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  • Feb 12

    During night shift when you have some downtime - browse through all the resource binders in the unit and take notes. Orientation is the only time you have to take a good look at those binders/books/notes so use it well!

    Don't rely only on your preceptor to learn something - ask questions and learning opportunities from the other nurses. Make sure they are not busy first though!

    Help others (without them asking) and they are more likely to help you.

    Don't take things personally - some people get stressed out easily and unless they make it obviously personal - don't worry too much about curt responses and grumpy attitudes.

    Some people have a dry sense of humour and are labelled as rude. Don't use rumours to make up your mind about someone.

    Spend even half an hour looking up meds/procedures/surgeries/nursing skills when you get home.

    And best of all:

    Try showing up half hour to 15 minutes early if you can before every shift - getting a head start on report and organizing your day before the shift starts sometimes really helps!!!

  • Feb 7

    Thanks for the info guys!

    It's weird how they never cover the dpb in nursing school or was it only my school?

  • Feb 3


    I'm muslim pre-nursing student and I wear the hijaab. I would love to know any Muslim nurses/student nurses that I can ask some questions regarding the hijaab, uniform, dealing with patients, and going through nursing school as a muslim.

    There are a few specific questions I would love to ask.

    So come out!