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  • Jul 16

    Date _____ (important, countless times wrote wrong date on charts lol)

    Name ______ Age ____ Sex _____ Code Status _____ Allergy _____ Dr _____ Admission date ______

    Diagnosis _____ Surgery & date _______ Post Op day #________

    IV/SL product, location, rate ________
    Tubes & Drains ________(Foley, NG, Chest tube, etc.)
    Activity __________
    Pain __________
    Abnormal assessment _____________

    Labs ______________
    Tests _______________

    Previous shift report ________________

    At the end I would write down times I would have to complete tasks then cross out as I complete them, for example:

    Vitals: 08 12 16
    Gluc: 07 12 15
    Meds: 08 10 16
    In/Out: 12 18
    Dressing change: 10 14
    Charting: 10 14 18 (this helps me remember to check my charting)

    those are the main points -- the rest of my sheet is specific to each pt.

    Hope this helps. I know that the days I use this my time is managed much more efficiently and I'm less likely to panic and run around like a nut.

  • Aug 6 '15

    I really hate to see (mostly) elderly patients, sometimes bedridden, with visitors maybe once every couple of days, just staring at the wall. At least TV and phone would offer a distraction. The prices are outrageous though. And our hospital does not provide a portable phone for the patients like a previous hospital I was at did.

    The nurses are so busy most of the time that they're lucky if they get their assessments, meds, & charting done on time never mind having the time to connect and talk with the patients.

    Imagine staring at the wall all day. Most of us would get antsy if we are stuck home on a rainy day - they're stuck in a tiny, sterile, room for god knows how long. I try to bring them newspapers and magazines so that they would at least have something to read & look at.

    As annoying as most visitors are - I really wish more of them would visit regularly.

    It's really sad.