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  • Jan 3

    Our hospital does not have any policy on tattooing, and several of us have visible tattoos that we don't make any effort to cover.

    I have only had compliments on mine, and there are more tattoos among the older generation than you would think. A lot of men in the military, who were drafted in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam have tattoos; they love to compare them with mine and tell me their stories. I've never had anyone make a disparaging comment about my moral character because of my tattoos. At least not to my face!! I've never had someone refuse to have me back as a nurse (we get our same pts back each shift unless there is a request not to do so), so I'm assuming they at least put up with the policy.

    I sometimes have pink hair/highlights, too. Nothing in our policy about that. I always find the "only natural hair colors" funny. Like there is anything natural about those crazy highlights that many of the mainstream women are sporting. I KNOW there is nothing natural about the suits in my building who are in their 50s+ but don't have a grey hair on their head! If they can die their hair an unnatural color, I can, too!

  • Dec 19 '15

    Here's an actual conversation I got to have last noc (and it felt good!):

    Pt, after we've discussed her plan of care for the noc: Thank god you're my nurse tonight. I had a real ****** of a nurse last noc who wouldn't let me eat and just lectured me about what I was eating and was like "blah blah blah" all noc, she was a real pain in my a$$.

    Me: Well, I'm sorry that teaching wasn't effective. I must confess that *I* was that ******, and when I was lecturing you, I was trying to explain a little concept called cause and effect. You eat, you throw up. You are here for nausea and vomiting, and I was trying to help you. I *tried* to explain to you that your GI tract needs rest, and that I can't just give you meds to fix your problem. Instead of blaming others or calling people who clean up your vomit and stay up all night trying to help you nasty names, you need to take some personal responsibility for your health.

    Pt: Uh. Sorry. I, uh. Yeah. Uh, so I can't have a hamburger?

    Me: You can when you leave. And you can leave whenever you want.

    Pt: Uh, if I stay, will you still take care of me?

    Me: Of course. But taking care of you means you don't get a hamburger.

    Pt: Uh, okay. Sorry.

    Geez, people! If you have gastroenteritis and you puke every time you eat, STOP EATING! It's NOT rocket science, for crying out loud! How did you survive for 38 years with such complete lack of common sense? You are pathetic!!!!