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  • Dec 4 '17

    All of the women in my mother's side of the family are extremely clairvoyant(including my toddler, whom I have heard conversing w/ my deceased sister ), so my ghost stories are too numerous to count... however, I only have one related to nursing, and it's not exactly a "ghost" story, but still freaked me out none-the-less (Hey, just b/c there are a lot of experiences w/ ghosts in my family doesn't mean I'm not freaked by it! lol)

    I was working on 3rd floor of a 4-floor hospital, and I worked the night shift. The hospital was doing a lot of remodeling, floor by floor, and they had just completely shut down 4th floor to renovate it (it used to be the surgical unit, but they combined Med and Surg, and were turning 4th into pediatrics - a very small hospital I might add).
    Anyway, we ran out of D5W bags, and being that I wasn't busy, I volunteered to run downstairs to 2nd floor to borrow some since pharmacy was closed for the night. I got on the elevator and pushed the "2" button... I felt the elevator start to go up, and when the doors opened, I was on 4th floor. I was a little concerned, but thought I must have pushed the wrong button, so I pushed 2 again, and nothing happened, so I went back down to 3rd floor. When I got there, I pushed "2" again, and went right back up to 4th! Well, I got off the elevator, deciding to take the stairs... the floor was dark, except for a few lights on here and there, and being the chicken that I am, I rushed around to the stairwell. Only when I got there, it had been chained closed to prevent wandering people from coming up and exploring the empty floor (sounds like a fire hazard, but I swear it was chained shut). By now, I was a little more than scared, so I ran back around to the elevators and pushed the down button... Nothing happened. I pushed it again, and still nothing happened... Finally, I started pushing the button frantically and FINALLY the elevator doors opened. I pushed the "3" button, praying for the doors to close quickly LOL. I got back to 3rd floor, got out of the elevator, and took the stairs for the rest of the week.

    I read some posts above about "guardian ghosts" and thought I'd share one of my experiences real fast, too.

    When I was about 3, my mom and grandma were making dinner, and had sat a glass pan on top of the stove... One of them mistakenly turned on the wrong burner, causing the pan to shatter. I was standing directly in front of the stove. My mom panicked, sure that I was cut to bits, but there wasn't a scratch on me. Both my mom and grandma had glass peices stuck in their legs at my level, and there was glass impaled in the wall directly behind me. So obviously something sheilded me from the glass. My younger sister died at 4 months of SIDS when I was a year old, and my personal opinion is that she was protecting me (I have had several other occurances where I believe she intervened as well... may not be the actual case, but it's a thought I like to believe