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The Gift of Love

From the time I was a child, I was constantly getting ill with things like strep throat, all the childhood diseases most of us have gone through, tonsillitis and pneumonia. I believe it was due to my low weight at birth. I was born an anemic baby weighing only 3 pounds 11 ounces in 1943 when there were no such things as ultrasounds and Gynecologists. My sister weighed over 5 pounds and was sent home with our mother, but I had to stay in the hospital until I reached 5 pounds. With a toddler of 3... Read More →


A nurse named Florence Nightengale, worked in a hospital where tuberculosis ran rampant. Nothing the medical professionals did solved the excalating number of deaths, until Florence Nightengale thought; "Nothing else is working, so I'm going to open these windows." That amazing feat decreased the number of deaths by numbers. When the government and the organizations that operated hospitals at that time, saw what was happening, more and more sanitariums were built, and, with rest and fresh air... Read More →