge. Although, it sounds like YOU have a harassment charge against him. His behavior is unacceptable. Is this someone who should be working in healthcare? Someone throwing out threats after being rejected? If you have any further trouble with him I would report him to HR. Good luck.

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    Hey what about Excelsior? I have two degrees from them.

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    Commissioning is no big deal, but I believe you need a BSN (or Bachelor in something and RN). The best way is find an Air Evac unit and apply directly to them. If they have an opening they can help you commission. Schools are a few months.

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    What isn't clear is if patient information was in the screen shot. As an educator (different legal status than a student) I take screen shots of labs all the time. But, I am always careful to leave any patient identifier out of the screen shot. I think this is a critical difference. If the patient name or number was visible, then yes it is an obvious violation.

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    I have taught both online and in person and currently am teaching an online class. The class I'm teaching I built from ground up so I've have full involvement in it from the begging. If you add the prep time for the first class, the pay is quite low. But every time you teach it, you reap the benefit of having built it. The convenience is unbelievable; your own hours, and from your house. The most time consuming part is grading assignments. You do miss the "aha" moments of a live class and not much interaction with students but it makes sense for the money versus time spent.

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    Oh the opportunity missed... "yes, I actually am an idiot, thank you for noticing. A lot of people overlook that. I tried to google yourologist but it won't come up. Is it the ology of you? That sounds like a doctor of everything. I'm so excited, tell me tell me!!!"
    Or you could sound really smart like you did.

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    I will not calm down. Do you think what she did is OK? I'm glad it has been taken down though. Hopefully she has realized the error of her ways.

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    I thought Maverick was in the Navy! Is there a reason you can't just apply to hospitals on their web sites? As Anchor noted, many agency nurses go on to work where they worked on contract. Some agencies expressly forbid this, but in my experience few enforce it. Thanks for your service, good luck.

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    Nursing is a solid field, sick people are not going away. Not only is the general population aging, but so are nurses. The last I heard the average age of a nurse is about 45. As for wages, it varies a lot by region. Keep up your grades and you will do well. Good luck.

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    BSN is preferred by many hospitals. Some require it, although they usually will allow you to complete it after hire. But, it depends on the hiring climate and what they need. You will be at a competitive disadvantage without a BSN.

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    I have an ASN and MSN, no BSN. I immediately got a number of teaching jobs as soon as I achieved my MSN. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed or cared. (I have a Bachelor in another field.)

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    I'm going to take wild stab and guess you are under 30. If so, that means you have many years to gather nursing experience to make yourself more competitive. Get a nursing job, get professional certifications, volunteer, live your life with honor and integrity. In no time you will be a rock star and when you reapply, you will be a top candidate. Good luck.

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    Not only is it an obvious HIPAA violation, but she is also degrading a patient and using her status as a nurse to "entertain" her friends. On the face of it, she has no business being in any position of trust. You worry that it will ruin her career? I think you should worry she will actually become a nurse. This is where nursing advocacy comes in. As an advocate for patients, this should be reported.
    You can report to the feds here U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - Office for Civil Rights
    Here is the NCSBN page on reporting nurses Filing a Complaint | NCSBN
    You could also report to the school but this might not be confidential.