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    Congrats!! Do your very best and don't be afraid to ask ask ask questions.

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    In my personal opinion it was the responsibility of those who prescribed the meds for the patient's stay in the hospital. Even if the clerical error was made, the ED docs get paid a lot of money to do their job, including the responsibility for receiving the MAR with the wrong name on it. But this sounds like it was a breakdown in the system. First the clerical error of the wrong MAR being sent, the ED staff not reading the name and other identifiers on the MAR that was sent, the wrong meds being prescribed for inpatient, etc. In my hospital it would be a nurse who does the med reconciliation after they go through the ED and are admitted to the floor, but even then, we call the doc if they didnt already check off on it, and verbally go thru each medication prescribed, and the corresponding DX for each and every med. It seems to be that this incident should be used as a learning opportunity for both the residence the patient was sent from, all the way to include the docs and nurses that were involved in the patient's care at the hospital. Thankfully the original poster stated that nothing bad came from this, and if they can learn where the breakdown occurred the whole way around, then they stand a chance of fixing it so it doesn't happen again.

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    this sort of thing happens because nurses and drs are run ragged. The healthcare profession is so busy i am surprised more things like this don't happen.
    We are pushed beyond our limits trying to get everything done and not incur overtime.
    The breakdown in the system was not enough time. That is usually the source of errors. People are rushing and stressed to get done so management doesn't get on their backs. Being pulled in too many directions at the same time is another source of the breakdown in the system. I think this is all common sense but the higher ups who have never worked as a nurse or an md will never get it.
    this is true and sad