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    Quick question...did you pass chem and just want/need a better grade for the nursing program or did you fail it?

    Before you go ahead and register for A&P, check to be sure Chem isn't a pre-req for A&P. If you outright failed the chem class and it is pre-req you won't be able to take A&P. If you passed chem but not with a high enough grade for the nursing program you'll be good to go to do A&P.

    If you are able to take A&P you might as well as you wait to take chem. One less class you need to worry about

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    Just an update from my post. I was 3 months from graduating my LPN to RN bridge when I first posted. Now I'm 2 months from my RN to BSN degree. I'll be 47 years old.

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    Quote from LPNTOBE2017
    Hello WCSU1987,

    I am unable to afford the BSN route at this time. I am going to have to get my ASN for now. I am hoping to find a facility that would offer me tuition reimbursement to get my BSN. I talked with UCONN Health Center Farmington on Wednesday and the lady I spoke with said that the hospital is applying for Magnet status.

    It takes a few years from applying for Magnet to the time that you obtain it (if you do at all).

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    There are only 4 hospitals in the state that are magnet (see the box below. It give the name and when they got magnet status). There are many hospitals that hire ADNs. My hospital is part of Yale. We still hire ADN nurses however, an ADN nurse will only be considered if they have proof currently enrolled in a BSN or higher program at the time of the application. Other hospitals don't have that requirement but do require that you will enroll in a BSN or higher within a certain period of time after being hired and will complete the degree within a certain amount of years after hire. St Vincen'ts is a magnet hospital, but even they do not only hire BSN. They have the stipulation that you will enroll and complete your BSN within a certain time frame.

    ADNs are still hired pretty much everywhere. However my best suggestion to all entering nursing..just do the BSN. If you can't for whatever reason, do the ADN and be prepared to go back for the BSN.

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    What I think you fail to realize is that if you do the LPN to RN route you STILL have to take and pass all the pre-reqs required of the RN program. You also have to be accepted into the RN program. As an LPN you are not automatically accepted into the RN program.

    I did the LPN to RN route. In order to do the bridge program you have to do several things. You have to take all the pre-reqs required of the RN program (Chem, A&P, etc), then you have to take the on-line bridge class (was done though Charter Oak), then a transitional course through your school and then you can enter the 2nd year of the 2 year program. The only courses that transfer from the LPN schooling for the RN program are the nursing courses (which is why you skip the first year nursing courses of an associates program and enter in the 2nd year), none of the non-nursing classes you take in the LPN program transfer. If you have another degree you probably have taken some of the required courses. Since you mention needing to do some of the pre-reqs for the RN program, you will still have to complete them before you can even apply for the LPN to RN program. The community colleges require LPN's to follow and meet the application requirements that the non-LPN's have to.

    Also, getting into the CC RN programs (as you know) isn't easy. Your first time applying you may get accepted, but there are far more people who aren't accepted that have to reapply the following year. So lets say you don't make it in the first time applying, you are still going to end up graduating a year later.

    I don't get why you'd go through the LPN program but then stay at your current place and work as a tech. I don't see the point.

    When I decided to do the LPN to RN route, the job market for LPNs was much better. There were listings everywhere when I began my program. In the short 15 months of my program, the postings became less and less. I landed job before I graduted however, not long afterward, I noticed there were very few postings for LPN's. Times are even worse now, I wouldn't suggest doing the LPN program. The job market isn't that great and you're limited to where you can work. While you may see LPN positions open for your hospital, they will be going to experienced LPNs.

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    Quote from Ariana214
    Do they allow you to take them along with Nur 101?
    I believe you can. I was just at SVC website and it shows that there are no pre-reqs for NUR101, but Co-Requisites: BIO 211, MAT 140, PSY 101 if you haven't taken them prior to starting.

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    No one I know of has every passed those stupid comp exams for A&P. And I've a had a lot of friends and fellow classmates who took it. All did very well when they orig took it with A's (some had literally JUST taken it and passed with an A) and not one of them passed. I've yet to hear of anyone who passed it.

    SVC has this thing where they think their A&P is geared more toward the nursing and radiology majors and more difficult than other colleges A&P (its not). I took A&P at a local community college and found it WAY more intense and difficult and really more in depth than the A&P at SVC.

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    Quote from NurseLCoop2B
    I graduate in May, and I am also applying now. A local friend of mine told me that Stamford hospital is hiring with a 12,000$ sign-on bonus for BSN graduates! Anyone know how true this is?
    Stamford Hospital is expanding. They have several posts for RNs in the adult and pedi ER. There is sign on bonuses but its dependent on experience. From what I remember Stamford Hospital always requires at least a year experience in acute care and they 'strongly prefer BSN' for the vast majority of openings they post.

    Emergency, Registered Nurses Jobs in Stamford Hospital, STAMFORD,CT in USA :
    To attract and retain key talent, Stamford Hospital provides a total rewards package:
    • $10,000 - $16,000 sign-on bonus based on experience

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    The sciences tend to have 5-7 year 'shelf life' so to speak. All of the programs in my area require the science to no older than 6 years at the time of application to the program. I do know several programs also require the maths to be under 6 or 7 years old.

    The general ed classes (psych, english etc) tend to have no expiration date.

    Its really dependent on the school. Best advice is to check with the program you are interested in and see if they have time limits for any classes.

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    Quote from CTnewgrad826
    The majority of the hospitals here in CT hire new grads. Try Yale, Bridgeport and Hartford hospital
    Yale and Bridgeport Hospital do hire new grads...however....if you don't currently have a BSN or higher, they require proof of enrollment in a BSN or Masters program prior to applying for the job, for the vast majority of the positions open.

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    I worked full time (also a wife and mother of two) all through my LPN schooling as well as during my RN schooling. I'm currently in my last class of my BSN program and I still work full time and now have a part time job.

    Is it easy? No. Can it be done? Yes. You need great organizational skills and self dicipline. You need to be able to decided and know what takes priority over something else. What HAS to be done now, what can wait until tomorrow and what can wait a little longer.

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    You may be getting your ATT the day before the baby's due date but there is no way to know what days will be open and available for you to test. Because you only have 24 hrs to reschedule an exam, I'd be sure to schedule it far enough out that there is no chance you may be in labor or recovering from the delievery on the day of the exam. The last thing that would be on my mind during labor, delivery and after would be to be sure to reschedule my exam If you don't reschedule within the allotted time, you lose your money and have to go throught the whole process again.

    Wishing you a quick easy delivery and best of luck with the exam

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    I started LPN school a month before turning 38. I began my RN-ADN program at 44. I'll graduate with my BSN at 47.

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    The 48 hrs is not an exact and it is not dependent on when you started or finished your test.

    I took my test at 8am. My quick results showed up at 901am. I didn't start nor finish my test at that time. The vast majority of my class also got their results at 901am. Some took their tests in the afternoon and got their results at 901am.

    My LPN quick results took longer than the 48 hr mark. I want to say it was closer to 49 hrs..the wait nearly drove me crazy.

    Keep checking, it will be there soon.