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  • Oct 13

    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    Yes, I chose to get into a female dominated profession (6% male) and a extremely dominated specialty-NICU (1% male) because of the paycheck and not because I care about my patients.
    Men in the profession was 9.6 in 2011, so I'm estimating its at 11-12% now.

    And good for the OP who wants to raise the bar. :thumbsup:

  • Sep 20

    One way or the other.....they WILL stop chomping on that ETT.

  • Sep 11

    HIPAA? Not likely. Against school or facility policy? Probably. A threat to your school's continued presence for clinical experiences at that facility? Yep.

    At this point, all you can do is wait. It would also be wise to be prepared to admit you made a mistake, you've learned from it, and it won't happen again. With an action plan to make sure.

  • Aug 22

    Quote from ItsThatJenGirl
    Arguably all gen ed classes are "worthless" I suppose, but a four year degree is meant to make you a more "well rounded" person.
    I concur. Although it would be good if RN-to-BSN completion programs incorporated some practical course offerings into the curriculum, the aim of a baccalaureate degree is to produce well-rounded people with broad worldviews and open minds.

    Hence, the point of all of those seemingly 'fluffy' courses is to inculcate open-minded reasoning skills and the ability for synthesis at a higher level.

  • Aug 15

    No. It's specifically permitted by the HIPAA privacy rule unless the patient opts out in writing

  • Aug 15

    198-May providers leave messages for patients at their homes to remind them of appointments |

    Sending out appointment reminders by postcard is generally not a HIPAA violation.

  • Aug 15

    No - it did not reveal anything other than the person's gender. Not exactly PHI

  • Jul 17

    I am currently half way my AGNP, and I still work 1 full time and part time, plus gf and I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. However, i wake up 5 am and go to sleep at 11pm, i take advantage of every minute in my day. You can do it!!!!

  • Jul 17

    Why would you think it would not? Life always throws us the unexpected and you learn to roll with it. Now you have two great things to look forward to.

  • Jul 17

    You are a nurse not God, there is just so much you can do. You did the right thing. These teenage kids will learn their way to deal with problems. Don't feel bad. The parents of these kids should feel bad. It is their responsibility to raise their kids and help them out.

  • Jul 17

    First off, discharging late at night is a bad idea. We would have held off discharge. What was the baby eating when he/she was there? I'm guessing formula since the parents/mom wasn't in too often. And depending on the insurance they have, social
    worker can set up X amount of transportation rides in to the hospital. I know that Caresource does this.

    I work in a large inner city hospital. We have instituted mandated discharge classes, parents have to bring in the car seat prior to discharge (if they do not have access to one, they are given the names of organizations to get one at no to low cost), we make sure they have WIC lined up and provide 24 hours worth of formula, we keep vitamins in our Pyxis to give at discharge instead of sending them to pharmacy. If they haven't been in for a while or are infrequent visitors, they have to come and spend at least 2 feeds with the baby.

    As as for pushing you to discharge because housekeeping was only there until 2300, are you kidding??? Housekeeping shuts down or what? And we clean our own spots if they are back logged and we need spots.

    Maybe be you could talk to your manager about starting up a discharge committee. We work with the neo who runs our follow up clinic and over the years have developed all the things I listed. We do discharge rounds to see who is going home, what they need, what follow up they need, things like that. Makes discharge a lot easier!

  • Jul 16

    Our hospital is baby friendly in Postpartum only, not NICU. We give out formula all the time. Many times new parents do not have time on day of discharge to prepare at home. This buys them time to get settled. I'd be more concerned to discharging to parents that do not seem capable to care for their infant. I would make sure social work follows up.

  • Jul 16

    A mistake to provide food for a baby?? What could be more "baby friendly?"

  • Jul 16

    I would have given her formula.

  • Jul 13

    Quote from nishey94
    I don't really know where to go to talk to active duty or veterans, I really don't know anyone other than my recruiters that are even in the military........I feel like I'm probably going to have to give up on the Marines because it really isn't fitting in with my plans.

    I feel like Im mainly doing nursing for my parents. Who I owe everything to. They've done so much for me.....when I told my mom that I wanted to join the military she gave me this heart broken look and she said she thought that this time I would make her proud, finish school and get a job, so she can rest easy and know that I'll be okay.
    I feel so stuck, like i have no choice but to finish school, Ive wasted so much money. I mean I do like the medical field, I like being in the hospital and treating people and just talking & being around them & a fast paced environment. I don't mind the throw up or any other body fluids or the gore that would come my way. I know I would make a great nurse. I just don't know if that is what I want for the rest of my life....yet it is affecting so much of my future....

    I think that I am going to look more into the Army nursing, see if I can talk to someone currently in it.
    If you are doing ANYTHING for your parents, or what they want, you're doing the WRONG thing.

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