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  • Feb 13

    Quote from Andrew, RN

    Antibiotics/drips/whatever.... Your start time of the drug is when the drug is actually going in to the patient's venous circulation. Not when you hang it. My preceptor looked at me like "***" when I ran my Vanco wide open when I hung it. I promptly slowed it to my rate I wanted once I ran it through the 1,000,000 miles of IV tubing. Then I noted the time. They just hang the drug and it takes about 5-10 minutes (depending on the rate) for it to travel to the patient.
    Can I just ask--what difference does it make? Whether it took 5-10 minutes or not to get to the pt, and whether the start time was then exactly correct or not? I'm not sure why you expend any time or energy on worrying about when exactly when the abx hit the pt's venous circulation. Why does it matter on a routine drug in a non-ICU situation?