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  • Mar 12

    Quote from chase4myheart
    I looked down and there lying on the pavement was seven pennies, all showing heads up. To know the significance of this you would have to go back to the week before my sons friend, Stacy, was murdered. We were at my sons house and were the only one's in the house at the time. I looked down on the floor and saw a penny. Stacy told me to pick it up, and I told him, no, that it was on tails and that was unlucky. I know that Stacy left those pennies there for me that day to let me know that he was ok and that my sons would be ok. There weren't any cars parked beside of mine when I pulled into the parking lot, and there weren't any beside of it when I came out of class. I've still got those pennies and wouldn't take a million dollars for them. I know from my own personal experience that the people we love never leave us. They are always there watching over us.
    A few years ago my grandfather died. It was very unexpected. My grandmother and him actually cared for my children (toddlers) everyday while I worked. He had a GI bleed. I got him to the hospital, they stablize and get him to GI lab and cautrize his bleeding dueodenal ulcer and all is well for a time, everything looks good. I go home to tell my sis about all this (she was at home with my kids) and she keeps saying, its not over, its not over. Well, me being a nurse, I certainly thought the worst was over, that everything was fine. All signs indicated this. I spent the night in the hospital waiting room with my younger sis. ICU calls me and says he is bleeding again and they needed to talk to me. His ulcer is bleeding again and rapidly, he codes with me and my sis standing by his room. He is paniced at first saying I can't breath, etc (very tramatic to us) and then this look of peace came over him and he looked at us with so much love in his eyes and dies. They code him and get him back but I can't really feel him there, if you know what I mean. I call in the other family and make my grandpa a DNR after this and sit with him all night and into the morning. My mother found two pennies on her seat during the morning when she comes back from a break. My grandfather and her collected pennies when she was little. Now everytime she is feeling stressed or upset she finds a penny somewhere unexpected. We can also smell my grandfathers cologne at certain times in the house. Its a comfort.

  • Mar 6

    I've seen several interesting things, but thinking about it, I can't think of one that ended happily.

    I have seen two cases of necrotizing fascitis, one of the pt was a very young mother, so sad. Both died.

    One case of a really rare midline deformity, holoprosencephaly, undiagnosed with good prenatal care. Very severe case, with cyclopia, proboscis above the eye, very deformed. Parents loving decided to let the baby die naturally.

    A rare spinal tumor, a teratoma, on a newborn, that weighed more than he did. I think he weighed 3-7 and the tumor weighed 4-8. Died at about 48 hours of age, during surgery, I think.

    In nursing school I had a pt with tetanus, and older lady, died.

    This is depressing!

    Wait, I thought of one that did end OK, well, at least he didn't die. Sounds like the beginning of a joke but this woman came home and found her SO, umm, in the act with another woman. Don't know how she managed this but got a shotgun, loaded with buckshot, and nailed him in the groan. I really felt sorry for the guy, but at least he lived. My nursing instructor (I was in school at the time), made the suggestion, in all seriousness, that he contact the doctor that attended the Bobbitt case. Wonder if he did.

  • Jan 18

    We had a "tonic", that was supposed to increase appetite in LTC called eldertonic. It smelled like a strawberry daiquiri. I never could try it, cause it was like 50% alcohol. I could just picture me pulling a Lucy in the vitameatavegamin stunt with it, lol.

  • Dec 30 '15

    As a nurse that has seen two perfs from rectal temps, and only one imperforate anus (which was dx by visual, not a rectal temp), I hate rectal temps! We know how they should be done, but does every nurse working with infants? Does every parent? Obviously not. Both of those perfs where caused by RNs in the nursery.

    That said, the policy at the hospital where I did newborn nursery was first temp rectal, then axillary, unless low temp, then rectal.

  • Dec 19 '15

    I did this for about 5 years. We also had to take "call" where we would have to cover the hall nurses if they called in sick. We also had to do various other, non MDS related, task like scheduling. Other than that nascar nurse explained it really well. It is a very important job in the LTC facilty as you are responsibe for all payment from medicare/medicaid. Although, managment usually doesn't understand this.