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    Before you leave the faculty job, what are the prospects of moving up into leadership or tenure? If good, it might be worth staying. But, I find clinical education more challenging and keeps you up on all the rapid changes going on. As a clinical educator you can always come back into the bedside if you wish. After too many years in academia that becomes less and less of a realistic option. Oh and the pay....!!

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    This is a great opportunity to connect with them. Ask the patient their reason and you might be able to address their concern. I have had this happen very occasionally, but almost always after talking with them, they consent. I had a patient say once refuse me as a male saying "all male nurses are homosexual". I told him I wasn't and he was like, "oh, ok". More likely it is a female who is uncomfortable. If you can make them comfortable you usually will be fine. Sometimes they are adamant and I feel we should try to accommodate them. Typically you would tell them that it isn't possible to change assignments due to staffing management, but you will ask a coworker to do anything that might involve close contact.

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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    Just a tip — using the "quote" function when you reply helps readers figure out which poster you are addressing.
    I kind of like that I can always assume the thank you is for me!

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    Great question. I was intrigued until I read that family wants this done, now I'm outraged! Munro gives an excellent answer. I would however speak with the physician. They may not realize (?) the implications of the order. Can you convince them to at least make the order PRN for constipation? You could get the attention of management by writing an incident report each time you have to have a wrestling match to get this done. This is a patient and staff safety issue for a highly questionable medical benefit. Does the patient each their vegetables?

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    There is hope. But you will competing against those who don't need a waiver. You can only try... Good luck!

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    Can you get deployed? This will qualify you for the GI bill. I don't know anything about ROCT but is that a possibility? You should be able to commission after you get your degree. I would just finish school without any obligation and use your paycheck to pay off school loans. Good luck.

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    This is like asking whom you should date. It depends. There are a thousand posts here with information. Good luck.

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    Th usual;
    Opera singer

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    Hiiistigen is right, you can commission with a bachelor degree, but not work as a nurse.

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    All active duty airmen compete for promotion. Are you familiar with the "rack and stack"? As is all human endeavors, different units have different cultures. So yes, that may occur.

    I'm in the Guard where I don't see any of that. I've promoted to Maj. as fast as it can be done. Neither I nor my coworkers throw anyone under any buses.

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    Health care is provided to all, in the form of hospitals, that in the US (due to EMTALA) can never refuse a patient. This means, at no cost to you, an entire health care system is ready and waiting anytime you want it. You don't pay for this, and if you can't pay, you still get the service. If you are in my county, you expect police, fire, and medical services if you have an emergency. I believe your argument is completely false. Healthcare is paid for by the people who pay. There are people who don't pay, and these costs are shifted to payers in the form of higher costs. This cost shifting essentially means that society, (or everyone) is paying for the care. If you told me that you have no health insurance, and you wouldn't come to trauma center if you got shot, I declare BS. It is interesting that that left leaning socialist organization, the United Nations, declare health care a basic human right. Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations. Would you also tell me that an indigent child should die for lack of health care? I think not.

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    It's only too late if you think so. If you are done growing, then yes. I was over 40 when I became a nurse, joined the military, learned to snowboard and mountain bike. Try to keep up junior...

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    Quote from Wuzzie
    You're in the South? Then you know all it takes is a " well, bless your heart" and that should take care of it!
    Ouch!!! Good one.