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  • Jul 29

    The word charlatan comes to mind. Report fraudulent title use and see how long it lasts.

  • Mar 15

    I'd say competitive qualities are those that reflect maturity, professionalism, and a decent noodle on top of some capable shoulders. Many people join the military young (myself included), and grow over the years into mature, capable adults. Officers must be this way from the get-go. Best of luck (prior service/current NCP).

  • Feb 5

    Yes, you're probably right SoldierNurse22

    I've tangled with some of the administrative side of the house. Not really my cup of tea - generating endless data and 15 meetings a week really brought me down :P

  • Feb 3

    Likely if you show some competence in Med-Surg and express interest in working MSW - you'll work MSW. It doesn't hurt to mention your future interests (ICU/ED).

    MSW = Ill newborn, pediatric, adult; You get occasional post-partum moms with mastitis or endomyometritis.

    It's really your best bet, in my opinion.

    A piece of advice too: Focus on learning your job, become competent at caring for a team of 5 patients, train/respect your corpsmen; Everything else is low on the totem pole. After a year, you'll be pretty decent at your job.

  • Feb 3

    Was stationed at NHCP once - most new Ensigns end up working on either the Multiservice Ward or Postpartum. After doing your 'time,' people often transition to other floors like the ER/ICU.

    Be aware - most new grads are very hopeful to go directly to a specialty floor out the gate. You're best served growing on the Multiservice ward first (not that you will have the option...). You can always 'float' to the ER if things are slow to cross-train, they'll be glad to have you and will use you without a doubt.

  • Jan 15

    Hello Fellow Nursefolk,

    I’m an active duty Navy nurse (O-3) and I’m looking for some advice from people who are in the know…
    …Do I need a Master’s to make O-4 these days?

    I ask because I struggle with ‘analysis paralysis’ – I overthink everything much like many in nursing do, and I agonize over whether I’m ‘doing enough’ to prepare myself to promote.

    About me: My evals have never been an issue – I check all of the right boxes and my point grade is always above the average.

    I started an MSN program this week but I wonder, should I just work harder for the command and make my evals even better? I really don’t want to work on my masters but feel like I ‘have to.’ I’m tired of learning non-clinical information – I became a nurse because medicine is awesome, but after my RN-BSN program I feel traumatized by the never-ending ‘fluff’ courses which don’t really add to a greater understanding. This MSN just feels like a movie – Boring Paper Writing 2: The Revenge!

    Anyone have any advice?