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  • Dec 1 '15

    These are great. May I add

    You know you're a nurse when your 3year old who has a vocabulary of 20 words and is in a special ed pre-school, tells his teacher, "Look", pointing at his knee,
    "Oh, you have a boo-boo"
    "No, Mith Cathy, I have an abrasion"
    She almost dropped her teeth.

  • Nov 15 '15

    oh, the stories we correctional nurses could tell-----you are right, we ARE a special breed, but so are the nurses anywhere--I couldn't work , say, peds, for example, it would kill me. I'm tough, and take no crap from the IM, but, I treat them with respect UNTIL they don't deserve it. TTTHHHHEEEEENNN, "Sir, do NOT let my size (5'4"--110#), NOR my age (54) fool you, because I will STOMP you into the ground and mail whatever is left home to ya Mamma in a SMALL envelope!:lol_hitti Now, SIT DOWN and do as I've asked!!" (They usually think I'm carzy OR capable and they don't mess with it. )

    I've had numerous

    IM who 'seize' in time with the music tha's playing, then (after deep sternal rub,) eyes pop open, sit up, and clearly say--'I had a seizure'

    paramedics who come in, kick the IM, and yell, 'GET UP!!' and the IM does,

    jailers who find (with me there) drugs, money, and GUNS (loaded) in anal canals!!

    IM who think their 'right' to medical care includes, heart transplants, boob jobs, tummy tucks, nose jobs, gastric bypass, AND sex changes,

    IM who claim to be--diabetic, hypertensive, etc, because their 'mamma' is ("When your Mother bacomes MY responsibility, I'll worry about your Mother, until then, did an American doctor tell you that YOU are??")

    IM who have piercings in places that I never thought about piercing (I did that for about 2 years)

    IM who are wearing chains and padlocks on their genitals (hysterically crying--"But Master will be MOST upset and displeased if I remove it"--hey it's simple, you take it off or we will cut it off)

    My day is never dull and just when I think I've seen it all-I find out I haven't

    (and I'm trying to get the police chief to put a light bar on top of my car:redlight


    I love my job


    I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!!!