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  • May 13 '12

    I guess Im in the school that a little bit of pain is ok.

  • Dec 9 '11

    Quote from mindlor
    Ahhhhhhh I sense you need a hug this morning lovely_rn!!!!

    Thanks but no hug...I need a chill pill and the winning mega numbers more than a hug. More and more I feel like Sisyphus during each shift and the constant criticisms toward nurses irritates to no end. Yes there are lazy nurses but the constant merciless criticism from non-nurses and nurses alike grates after a while. Its always woulda... coulda... shoulda....I'm (or I will be) a better nurse than she is. Unless you were the nurse for that shift you have no idea. Yes we have to cut corners due to staffing and if folks are mad now just wait. This country's health care system is getting worse...where's the money going to come from? Soon we will have third world style nurse for many patients even in acute care. See if mamma gets her bath then. Hospital patients will need family to bring food and supplies if they want more than the lowest quality bare minimum. Sounds kind of like most nursing homes right now doesn't it? Hospitals have been cutting everything and are next on deck for very steep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid dollars but of course its always because the nurse is lazy and too big headed. God forbid a lazy nurse sip water, take a break, or chat in front of her peers,pts, or family. We need to work every second of every shift and then some to not be considered lazy and even then someone will find something else to knock you down for. Fellow nurses do your best and make yourself scarce if you get 30 seconds of peace or people will hound the life out of you. It's truly never enough.

  • Dec 9 '11

    Quote from mindlor
    I am not a nurse as of yet. However, at clinicals my eyes are wide open, and my eyes see things through the lense of 25 years of management experience....
    Oh, lord. Come back after you get a job on an understaffed floor where 85% of your patients are total care, and tell us all about how we should manage our time better. Until then, you *honestly* don't know what you don't know.

  • Oct 29 '11

    Quote from Rabid Response
    I have a 2.0 GPA, a criminal record, and I'm pregnant. What are my chances of getting into nursing school? Should I wait to apply until after the baby is born? Should I wait until I'm paroled?

    Also--do these pants make me look fat?
    "Thanks for all of ur wonderful advice. I can't WAIT to be a nurse! Oh, but I forgot to tell everyone this-and I need your help PLEEEEEAAAASSEEE!!!!!

    One time, I gave my BF some of my mother's Perkosets when he was complaining that his toe was hurting. (see, I knew exactly which drug to give for pain! I am going to be a GREAT nurse!) I watched an episode of Nurse Jackie and saw the way she skillfully crushed it up and then snorted it, so I told my BF to crush it first then snort it. That way it gets to the bloodstream faster, right? And pleaze don't everyone get on ur high horse. My mother had knee replacement surgery three days ago, so I don't think she should even be taking this anymore. I am actually doing her a favor by taking them away. If I hadn't done this, she would probably turn into a junkie and stuff.

    Anyways, my BF got pulled cuz he was sorta sleepy and stuff, so the mean cop gave him a DUI. Oh, and since he crashed his car into a parked car across the street from our house, he had to go to the hospital. They did a blood test and found the Perkosets. The ER doc asked if he had a script (this confused me...why would he have a script? He's not in a play or anything.) and my BF told the doc that I had given him the pills. So now I have a different charge on my record, but I am SURE that the judge will see that I was being an Angel of Mercy by helping my BF. What do u think?"

  • Feb 12 '09

    here is the last one i used when i was an actively working hospital nurse:

    Attachment 5032 report sheet
    you will also find a link for student clinical report sheet for one patient attached to the end of all my posts that you might want to open up and print out.

    also, specifically for student nurses are these:

  • Dec 27 '08

    Quote from deftonez188
    I doubt that everyone who feels the way the OP feels would provide substandard care - perhaps they have a strong work ethic that will not allow them to complete a job (provide care) at any less than 100 percent. Or if not work ethic, perhaps fear of liability...a caring attitude is great but some people can even take that to the extreme of attachment.
    You are right. I did not mean to imply that everyone who feels that way would provide substandard care. Or that anyone who felt that way would provide that kind of care. I simply wanted to encoure the OP to think about how they feel will affect those around them in their workplace- be it patients or co-workers.

  • Dec 6 '07

    Is this book required, or is it a tool to learn the math? I have a friend that graduated in October and she said that the students were "on their own" to learn the math, that there was no required math text. I know things change, though ![/quote]

    Yes it is required and yes you will basically learn the math on your own. Make absolutely certain you get the Kee clinical calculations with access to the online course. What happens is that you will work through the book on your own online and your lab instructor will check your work and quizzes and such through the online course. You need a medical dictionary of some sort, I have Mosby's on my PDA, its ok but I would rather have Tabers. What you do not need for 1500's are any of the recommended books or the APA manual. You can find lots of info on APA format online.

  • Dec 6 '07

    "Clinical Calculations, Kee, 5th edition?"

    That is the correct one. The other two you will use the most in 1500's and 1600's are the Taylor one Sugar mentions, Fundamentals in Nursing and then Health Assessment for Nursing Practice by Wilson.

    Feel free to send a pm is you have any other questions.