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  • Jul 17 '13

    I agree with you mam. If only they know how much we do our best not to commit any mistake to our patients.

  • Mar 12 '11

    I think the OP is an example of the type of nurse you DON'T want to be... quick to judge and focusing on things that don't make a freakin' difference. Who gives a crap if it is a low molecular weight Heparin (lovenox)... how does that make any difference to the patients situation?

    Here is a little pointer... not everyone can be Florance Nightengale like you bud

    Maybe the nurse was having a bad day? Maybe she had 3 other high acuity patients that took PRIORITY over that patient?

    The OP has just really come off sounding like an arrongant jerk ("she waddled into the room"... dude where is your class towards your coworkers?). You are gonna have a rude awaking one day to what truly is and how hard it is.

    Our teachers always warned us about the cocky students... in the end they make the most dangerous nurses.