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    So I wanted to run something by everyone. I realize at my hospital, the ER try to push their patients out of their unit and onto the floors. I work on a med surg tele floor. Last night I walked into work and right off the bat had an admission. Well this admission was very unstable and was going into septic shock and my first hour was stuck attending the needs of the patient. This meant I was neglecting all of my other 8 patients. Were they alive? I couldnt even tell you. So a few hours later I transferred the patient to ICU. So yes this patient was my admission but the ER is so quick to rush patients onto the floors that they end up sending unstable patients to the floors and then cause chaos to us because then we need to do the documentation for the assessment and then all the transfer work for a patient we only saw for a few hours. Idk if this is more of a management issue on getting patients up to the floor quickly but it is very unsafe and it is a reoccuring theme at our facility. I understand patients statuses change and stuff happens but it feels like it is getting out of hand. My one co worker walked into work when I did and right off the bat had a patient that passed away on shift change (thats just bad luck I guess). But I really just wanted to know what is the real reason behind this? Last night was too much for me and my stress and anxiety level is thru the roof when I need to go to work. I left work at 10 this morning and am going back at 7 for another 13 hours so I dont know how I am going to manage this night. Just needed to vent! Thanks for listening!

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    "I am going to pick the flower that best represents my level of stress and anxiety from working here and give it to human resources!"

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    You know it's a bad shift when even the flowers are scowling at you!

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    "Do they need to be watered?"

    "They receive ivy fluids."

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    As a longtime member, I am thrilled to have seen AN develop over the years. I lurked around here in its early days, but didn't join until September of 2002, when I became totally hooked on the site and never looked back. I've been a moderator and now serve as a Guide, which is an honor and a privilege.

    Congratulations, AN! May we continue to grow throughout the years.

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    Oh. It's Tom that wore the upside-down funnel on his head, not the dog. Memory can be such a nuisance.

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    Didn't Mighty Manfred wear as a hat, an upside-down funnel on his head?

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